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Community prepares for Awakening Native States festival

Regular guests to the CenterRing space, located at 5339 S.E. Foster, in Portland, Oregon, got to see event organizers, artists, & activists preparing for this weekend's line up of workshops, music, healing, and play.
Event organizers explained that the event is "A Neocultural foray into the past, present and future of plants, people and the planet. From language to logos, science to mysticism, from remembering ancestral roots to envisioning future blooms."
As I walked into the big main space, I noticed masketeers (artists) were wheat paste-ing a big mask together, from just paper, wheat paste, and chicken wire.
Organizers were on phones checking last minute details, going over checklists, reverse timelines, and phone trees. Activists were planning their next move.
awakening native states
awakening native states
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