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Breaking News from Philadelphia

There has apparently been an incident at Biodev in which a police officer has been taken away in a stretcher and possibly died, and numerous people from the demonstration have been beaten. Details are still sketchy, but it appears that the officer suffered cardiac arrest, and that he has died.
Witnesses are saying that what had been a peaceful protest was suddenly marred when police began attacking the crowd with fists and batons. From the pieces of information drifting in now, it seems that a number of plainclothes officers had been in the crowd, and that some kind of altercation broke out. It's unclear what happened, but according to one witness, the cop began chasing (and possibly grabbing at) a person in the crowd, when he suddenly collapsed. Upon seeing the officer down and not knowing why, the other officers seem to have erupted into violence and attacked the crowd. Four people were arrested and many others suffered injuries. At least one indy videoista was attacked, and had his camera damaged.

Word has it, demonstrators had a moment of silence out of respect for the downed officer when they learned of his condition. So far, I have not heard any indications of police holding a moment of silence to contemplate the injuries caused to the non-violent protesters whom they attacked.

See Philadelphia IMC for more details:  link to www.phillyimc.org.

If you're a Portland IMCista in Philadelphia (you know who you are) please phone home. We'd like to know how you are.

sound's like... 21.Jun.2005 13:29

some kid

the cop "never foresaw that the chickens would come home to
roost so soon" to quote malcolm x.

Any pics? 21.Jun.2005 15:28


Can someone post pictures?

too many donuts, piggie. 21.Jun.2005 15:33


"Word has it, demonstrators had a moment of silence out of respect for the downed officer when they learned of his condition"

....aww, how touching. Lets have a big group-hug for the fat pig who was beating you over the haed moments before.....

Tough Love 21.Jun.2005 16:48

Pravda or Consequences

I am sure that the police riot was to show that it was possible to hate the sin, but love the sinner.

It's so beautiful to know that real Christians are on the force and let the force be with you.

pictures 21.Jun.2005 17:25

video head

there are pictures available on philadelphia IMC (see link above in CatWoman's article). In addition, there is corporate video here:  http://nbc10.feedroom.com/iframeset.jsp?ord=929089.

a shocking occurence 21.Jun.2005 17:47


yes the officer has died. name was paris williams. yes there was a moment of silence for this death. less than ten minutes after this moment of silence a fourteen year old boy was arrested and charged with assault of an officer. this boy was at a nearby skate rally/celebration. the officer melee that happened was brutal and violent caused by the police officers involved. the officer who died died of a heart attack at this melee.

chickens roost 21.Jun.2005 17:50

chickens roost

the biotechnology conference continues this minute at their gala ball they sip champagne as the suckers protecting them have died.

Read and viewed both sides 21.Jun.2005 18:05


I read the protester's account, as well as viewed the corporate broadcasting, which was very dark & I couldn't pick the officer out. Anyway, sounds like the police attacked the protesters. The officer who died was in plain clothes. I don't like that. What are they trying to hide? I think plain clothes officers were placed within the protesters, which probably stirred trouble. I don't think officers are honest and have the best intentions for our safety when they cannot even identify themselves with their attire. It's one more instance of spying on us so that we do not trust officers. Sounds like they beat the heck out of some protesters. What kind of safety officer is that? It isn't.

un-charged as of now. 21.Jun.2005 18:12

jail solidarity happening

they are continuing to hold people. no one has been charged.

word 21.Jun.2005 22:17


thanks for having the only trtuhful and non-horrible story about this on the internet!

the person you are asking about (i think) is fine, he just doesn't have internet access right now.

Thanks, Maus. 22.Jun.2005 10:14

Are you sure?

Tell them to phone home.

asdf 22.Jun.2005 14:35


May the dead pig be getting his due from the Creator...who I'm sure isn't all that happy with him.

plain clothes 22.Jun.2005 21:19


the officer who died was a civil affairs officer and was in a heavy suit with an arm band with the police logo on it. the media here in philly has been basically calling us cop killers even tho they stated themselves that the cop had a heart condition...hmmm, lets see...a big fat man wearing a heavy suit in 90 degree weather throwing punches and probably taking heart medication that we were protesting about....no fucking wonder.

p.s. maus is correct..blanks fine and probably editing video or something.

Update 23.Jun.2005 09:25


At last, the pdx IMCistas have phoned home. All are well, or mostly so. One was brutally attacked, and had his camera assaulted, but the camera took the worst of it. Even so, he managed to get footage of the entire melee. (Stay tuned for that in an upcoming showing of Videos from the Resistance.) According to this videoista, the officer who died had been violent toward demonstrators just prior to his demise. Said this witness,

"He was punching kids in the face, and [...] he just dropped. Police freaked out and just charged into the crowd, pretty much pissing everyone off and not alerting them to someone who needed medical attention on the ground, so yeah... it was a mess."

The videoista continued, "In my opinion it feels like the corporate media is blaming the people out on the streets for the death. Some cops were blaming anyone who was protesting." As was reported earlier, at least four demonstrators were arrested. And as reported by Philadelphia IMCistas, "No word yet of any police officers being arrested."

Regarding the "dead pig," I don't think venomnous snippets about chickens roosting or "getting his due" are in order here. Neither do I think a long, emotional contemplation about his humanity would be appropriate. The fact is, he was a human being, and he moved on from here. I see no reason to dwell on his imperfections, nor to focus impotent rage on him. His death is no victory for anyone, it's just kind of sad.

The sad thing is, many of those people staring at us from across the thin blue line are, in fact, our neighbors. They are human, just as we are. Forgetting that fact, and pretending that there is anything to be thankful for in this man's dropping dead in the middle of a crowd, is to miss the point. If the cops were all just evil, if we could really just see them as soul-less drones holding down the lines, then this struggle would be much easier. But it's that gray area on the battle field that makes it all so hard. We are, for the most part, unwilling to inflict unnecessary pain or suffering on others, and despite our macho ramblings in this instance, I think most of us are unable to really find any glee in something like this. That sense of respect for other beings is one of the strengths of our community. But it can be hard for us when we face an enemy whose humanity we recognize, when they do not do the same for us. Some day, it may be necessary to unravel the idea of respect for other living beings from that of self defense.

While I understand and appreciate the sentiment behind the moment of silence held for the officer, I do not understand the mindset behind the same tired declarations in the crowd that "the police are not our enemy!" Of course the police are our enemy. They are working for the beast. They are allowing themselves to be used as drones, to oppress us physically and psychically. And they are armed, ready, and willing to use any amount of force to subdue us, to keep us from making a difference, to ever stop the machine. Their souls have been sold to this cause, co-opted by the power and the uniform and the myth of heroism that they all grew up with. That makes them our enemy.

and how 23.Jun.2005 17:17


well said as always CatWoman