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Sept. 24 Impeachment Demonstration

Any plans for a PDX Impeachment demonstration to echo the big one planned in Washington, D.C. Saturday, September 24
Are any plans afoot in PDX to mirror the big Impeach-Bush demonstration in Washington, D.C? The folks at ImpeachBush/VoteToImpeach.org. are predicting that: "more than 100,000 people will descend on Washington DC to the doors of the White House, and in actions in San Franciscoand Los Angeles, to demand that George W. Bush and his administration be held accountable for the ongoing lies, deceptions, death, and torture" concerning Iraq.
They add that: "The September 24 mass mobilization will see the largest contingent advocating Impeachment since Ramsey Clark initiated the campaign at the January 18, 2003 anti-war demonstration of 500,000 in Washington DC.."
Are we going to stage one in PDX?

CHIMPEACH! 21.Jun.2005 22:17


Come on people spread the news of the downing street memo, there's a great video out there, that you can email all! I'll be there!, CHIMPEACH NOW!

crimes and misdemeaners 22.Jun.2005 22:16


Do you now think that killing civilians, torturing and collectived punishment(Falluja-Gernica style)constitutes war crimes? The Geneva conventions signed on to by the U.S.A and Canada does, and states that these crimes must be brought to justice. Do you think an illegal atomic war (WMD-DU)style constitues misdemeaners? Your constitution does. What about all the anti-fascist covenents Bush has broken such as the United Nations Charter (illegal to war on member state), Nuremburg Trials(no unjust order need be followed), The world court of the Hague(the wall is illegal land grab), the new International War Crimes Tibunal. etc. etc. Bush as commander-In-Chief is guilty of all these crimes plus hundreds more. Impeachment is the constitutional thing to do and thus to world court and trial for commiting an illegal and therefore a criminal war. End war not endless wars. That is the way bring the troops home.

congress is the problem 06.Sep.2005 21:02

dave stevens

It seems to me that the takeover of the government has been in the making since Nixon..Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush Sr. all part of the Nixon Administration... from the "silent majority" to the "Reagan revolution" to the Gingrich congressional puppets to the Bush tactics of division by concentrating on unborn fetuses and homophobia instead of affordable housing, national health care, alternative energy, women's and childrens' issues,waste and other ore pressing issues facing the nation. Clearly, there's hardly any representation in our Congress for what we need to grow. Corporate money, which WE supply every time we purchase a product, empowers those who disempower us by directing the congressperson's efforts towards the welfare of the corporation. I believe it's time to try to save out nation through, boycotts, work strikes and tax revolts- as Malcolm X once said"..by any means necessary"- in order to force the congress-OUR CONGRESS!!!- to act on their conscience and not on fear of reprisal. Freedom does indeed come at a cost.