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What The Oregonian does not want its subscribers to know

The Oregonian promises porch/home deliveries and all included delivery each day for the monthly charge...What the Oregonian doesn't want subscrbers to know is their salesmen and downtown office lie to patrons and make promises they can not keep nor have the right to make!

Delivery people are independent contractors and are hired by the Independent Distributors, not by the Oregonian. His contract says nothing about delivery of the paper to the porch. As long as the paper is delivered to the tube or driveway he meets his obligation. However; my husband is more than happy to help elderly persons with special needs when they show appreciation, or ask personally with a nice note.

With the extremely high cost of gas, there are no additional fees my husband gets paid...Yet the Oregonian has raised their rates several times. The Oregonian gives the false impression that the drivers are well reimbursed...it is a lie!!!

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oregonian axe
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