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Tre's Father's Day and Summer Solstice Message

Message from Tre...
Father's Day and Summer Solstice

A blessed father's day to my father and all the fathers, grandfathers,
great - grandfathers of the world ... and a blessed summer solstice to all
those in the northern hemisphere (and a blessed winter solstice to all
those in the southern hemisphere). The days here are long and Grandfather
Sun is high in the sky. I think it's appropriate for Sunday to be honoring
Father's Day when on Tuesday we are closer to our Grandfather Sun than at
any other time of the year.

Despite the brightness during this time of year, the darkness and
oppression is growing. The powers that be will do anything and everything
to maintain "control" over the illusion of their wealth and power. Their
efforts to control the world's resources cause colossal suffering for
millions of beings, humyn and nonhumyn. However, the more that each of us
takes a stand, seeks justice, and challenges the status quo the more that
this light will overcome the darkness and oppression that plagues us.

Many brothers and sisters are preparing for the sun dance ceremony. I send
my support and solidarity to all the natives of the world who continue the
struggle to maintain their tradition and sovereignty amidst a corporate -
dominated world. My heart goes out to all those suffering and may there be
truly peace on Earth.

Namaste, Tre

homepage: homepage: http://www.trearrow.org