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Hillary bubble bursts

If you believed the pundits of corporate media, you'd be convinced that Hillary Clinton has already cinched the 2008 presidential nomination. Even if you just follow Indymedia, you'd hear that same story from the left (Dave Lindorff) and from the right (Pat Buchanan).

And it may be true! The powers-that-be just may be able to get away with another travesty like when Kerry was somehow featured as the great white hope and ONLY way to beat Bush!

BUT IT MAY BE ANOTHER BIG FAT LIE TOO! If the voting machines can be fixed before 2008 so that what regular rank-and-file Democrats think actually matters -- assuming that they do think -- then the Hillary bubble is seen as nothing more than another media frenzy about to implode!
Blogger "Kos" -- the founder and guiding light of blog site, "Daily Kos" -- has published results of a June 20 poll of 13,289 respondents at the openly Democratic Party oriented blog site. (Only registered Daily Kos people could vote so the poll couldn't be spammed.)

Guess what? Hillary is tied for 2nd/3rd place with progressive Senator Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin)! (10% each to Feingold and Clinton.) Who's in first? General Wes Clark with 26 %!

Kos notes that Clark, like Feingold, was on record as against the Iraq war from day one. But, it's also noted that the "two candidates against the war from day one -- Feingold and Clark, are only splitting 39 percent of the vote."

Here's the break-down by percentages:

Clark 26
No Freakin' Clue 17
Clinton 10
Feingold 10
Edwards 8
Other 7
Warner 5
Richardson 4
Biden 3
Kerry 2
Bayh 2
Vilsack 0

Conclusion: "The field is clearly wide open, and there's a sense that we can do better than this lot."

Also, Kos speculates that Al Gore -- who wasn't included in the poll because he has said he isn't running in 2008 -- has considerable potential support "if he were to express interest in running."

Howard Dean, current chair of the Democratic National Committee, similarly was excluded from the poll.

"Clark, who is dismissed by the early CW, has a clear leg up, but it's not a dominant position by any stretch of the imagination. He's just the only guy who's standing out from the crowd."

"Here's my bold prediction: the first candidate (or potential candidate) to come out for a full withdrawl from Iraq will get a huge groundswell of support. It may be one of these guys, or it may be someone out from left field."


asdf 22.Jun.2005 14:41


anyone who considers Hillary Clinton to be a genuine progressive is seriously off the mark.