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Entire Kay Griggs inverview BACK UP: The Military/Homoxsexual Complex

VIDEO:GRIGGS whistleblower,homosexuality as U.S. state blackmail in drug running/terrorism

Description: keeping in mind the whole Gosch/Gannon issue, this fits right into it, lock and key. You want to know a major "administrative" network running the world? And in terrorism operations in the West, from behind the scenes: everything from drug running, organized crime, pedophilia, The Franklin Cover Up, Gannon/Gosch, war profiterring in munitions corporations, compromised whole General Staff of the U.S. military, state terrorism operations, fake wars, homosexual/heterosexual 'hazing' rituals for later blackmailing purposes in the miltiary and in the intelligence services, Zionists of NYC, German Nazis, the Nazi Krupp corporate state family, Eisenhower, Bohemian Grove, psychological 'ruining' effects of such 'hazings,' sponsored lower economic class boys who are 'turned' to be willing lackeys to a power structure that is bisexual, parasitial, and operating as a dual informal power structure across all networks of formal power. She says, it's called "The Joint".
2 intro pieces (20 minutes apiece, 40 MB total, .wmv) for those who want to get a preview before spending half your life downloading 1.3 Gb's of video in 8 parts.


full 8 parts, back up, at least for a while...:


I've watched the whole thing. What is fascinating is that this is recorded in 1998--long before Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove were pseudo-known about in the public mind, and here she is mentioning both offhandedly as tied in. Second, though talking in 1998, she mentions Condi Rice (then on the Board of Directors of Chevron (ex Rockefeller Standard oil of California) as in the network as well. Third, Zionists fit square into it. Fourth, watch the 4th U.S. Marines, out of New Orleans, as very important.

Is Kay safe? From her bruises and history of abuse, probabaly not. Is Kay brave. Yes. She is. Kay did this brave thing to get the word out. She is endangering her life, though in a perverse way of these things, it probably helps to save her life if you watch this and pass this around. It makes a trigger finger less itchy to know the fury that will erupt at her murder. Larger protection for Kay equals the more people that watch and share her testimony.

If you can spare the bandwidth, help find a place to put these elsewhere by way of thanks to the patriotic people at libertythink.com. They are taking it upon themselves to host this incredibly large download once more.

check out 19.Jun.2005 19:09


webpage too:


spread this video far and wide.

more links, and this guy corroborated the personnel mentioned 20.Jun.2005 00:03


Entire Kay Griggs: Military Homoccult Beast

"They took with them the most perverted aspects
of Nazi Germany and brought them over to the
United States."

"They get rid of the good guys. The Marine Corps
are the assassins for the Mob. The military is
run by the Mob. The military IS the Mob."

"He told me what they did.
They nurture - they cultivate - the sons of
prominent families. They're called "rising
stars." They rope them in. Then they "turn"

Colonel's wife names names in
Military/homosexual/pedophile Underground

Recently, Kay Griggs, a prominent military
colonel's wife,
set out to right a long history of patent
wrongs, which include:

- homosexual initation rites in the U.S.
- particularly within the Marines;
- well-documented instances of both
- homosexual and
- hetero pedophilia, often as brazen rape,
amongst U.S. military figures and notable
senior statesmen, Henry Kissinger being
named loudly by Mrs. Griggs.

Griggs, in her videotaped interviews recently,
discovered her husband's diary and was
suitably horrified at what she read. She then
began asking questions of her friends in the
military wives club, and many of them
confessed to the same dirty little secrets.

Her candor on video is both disturbing and
compelling: the woman has come to grips with
the fact that this "culture," as she calls
it, is rife within senior U.S. military, and
that the stain of being called out as a
queer is what keeps the men quiet - to the
arms - and drugs - running that are a vital
function of Our Military.

When were the interviews held?

The interviews were held in 1998.

How did the interviews come to be?

Pastor Rick Strawcutter had a pirate radio
station which was shut down in the early
2000s. Kay Griggs had been urged by friends
to call in to his show, and did so in 1998.
Pastor Strawcutter kept her on the air for
an hour, and invited her to come to
Michigan for a longer interview. Kay felt
strongly that her experiences and stunning
knowledge of how our country is run needed
to be known, so she agreed.

How long are the interviews?

7.3 hours. The interviews were held over
the course of a weekend in 1998.


