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Thunderstorms moving into Portland

They sky outside my window in SE Portland is a grayish yellow color and the rain is just beginning to come down heavily. From what I hear the lightening has been intense in some areas this storm has passed through. I'm going to snap some pictures if I can.
Here are some pictures from gresham sent to me. Apparently the lightening was nearly continuous at times. There's a huge rainbow outside that I'm going to try and get a picture of. More later if I get anything good.
Can't wait to see more pictures 19.Jun.2005 21:05


I stepped out a little while ago to see what was going on, and the first thing I saw was that rainbow. A double rainbow no less. The amazing thing is, the area inside the arch of the rainbow is incredibly illuminated while the area around it is very dark. I've never seen anything quite like it in my entire 34 years, and I've seen some pretty massive storms when I lived on the east coast. Looking out the window right now, the sky has taken on an orange-red tinge, probably reflected sunset. Truly beautiful. Talk a walk outside, all you indymedia-readin' peeps, and enjoy, it's a hell of a show, and it's free :)

pictures of the double rainbow in the eastern sky 19.Jun.2005 21:20


My camera isn't that great and definitely does not do justice to the scene but here are some pictures I took of the double rainbow.

more pictures 19.Jun.2005 21:21


ditto my above comment.

Thank you 19.Jun.2005 21:29


Thanks indyweatherperson. Those shots are more than good enough to show what it was like.

gotta picture of a strike in wilsonville 19.Jun.2005 21:32

red suspenders

Set my tripod up in my brothers garage- managed to have the shutter open for this one at 8:27pm tonight. Not a real big one though... Maybe we will have more in the next few days...

We dont get real weather here very often so it is a treat..

Storm 19.Jun.2005 21:49


I went to a SOA (School of Americas) action watch meeting in N.E. Portland this evening. Despite predictions of a storm today, it was warm, bright and sunny. The storm, however was visible approaching from the south to the north eastthis evening. Saw several lightening strikes to the south as I stood alone on MLK Blvd waiting for the bus.

The ride home was awesome. The sky to the east had two rainbow arcs, one in Oregon and the other north and east of Vancouver. In-between was an eerie light, and it was surrounded by dark clouds. Except, the sky to the north showed blue sky and light with lt clouds above it. The rain began falling lightly, and I made it home to find my cat was hiding in the same basket in a closet as when fireworks go off.

more pics and... 19.Jun.2005 22:15


My pics are unfortunately not much better and despite my best efforts could not get the amazing lightening.
It was pretty freaky being out at my parents house and hearing/seeing the emergency broadcast system warnings. Aparently before the storm got here there was a tornado forming, 70mph winds and quarter sized hail. I'd never heard a tornado watch issued for the Portland area before.
Fortunately the storm weakened by the time it reached us and turned from a thing to be feared to a spectacle of beauty. The clouds were so incredible the way they were all twisted and curled and then filled the entire sky with dense dark grey. The contrast of the edges of the approaching storm and the clear beautiful day was awesome. The double rainbows were so large I couldn't get their entirety in the frame of my camera lense. The backdrop of bright orange sky made them even more cool. The lightening has been really cool too. Like little spidery veins with fuzzy light radiating far out from them, crossing the expanse of the horizon. What rare treat this has been!

more sunset pics 19.Jun.2005 23:39

digicam boy

yeah this sunset / rainbow scene was blowing my mind, too.

the rainbow and the orange/pink sky 19.Jun.2005 23:41

digicam boy

the rainbow was incredibly bright (doesn't show up like that in the photos) and the sky in the east was a crazy orange/pink color. i've never really seen anything like it before either. and now it looks like the storm has blown over, since the moon is visible.

having the time to enjoy these things 20.Jun.2005 00:30

digicam boy

while i was on my roof watching the fantastic morphing show of the sunset, clouds and rainbow, a pizza delivery guy drove by. i thought of how much it sucks that it's difficult for many people ti take the time to enjoy incredible natural beauty like this. i mean, the sky was beautiful in a very once-in-a-great-while way, worth pausing for. but there were tons of folks who, because of the nature of their work, missed it or couldn't stop to soak it in. the pace of society is so demanding, its schedules so rigid. there's no room for life with a capial "L". how is that "progress" or "civilized"? we're trapped, cut off, and kept away. it sucks. i'm grateful i have a schedule where i can often stop for such things; i know everyone does not.

Why? 20.Jun.2005 00:34


I don't think I have ever seen anything like the dome effect that I saw today....even being from where we actually have weather.

