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Senate Hearings on 6/23/05

After listening to Sec. Rummy and his generals, one thought keep buzzing around in my head-----Are we still at war in Iraq or are we an occupying force? There is a great difference. I believe we are an occupying force.

The hearing was mostly a dog and pony show, with a few exceptions, one was Sen. Byrd. The Senator went after Rummy with more anger than even I have, I loved it. Most of GOP Senators were lap dogs making statements of support of our troops, reading E-mails from the field and telling us all the good things that are going on in Iraq. Freedom was used a lot, leadership was used a lot, 911 was used a lot, and how well the Iraq military is coming along. It was disgusting to listen to--------more lies more lies.

All of the generals seem to think that the most important success will come when the Iraqi people can stand on their own and defend themselves from the "Insurgents." The problem with this concept; what happens if the Iraqi government is no better than Saddam's régime? I am reminded of other E-Mails coming out of Iraq that indicate that the people we are turning over Iraq to are not much different from the Baathists who were in power before we went to war in Iraq. There is a real possibility that we will have spent all that is dear to us for nothing. The fact is this administration cannot accept there may be people in Iraq who are fighting us not as terrorists but as patriots, who hate the fact that we invaded their country, killed their children and then preach about freedom. What would you do?

Well, back out on the Morrison Bridge Portland, OR. tomorrow had to take a few Fridays off due to the death of my sister in Ca. My new sign will be to the point:






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