Griggs video: amazing interview



05/08/05 13:30:18


The DIA and special ops were predominantly
running the Contra northern front from Honduras
in the 80s. Alongside the CIA and NSC teams, a
new US military group called the ISA
(Intelligence Special Activity) was moving
hundreds of millions in drug money supposedly
through to US mob-run ports such as New Orleans
and Miami. They apparently were involved in the
Mena, Arkansas cocaine airdrops as well, with
the Barrie Seal thing. Anyway, an unknown
amount of money would be then laundered at Fort
Meade, Maryland—-HQ for the NSA (National
Security Agency).


Also, the CIA secretly organized the purchase
(and theft) of military transport planes and
helicopters via their Pentagon connections.
Beyond all the CIA proprietary companies that
supplied civilian aircraft, they also got hold
of c-130 transports and helicopters destined
for museums.


Next, we have military boys alongside the CIA
in Lebanon doing weird things. The Marine
grunts held the airport as a peacekeeping thing.
But according to Mrs Griggs and also the ebook,
The Last Circle, the US covert forces were
exploiting the tension between the local mafias
and militias to score a lot cheap drugs, while
selling lots of arms and hunting down key
enemies. It is said that the Lockerbie
terrorism bombing had to do with the transport
of heroin from Lebanon.


Where do the military special operators come

They are trained at Fort Bragg, North Carolina—-
which was headed by pro-Bush Army General Stiner,
who is mentioned by Mrs Griggs. General Stiner
and General Joy (also mentioned by Mrs Griggs)
were heavily involved in Bush's invasion of
Panama. The special operators also come from
General Al Gray's jurisdiction (another cited
name). Colonel George Griggs was his chief of


Griggs evidently trained his marines, mercs,
seals, etc..from the massive Little Creek Naval
Amphibious base on the Virginia coast, near
Norfolk and Virginia Beach—-an area which
constitutes a massive military nexus of power.
It's fairly close to the Fort Bragg nexus of
power. The Virginia base is 2100 acres, the
biggest live fire zone around where operators
hone their trade.


The military has grown to have enormous
jurisdiction over the Caribbean, Central
American, and South American areas. This
military jurisdiction is called SOUTHCOM. Bush
Senior and Clinton both issued very powerful
legislation to deep the military's involvement
in SOUTHCOM. Under the rubric of fighting
terrorism, drugs, and arms smuggling,
evidently SOUTHCOM is wrapped up in these

Who commands SOUTHCOM? The very same General
Wilhelm mentioned by Mrs Griggs. It's based
out of Miami, the city Mrs Griggs said her
husband went to work in retirement.


What the hell is going on with SOUTHCOM? Well,
for starters they are sending special
operators into Colombia, a country which has
attracted the US for its drugs, oil, and
precious minerals. It's part of Plan Colombia
and the Andean Initiative set in motion by
Bush Senior and Clinton.


Proof of SOUTHCOM drugs & arms smuggling? The
case is building. In fact, just a week or two
ago, this happened and there's a much better
explanation of that here and here. Notice that
these are special operators, part of the growing
detachment of US troops in Colombia.


Which is just like when in March 5,
US soldiers were also arrested for drug

Post Modified: 05/08/05 13:46:18

05/10/05 06:48:20 Under the rubric of fighting
terrorism, drugs, and arms smuggling, evidently
SOUTHCOM is wrapped up in these affairs.

Heh, that about sums it up.

Great avatar;)

Let's take a look at the accused:

General Wilhelm:

General Jim Joy:
BGen Jim R. Joy (right) relieves Col James P.
Faulkner as 22d Marine Amphibious Unit commander
on board the Guam (LPH 9) off Beirut on 17
November 1983.

General Stiner:

"They train assassins," says Griggs... .
"It's an old boy network, it's an institution,
and it's run through the State Department... .[*]

"It's all about making money... selling weapons and
selling drugs"

"What are they doing running our country?"

05/10/05 07:02:16 United States Marine Corps

Brigadier General
James R. Joy

Brigadier General Jim R. Joy last served on
active duty as the Director, Personnel
Procurement Division, Manpower Department,
Headquarters Marine Corps, Washington, D. C.
General Joy graduated from Northwest Missouri
State University in 1957 with a B. S. degree in
Education, and also holds an M. S. degree in
Public Administration from George Washington
University and an M. A. degree in Human Affairs
from the University of Oklahoma.

