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CAAT Garage Sale - Put that stuff sitting around to good use!

CAAT (Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing) needs your help. In order to keep spreading the truth about bogus, wasteful animal research going on at OHSU and across the country, we are having a fund-raising garage sale Saturday and Sunday, June 25th & 26th.
Donations needed for a fundraising garage sale

Put that stuff sitting around to good use! If you can help with donations of stuff for the garage sale contact CAAT to arrange drop-off or pick-up of your donations.

or call (503)972.CAAT (2228)

The sale is this weekend, so any stuff or the sale needs to be received this week.

All proceeds will help continue CAATʼs grassroots campaign to shut down OHSUʼs primate research center. CAAT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.