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Biden is the Enemy

Father's Day. Here's wanna-be President Joe Biden on "Face the Nation"- "This war can be won" "It's going to take a couple of years". "We need benchmarks before withdrawal". Plus he keeps giving Bush advice on how to sell the war to the public. And some people worry about Carl Rove. Hey Pelosi! What's up here anyway?
Biden and Gephardt. Bad News on every level.
Democrat hawkish but shows leadership(that's all) 19.Jun.2005 12:19


I saw him and didn't interpret it the way you did.

Right now the nation needs some "strength" from a military person to assure families of the poor soldiers in Iraq. He said he has a game plan that is better than Bush. It wasn't about politics if you listened carefully. It's about leadership and God knows we need that in Congress. All of the departments refuse to give information to any congress person that asks for it. (Those departments are OUR departments BTW)

Congress has got to force the hand of the Administration and it's officials.

Whistleblowing is all we get right now.

asdf 19.Jun.2005 12:59


You post this as if trying to convince IMC readers that the Democratic party is part of the corrupt 2-party system! Even though I wasn't aware of this particular incident with Biden, it's been long known that both parties have locked themselves shut from progressive ideals. In short...this comes as absolutely no surprise. We should begin focusing once again (since 9/11) how to unite and form a global front against the 2party war/imperialist machine.

The Dod Damn Senate 19.Jun.2005 17:22

Senators are all KILLERS

Do not fool yourselves into thinking you can vote your way out of this shit storm.

Never have and never will stop war. Those god damn senators could have filibustered the giving the god damn corporate president dictatorship

yellow (and red) brick road 19.Jun.2005 18:40


The road to Joe Biden's Presidency is paved with the bodies of even more soldiers in the years to come. He thinks he can prolong the war, then run against it in 2008. He's a ruthless self-promoter and issue hijacker. The Biden/Gephardt wing of the Dems totally supports the militarization of Iraq through the extensive building of U.S. Air Bases. At least Conyers is trying to get a real Committee going, instead of grandstanding, a Biden hallmark. And what's this about 'showing strength for the families of the poor soldiers"? by guranteeing that their kids will be in harms way for even more years? Sorry, but that kind of 'logic' is off the hook. We need to get the hell out of Iraq RIGHT NOW.

Biden 20.Jun.2005 10:15

March Hare

Biden is nothing but a fence sitter. He talks big, but when the time comes, he cops out. He should go form his own party.