Commissioned a second lieutenant in June 1957,
he attended The Basic School at Quantico, Va.,
graduating in February 1958. From there, he
reported to Camp Pendleton, Calif., where he
served as a Platoon Leader with the 1st Marine
Division, until February 1959. He was next
ordered to duty aboard the aircraft carrier USS
ORISKANY (CVA-34), as the Executive Officer of
the ship's Marine Detachment. Following sea
duty, General Joy spent the next three years
with Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron,
Marine Corps Air Station, Santa Ana, Calif.,
where he served consecutively as Adjutant,
Executive Officer and Commanding Officer.
During this tour, he was promoted to captain
in June 1962.

In June 1963, General Joy received orders to
Washington, D. C., for duty with the 13th
Infantry Battalion, USMCR. He remained in this
assignment until he deployed to Vietnam for duty
with the 26th Marines. While in Vietnam he was
promoted to major in February 1967. He returned
to the United States in July 1967, and attended
the Command and Staff College at Quantico. Upon
graduation was assigned to the Office of the
Secretary of Defense in Washington, D.C.

He returned to Vietnam for duty as an advisor
with the Vietnamese Marine Corps in July 1971,
followed by duty in the Canal Zone, where he
served Commanding Officer of the Marine
Barracks, with additional duty as Marine
Officer on the Staff of Commander, U.S. Naval
Forces, Southern Command. He was promoted to
lieutenant colonel in September 1973.

Transferred to the U.S., General Joy spent
three years at Headquarters Marine Corps,
Washington, D.C., in the Operations Division,
Operations and Training Department. During
academic year 1978-79, General Joy was a
student at the Army War College, Carlisle
Barracks, Pa., and upon graduation, he reported
to Camp Lejeune for duty with the 2d Marine
Division, serving initially as G-1, Commanding
Officer of the 8th Marines and, for the last
year, Chief of Staff. While in this assignment,
he was promoted to colonel in July 1979.

General Joy was assigned duty as the Fleet
Marine Officer on the Staff of Commander, 6th
Fleet in May 1982. While serving in this
capacity, he was selected in February 1983 for
promotion to brigadier general. He was advanced
to that grade on July 5, 1983 and assigned duty
as the Assistant Division Commander, 2d Marine
Division, FMF, Atlantic, Camp Lejeune, N.C., on
August 2, 1983. During November he was assigned
as the Commanding General of the 22d Marine
Amphibious Unit in Lebanon. The following
February, he became the Commander of Joint Task
Force, Lebanon. He was assigned duty as the
Deputy Commanding General, Marine Corps Recruit
Depot Deputy Commanding General, Eastern
Recruiting Region, Parris Island, S.C., on May
22, 1984. He served as Director Personnel
Procurement from 1985-1988.

Upon retirement on June 1, 1988 he became
Director of the Marine Corps Morwale, Welfare,
and Recreation (MWR) programs, serving in that
capacity until retirement on Noveber 1, 1996.

His medals and decorations include: Defense
Superior Service Medal, the Purple Heart,
Legion of Merit with Combat "V" and three gold
stars in lieu of fourth award; the Bronze Star
Medal with Combat "V", the Joint Service
Commendation Medal; Navy Commendation Medal
with Combat "V", the National Defense Service
Medal; Vietnam Serve Medal; Sea Service
Deployment Ribbon; Republic of Vietnam Cross
of Gallantry with Silver Star; and the Republic
of Vietnam Campaign Medal with device.

(Revised May 08, 2002 HQMC)

05/10/05 07:57:08 wow
Continuity you're really deep into this stuff
ain't ya??

Contingency, you should consider posting blogs.
That way the material will get onto the front
page and get more exposure.

Seconded - will whip the troops together to
vote for it as well

Post Modified: 05/10/05 07:57:44

05/10/05 08:03:43
Walt Rostow

05/10/05 21:35:24 Hi Fennec. Thanks Butt.
Obliged for the visuals, Rasputin. You beat
me to it. Or 'them.'

These are real people K. Griggs is talking
about. The official bio Rasputin pasted says
that General Joy was in Beirut, Lebanon, as
she (K) explained. Other bios say that her
husband was there also with his boss, General
Gray. Of course, those facts alone are hardly
proof of any wrongdoing, but so far the basic
setting is corroborated.

