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U-2 spyplane crashes upon return from Iranian mission

On May 1st, 1960, a U2 spy plane piloted by Francis Gary Powers, an employee of the Central Intelligence Agency, was shot down over the Soviet Union. On the afternoon of May 1st, when Eisenhower was informed that contact had been lost with the U2, and that the plane was probably lost, a cover story was devised to be disseminated to the American people through the media, which stated that the lost plane was a joint NASA-U.S Air Force weather service mission which had gone down in a lake somewhere in Turkey...

This story is relevant today, for it is just one of so many examples that illustrate the point that truth is the first casualty of war fare, and that therefore you can never believe anything that you hear from the government, since they will lie, dissimulate, and cococt tall tales which will then be obediently repeated by the press, and perhaps uncritically accepted by the patriots. .

Today the American military and intelligence complex released another one of their covers stories, after another u2 spy plane went down, this time, so they say, in the United Arab Emirates. the plane, they say, was on routine mission over Afghanistan before the accidental crash took place. The story was obediently reported on the CNN site, as 'U-2 crashes upon return from Afghanistan mission'. The corrected title for this cover story released as a news story should more than likely read, 'U-2 crashes upon return from Iranian mission'.

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Iran surrounded by American Forces
Iran surrounded by American Forces