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My own rant on the State of Oregon DHS

The State of Oregon/DHS/Child welfare
Why is it that whenever the state intervenes in the care of your children
they make you look like the bad guy? They send out these reports to the
juvenile court system that state that the parents have said things that
really were not said and that they lack certain interests in their own
children that actually do exist. Even if those parents strive to
participate in their kids' lives by making the regularly scheduled visits
and going to their doctors' appointments and what-not, the social workers
who draw up these reports still make it look as though said parents are not
expressing interests in their children.

Why does the Division of Child Support make it so hard for parents to
survive, even those on low income status, despite the fact that they don't
even take enough money from those parents to provide for their childrens'
needs to begin with? To me it makes no sense whatsoever for the state to
make it impossible for those couples who have lost their children to survive
when they aren't making it much easier for the kids to survive themselves.
One monthly child support payment taken out of a person's payroll is equal
to about one week or less of one child's survival expenses. A normal,
healthy child needs a parent to spend about $2,000 a month on him or her for
food, clothes, medical expenses, and schooling. The state takes around $500
or less out for monthly child support, no matter how many children need the
support and how healthy the children are. This goes to show you how much
our state government cares for the welfare of its children.

Why does the state DHS's child welfare program promise one thing but deliver
something totally different? Every once in a while you will find case
workers that actually care enough to work toward keeping their promises,
like the case worker we had from April 2004 until this past February. But
many of them are a bunch of heartless liars who really don't care where the
children in their custody end up as long as it is away from their own
parents. In child welfare, case workers constantly tell the parents
involved that their number one goal is to reunite children with their
parents. But when we see these reports being sent out to juvenile court
judges that totally make the parents look like they would kill their own
kids if given the chance; when case workers are pushing to have these
children in foster care adopted out to other homes, regardless of the safety
of these kids and of the reunion that they had originally promised to the
parents; when we learn that we have been betrayed and deceived by the state
in regard to our children; that's when we realize just how dishonest these
people are. Why in the world does the state hire so many dishonest people
to work in its child welfare program? We may never know the answer to that
question, but the one thing we do know is that so many people are getting
extremely fed up with it.

And lastly, why does the state place so many displaced children in unsafe
environments after comandeering them from their own families with whom they
would have been much safer no matter what the circumstances? This goes to
show you that our government does not really care about its children. Many
children who are fostered or adopted turn to a life of crime, violence,
drugs, and, for females, prostitution when they get older. Many more will
end up dead either before or directly after high school. Just thinking
about this harsh and cruel reality makes me shudder with fear at the fate of
my own two daughters who are currently under the system, especially since
one of them is severely disabled. Currently we are fortunate enough to have
our girls in a foster home we know to be safe; it just so happens that the
foster parents are family friends, unbeknownst to DHS at the time of the
girls' placement there.

What we need are more people, more parents especially, who are willing to
step up to the plate and fight for the safety and protection of our
children. As spoken many a time before, children are the future of our
world. To break it down, today's youngsters are tomorrow's doctors,
lawyers, school teachers, politicians, and, most importantly, parents. All
parents out there, especially those fighting the state for your children,
listen up: PLEASE prevent your children from becoming yet another of these
cruel statistics. Our voices need to be heard loud and clear!

A social worker responds 19.Jun.2005 07:07


I am a social worker who now works in Senior and Disabled Services. Last year I worked for DHS Child Welfare. I only worked there for 6 months. The whole system is broken. Some of the case workers really cared. Most were overwhelmed and manipulative. Some were ex-cops who loved the adrenlin rush of having power over people.

As for the parents. Many had been violent toward their children, were using, selling or cooking meth. some parents beat their children horribly, including throwing babies against walls and burning babies. Some sexually abused their own children (including babies) while high on meth, then they sold their children to get money for meth. Some parents were just poor and overwhelmed. They lost their place to live and then the children were kept out of school for a long time. They lost their kids because they could not find a place to live. Case workers placed the kids in foster homes for a short time until a home could be found. Caseworkers helped the family find a place to live and help set up payments to pay for the housing, then helped the parents find a job.

As for children. Some children of women who have had more than one partner. They children in a family can have many different fathers. These children have experienced lots of loss. They act confused and angry at their treatment. They don't do well in school. They act either very aggressive or very shy and are picked on alot. They have had to move many times in their life while their mother tried to find resources for the family.

The children who are sexually, mentally, and physically abused are often put in theraputic foster homes. The therapy often includes a few trips to a counselor, then lots of "theraputic" drugs to control their behavior. Some have been know to try to harm others, try to start fires, cut on themselves, and find other ways to escape this world. Some are put in institutions for years because of the damage done to them.

