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Report from Day Three of Kendra James civil trial

Plaintiff's witness Dr. Brady -- pathologist -- testified about the bullet wound entry & final resting place -- that it entered the backside of Kendra's abdomen, tore through bowels, pancreas, liver, lung, and heart and stopped just below the skin of her "bosom".

He said she had to be down and on her right side and that the gun had to be "some distance away" - meaning not too close to her body. He supported the Plaintiff's theory of where McCollister was - just outside the car rather than inside as he claims. Dr. Brady said that even though she had no pulse, Kendra had enough life in her body that the Emanual Hosp. surgeon worked hard for 40 minutes trying to save her. The staff at the hospital went "the extra 100 yards to save her."

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Kendra James
Kendra James