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25th Anniversary Earth First! July 4 - 11, 2005

25th Anniversary Earth First!
Round River Rendezvous
Join us as we Celebrate Cascadian Secession!
July 4 - 11, 2005
The 2005 Earth First! Round River Rendezvous will be held on Wy'East (Mt. Hood) in the breathtaking snow-capped Cascadian mountains. Join us for hikes, stimulating workshops, rowdy rallies, campfires (weather permitting), unique stage performances, games, ecodefense trainings, strategizin', unusual behavior, tribal meetings, bad dancing (and some good), lots of music, swimming, ale swilling, plotting our escape from the US government, and just plain fun!


This year's site for the Round River Rondayvoo is up in the headwaters of Cripple Creek, a tributary of the lovely Clackamas River, on the southern edge of a Roaring River roadless area abutting the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness, southeast of the urban blight known as Portland.

From the North: Take I-5 south to I-205 and continue south. If yer coming in on a jet (whaddaposer!) to PDX, this is where you start reading. Take State Hwy 212 east a couple miles and turn southeast on 224. Head to Estacada ('bout 18 miles). Go to Step 2.

From the South: Take I-5 north past the urban blight of Salem about 20 miles to the exit for Woodburn and State Hwy 211. Take 211 east through Molalla and Colton til you get to Estacada. Go to Step 2.

From Missoula and out thataway: Head west on I-84 til you hit I-205. Head south. Read "From the North".
From Bend and points southeast: Get over the Cascades and take a right. Read "From the South".

Step 2: Estacada is yer last stop for gas and supplies. Save yer mischeivious ways for other places. After tending to the last of your material wants, get back on 224 and continue up the Clackamas River about 23 miles or so to the Ripplebrook Ranger Station and, pay attention now, make a left on FS 4631, go a couple miles til you hit 4630. Continue in an easterly way on 4630 about a mile and take a left on 4635. Wind up and around on this about 9 miles and take FS 140 (a right) and another mile will send you past the trail head for Cripple Creek and Cache Meadow and onto a large quarry/parking platz/pistol range. Take your gear up Trail 702 into Cache Meadow. There are dandy sites for groups large and small the length of the trail to its intersection with 517 at the main meadow, and for a good ways in either direction on that path. Elevation ranges from 4,200' up to a bit over 5,000' before you crest the ridge to Serene Lake. There's water but bring your filter, purification tablets or other magic stuff. Welcome to our home!

What to Bring to the RRR:
Please come as self-sufficient as possible! Bring your food and drink for the week; warm, cold, and wet weather clothes; drinking water or a water filter if you have one; dishes, cups, and utensils; toilet paper and non-toxic soap; washwater and
drinking water containers; a tent and sleeping bag; a flashlight; any materials you need to run a workshop of your choice; toys and instruments and costumes. We also strongly encourage you come with a cash donation to defray the costs associated with the gathering and to provide seed money for the EF! Organizers Conference next Spring and the 2006 RRR. $30 is the recommended contribution, but no one will be turned away. We ask that all who come bring respect for the land and the community that gathers there. So please plan on contributing and working to ensure that outcome.

What not to Bring: Oppressive behavior will not be welcome. Please read our anti-oppression guidelines.

Cascadia RiSiNG! EcoDefense | 503-493-7495

phone: phone: 503-493-7495

$30? 20.Jun.2005 09:49


Darryl Cherney took $4,000,000 and you want to defray 'expenses'? P.U.

expenses 21.Jun.2005 19:43


1st of all, it's to defray expenses for the largest ef! event of the year. Unlike almost all other big conferences you here about, we don't have college's, big non-profit groups, or paid fundraising staff working behind our budget. We raise money through small benefits, selling t-shirts and the like, and by gently requesting donations for attendees.

2nd, all the money is for activist use, we're not trying to make a buck here. At the same time, it'd be great to have more money to pay for EF! activities and we would appreciate it, especially if people can spare it, which is really who is being targeted with the $30 thingy.

3rd, no one will be turned away, indeed typically most people don't pay at all, and at times the costs even have come from organizers pockets. Believe me, you won't see anyone harrassed at the front entrance for change if they can't pay; just a donation jar and a sign.

4th, just cause darryl the bari estate got that money, doesn't mean it's in our coffers, you don't know anything about the distro of that money. One thing I know for certain is that not one cent of it is in the hands of the folks organizing the rendezvous.

I for one think that money should go toward support of activists who have been targetted by the FBI, not for events like these.

hope that answers the questions! hope to see you there!

Faulty directions 07.Jul.2005 09:10


The event is Shellrock lake. See EF! Journal web site for exact directions. The site was changed due to the environmentally sensitive nature of Cache Meadow. Shellrock Lake is close by.