To corroborate another background detail of
her story, I recently emailed a major
alternative news journalist who investigatives
this stuff. He was unfamiliar with the Griggs
stuff and warned that she may be exaggerating,
but he specifially wrote: It is somewhat well
known in DC that retired General Al Gray is

As a sidenote, Mrs Griggs claimed several
other elite marines are closet homosexuals
(probably they are really bi, like how she
describes her husband). She also describes
that some of the elite men in her area,
Norfolk and Virginia Beach, are the same way.

It just so happens that in Aug 2004, during
the height of election season, Republican
Congressmen Ed Schrock, suddenly and
inexplicably dropped from the election race
from Mrs Grigg's hometown of Virginia Beach.

A well-known gay-rights activist accused that
Schrock, an opponent of gay rights, was in
fact a closet homosexual. The activist even
had audio files of Schrock leaving messages
on a gay male dating line where members
discuss sex and what they are looking for.

Specializing in military and conservative
issues, Schrock is a former navy captain. He
founded and remains a co-chair of the House
Navy/Marine Corps Caucus and the House Special
Operations Forces Caucus. The House Special
Forces Caucus supports issues related to
Special Operations Forces, in cluding the Navy
SEALS, Army Airborne, and Air Force Special

Sources: Sfgate

Wavy TV

LA Weekly article starts with Schrock and then
acknowledges Republican Congressman's Dreier's
closet situation.

It's like the bombshell, says one Norfolk

The Raw Story


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Tie Kay's Claims in with 2000 Years of Useful Fool Catholic Brood Mares 04.Aug.2005 08:38

Scorned Woman

The possible Gannon ties to Gosch/Franklin Cover-Up also tie into the anti-safe motherhood hypocite pedophile priests of Boys Town. After 2000 years of pedophile priests getting away with condemning women's right to non-reproductive sex with their spouses, still no one really gets the big interlocking picture of the underlying enabler of seemingly separate, "opposing" sex, money, war and religion scandals--the stupid brood mares! All victimized men, women and children need to do to stop this "pro-life, anti-gay" trash the planet Nazi Bush/Vatican war machine is to go on a BIRTH STRIKE! In 5 years, you'll see major drops in child starvation, sex and sweat shop trafficking, and WAR! Not only will mother-killing Vatican pedophiles be fuming because of no fresh meat altar boys, the Pentagon will be panicking over the future of recruitment goals, and adulterous Randall Terry, Henry Hyde, Newt Gingrich, Don Sherwood, Deal Hudson, Mark Tapscott of the Heritage Foundation and the Bush boys will be stuck with their current moll wives and mistresses! Cheney will have to recalculate his holy oil land grabs over projected diminishing buyers. Neil Bush will have to make do with aging adult Thai hookers! This is a doable version of Lysistrata and Masada--nobody has to give up sex or commit suicide! Women will simply assert their equal right to the same safe, non-procreative sex priests and politicians have always secretly treated themselves to. Why should women risk humiliating Vatican annulments for smelly childbirth bladder and bowel tears, breast and face cancer, gangrene, diabetes, stroke, death, you name it, just to supply pedophile priests, wife-replacing politicians, and phony Pentagon wars?? Since Jerry Falwell wants to end the world, why bother having kids? "Pro-life" Christians wouldn't even bother rescuing already born Rwandans or Sudanese. Of course, you know women will have kids anyway, but maybe enough outraged scorned women will see the light to stop feeding the killing and raping machine of "pro-life" Christians. Even if the Supreme Court outlaws birth control to appease Vatican, Republican and Pentagon pedophiles, there's always blowjobs (like Newt Gingrich harem sluts), blessed abstinence (whenever hit on by Gingrich, Terry, and Bushes), and coffee and tobacco abortions (OK, you have to drink and smoke a lot, but the ironic beauty is these abortions are copiously dispensed by know-it-all petri dish idolators!)

Pro life christian comment unnecessary 27.Oct.2016 06:12

Kati holmes

The pro-life Christian, it is quite unnecessary if you looked up and tracked how things are in the media you would see that this political party is used for an agenda. It is wise not to attack a belief system based on political agendas of people who Allied themselves with something that is completely opposite to those who believe what they do. There is a conservative right who rolls over anyone and everyone, but there are also plenty of good people who do not.