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Grim Reaper Thanks Oregon Legislature Leaders

The Grim Reaper joined dozens of Oregonians to testify at the House Special Hearing on Health Care last week. The Grim Reaper told legislators he has been waiting for the House Death Committee to hold a hearing so he can testify in support of the leadership, which refuses to pass bills that would lower health care costs for Oregonians. According to the Reaper, "a guy can only wait so long."

The Grim Reaper testified in support of his friends in the pharmaceutical industry, "If it weren't for their astounding profit margins, more people might receive affordable life-saving medicines, which really slows down my productivity. That's why friends need to stick together. I deeply appreciate that they were willing to testify against extending the Oregon Prescription Drug pool to businesses and more Oregon families. That profit preserving audacity is rarely seen in politics these days, and I believe deserves some recognition. So, let's hear it for Big PhRMA, for standing up to put profits ahead of patients."
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