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Just think about this folks: "Your ISP as Net watchdog "

Sounds good when you read the article! But when you have to pay for your service, that does not include spying on you by that very ISP.

This is a "cache-22" problem for all of us out here on the net. I think that if pressured by the government your ISP will track each an every site we might visit when we go online. Mind you, I don't go to sites that promote porn in any form. But I do read a lot of articles from around the globe that this government would not want you to be able to access because it goes against this current administration.

I think the government should stay out of our private life totally. I thought we Americans still had the right to privacy as our U. S. Constitution states, as guaranteed under Article VI, an also Amendment IV, "Seizures, Searches and Warrants.

From what I know about being connected to the web for nearly nine years now is that when I personally go to news sites that are both critical and damning to the Republican Party I find entries on my firewall log attempting to hack and shut me down for going to read that article. Now if the government is making your ISP comply with demands of tracking your movements I think it will make the government want to block such news sites in the future if the news wire is critical, damning and calling for investigations of wrong doing by our very own government.

Folks, Our very own government would like to block you from news agencies outside the U.S. They want (the government, that is) wants what China did to their online services (thanks in part by microsoft)!

The objective of this forced plan by our government to use our ISP's to track us is a smoke screen. Intentions are good, but the reality is different folks. Our government wants to control our lives in what we citizens care to read, do while online cause the government has found that we can respond very fast using this resource called the web. Like posting articles here at "Indymedia" for starters folks. What is posted here can be read around the globe by anyone with a connection to the web. This is what our current government doesn't like about the web.

So we find ourselves in a cache-22 about what to with child porn traffic up on the web? Child porn has to go, but those in our government and those in the religious community are involved in child porn too, from reading articles off the web! So I ask this question folks, What are we going to do about it?
True enough 19.Jun.2005 16:39

Is the Law Your Friend

Counter intelligence

What I would like is to have a program that looks for all web pages. My service provider than could analyze that.

Use of the web crawller may be the ticket but I do not know of one to use. Recomendations here would be kinly appreciated.

Immagine a billion crawllers at work.

your mind is indeeda treasure... 19.Jun.2005 19:12


it is fitting as those in charge must not allow for democracy to flourish as it willshed Light on their lies.

they mean to cling to any sort of power they deem themselves as having by limiting your knowledge as the age ol' axiom imparts

Knowledge is indeed Power~

Here's some advice 21.Jun.2005 22:39

Watching the Watchers

If you have privacy concerns, always use an anonymous proxy server with your browser's security settings on "high."