Does anyone know what actually caused the dome effect?


because 20.Jun.2005 00:50


re. the brighter color inside.

"The sky is brighter inside the bow because rainbows are disks of light centered on the point in sky directly opposite the sun rather than purely coloured rings." ( http://www.sundog.clara.co.uk/rainbows/primary.htm)

more scientifically:
"Notice the contrast between the sky inside the arc and outside it. When one studies the refraction of sunlight on a raindrop one finds that there are many rays emerging at angles smaller than the rainbow ray, but essentially no light from single internal reflections at angles greater than this ray. Thus there is a lot of light within the bow, and very little beyond it. Because this light is a mix of all the rainbow colors, it is white. In the case of the secondary rainbow, the rainbow ray is the smallest angle and there are many rays emerging at angles greater than this one. Therefore the two bows combine to define a dark region between them - called Alexander's Dark Band, in honor of Alexander of Aphrodisias who discussed it some 1800 years ago!" ( http://eo.ucar.edu/rainbows/)

more photos 20.Jun.2005 01:06

camera orgy

more photos

more photos 20.Jun.2005 01:07

camera orgy

more photos

more photos 20.Jun.2005 01:08

camera orgy

more photos

more photos 20.Jun.2005 01:09

camera orgy

more photos

more photos 20.Jun.2005 01:10

camera orgy

more photos

it started with the green clouds... 20.Jun.2005 01:15


I had been watching the south sky throughout the day driving from Eugene to Portland. In between dozes of sleep, I saw the storm approaching. It was huge, sort of like the storms in western Texas which scare you a bit. Five hours later, the guy next to me at Amnesia says, "The only thing those color clouds mean is tornado." And it was. We watched a tornado try to form in the sky tonight. First it looked like a spaceship, glowing from the setting sun. Then it changed into a donut shape ("You sound just like Homer Simpson," my friend said to her boyfriend) and then the dome started forming. It was fascinating to watch and that orange sky with double rainbows and lightning flashing across the sky in front of the rainbows. Thank you all for the pictures, capturing the beauty and truth that is our nature today.

view from mt. tabor 20.Jun.2005 01:41


My roommates and I went to Mt. Tabor to watch the sun set. It was really clear out when we left the house. We were sitting in the grass above the reservoir overlooking Hawthorne and the west hills. There were beautiful wispy clouds moving across the sky and the sun was slowly drifting down. Just as sunset was nearing we began to notice a lot of wind and dark, strange looking clouds started rolling in. We thought it might start raining, but we decided to stay put for a while. Then we started to hear thunder and soon the rain started to fall. I suggested we head for the picnic shelter so we went down the hill and were walking around the resevoir when we saw the rainbow. It started to rain pretty hard and we scrambled to get to the shelter. Soon the rain let up a bit and we wandered over into the trees where there's a great north-facing view, The sky was still dark where we weere, but in the distance it was still clear and we had a nice view of Mt St Helens as the sky was beginnign to go pastel. We headed back towards the resevoir, still able to see the rainbow as we walked and got to the lookout point just in time for an exceptional sunset. I took a bunch of pictures, but was using film, so can't post them now. Regardless, it was pretty damn cool.

ready for the onslaught of pictures? 20.Jun.2005 02:10


Get ready, indymedia, everyone and their mother had their digital cameras out tonight. You're gonna get slammed with pictures once everyone sees your headlines on Monday morning... Great coverage from all on a most unusual storm.

Today the clouds 20.Jun.2005 17:52

oldephebe oldephebe@hotmail.com

God. mtree. Just boulder in the chest breath sucking beauty. What perfect terrible awe. the roiled skies of portland.

OH MY GOD! 20.Jun.2005 20:12

!Michael b!

I love portland Indymedia!

gratuitous addition to wonder in a void context 20.Jun.2005 22:18


ok, so all the pictures up here already rock. but i have to add mine.

A Blessing to Portland People 21.Jun.2005 15:21


It was obvious to me as I danced under the rainbow that it was a blessing from the universe. I believe it was a an affirmation of the people of Portland's good will. Only some miles in any direction and people did not get to see this miraculous creation! Thanks for sharing this most important event! I took video and photos but will not add to the already marvelous evidence...

here's some more 21.Jun.2005 18:53


here's some more pics

Sunsets and Rainbows 27.Jun.2005 20:04


Sky art, wow! I wish you'd all been in Medford at the end of May. Hundreds of lightning strikes in hours, like being back in the Midwest.