As for the foster homes. Some are just good people. Some are in it for the money. They get about $500 a month per child. The more damaged a child is the more they get. Some will damage children to get more money. Some foster homes have as many as 8 children in their homes. There are few people over seeing foster homes in Oregon. Other states are much more stricter about who can be a foster parent. In other states, you are not allowed to displace your own children to place foster children and you can only have 2 children to a room. I have seen foster homes in Oregon with bunkbeds to the ceiling...6 children in a room. I have seen so-called rooms built in the middle of a garage (plywood walls, no windows, one door-in)with 2 or 3 children. many of the homes I saw were dirty. Some had high chairs all lined up along the wall, someone going from chair to chair to give the babies a bite of food. I was told there is a shortage of places to put children right now because of the meth epidemic. I was told that many of the children from meth homes are very damaged and so everyone is scrambling for find a place for the children to go. The DHS budget has not been increased to cover this increase of children being taken from homes. There are not enough case workers. The caseworkers have huge caseloads, the courts are overwhelmed, foster homes are not being properly monitored. It makes for a diaster waiting to happen.

And the disasters in Oregon are happening. Children are dying. Children are being damaged for life.

What is the answer. All adults involved need to act responsibly. Parents need to stop abusing their children. They need to get as stable as possible and be focused on the needs of their children. They need to stop using drugs and alcohol. People in Oregon need jobs and job training that gives parents a chance to adequately support their families.

DHS needs to hire people who are moral and ethical. They need to hire enough caseworkers and train them well. There needs to be good oversight.

money drives them 19.Jun.2005 08:39


When DHS suspects parents of doing drugs and there is any instance where they can get their hooks into your family, they will be there. They don't have to have any facts, because they have books to tell them what to say to the parents and the how to manipulate and twist any thing said into something bad to present to the court. I have seen one of the training books in the office of a board involved in this deception. When I asked why they didn't do there job, the answers were " I don't get paid enough to do the job right." I found that the case workers didn't read the file, stating "the file is to large to read."

DHS receives money for every child they get from the federal government.

They also will collect childsupport from the parents, that the child will never see.

To show their power over you, they will do opposite of everything that you strongly feel about.

If you, like me, will need to feel totally hopeless before they are through, is what they want.

One thing I regret, because I was soo afraid of the power, was the chance to ask the judge: Why was this taken out of the parents control of the children.

My situation was never resolved, just ended up that I got my child back, and the other children's lives were ruined. (at least a nasty taste of government intervention and power)

When I made the DHS lose ground or show them the errors of their ways, I would receive police at my door with ridiculous reasons. One of the times the police came to my door, stating they received a phone call from my house with screaming and a baby crying in the back ground. Since this was false, I asked them if they knew the phone number that they received the call from and what was it. When the officer said that was confidencial, I said, that was silly because it would have to have been my phone number and if he could not tell me, I would assume that DHS had put him up to this harassment. He then just left, saying no more.

Without going into much more detail, here are some of the things I know.
A law or bill in 1971 removed children from parents to the states responsiblity, except for the monetary means.

Bill Clinton in an address to the DOH, told them to just do it, that know one will stop them. Going to the legislators doesn't help, they will never get any cooperation from DHS (using confidentiality excuse) for any oversight.

Average of 4 years, intervention of your life. It's like a game that you are required to play, and they get to change the rules.

I kept a journal for the four years. Because I am not a druggy, DHS didn't get the outcome they wanted. But, instead of acknowledging their mistake, they just stated my children were too loyal(forgot the word they actually use, and still can't look through my journal to see what I wrote at that time)

The court was another misused entity, I observed how DHS made the court system seem as a kangaroo court. I was told it was a hearing, but instead I now have no respect for the system. When another judge was handed my case, he stated he wouldn't touch it with a 10ft pole. I knew then that it was not legal what they were doing.

I hope you the best, but reality says you are headed into hell for awhile. 4 years will mess up your childs education and they will never be the same after the ordeal.

I have been on both sides of this. I am an adopted child, removed from my mother when I was 5 and adopted at age 7. So I know what the child will go through and what a mother will go through, not a good thing for anyone.

Then end doesn't justify the means, as they seem to think. And when they tell you that if you are innocent no harm done and you will get over it, just doesn't fit for me.

Corruption 22.Jun.2005 07:32


As an NCP even though I have joint custody and 50% placement, I will attest to the fact that the entire family court system in the US is hopelessly broken. I pay 25% of my gross salary to my ex for "support" of my children when they are with me 50% of the time. She has a 4yr college degree and chooses not to work. The state of Wisconsin chooses not to punish her for that. Rather than modify my payments to reflect her laziness, the state assigned the maximum payment to me. If they are with me 50% of the time, why should I pay anything at all?

It is a little known fact that, across the US, county governments receive $1 in matching funds from the Federal Government for every $1 of child support that is paid. That $1 in matching funds can be spent in ANY way the county sees fit, roads, parks, bonuses, etc. It does not take a lot of intelligence to see that there are substantial reasons for the courts to continue to abuse their power and punish NCP's.

DHS/CPS all hopelessly in CAPTA mandated removal for federal funds game 22.Jun.2005 13:33

mother who sued cps and won

sue them...
don't take it lying down...
get a civil rights lawyer and figure out what they violated.
cases have gotten $400,000 for illegally taking kids.

They lie. They lie to cover lies. Judges, public defenders, all of them work together to
bring money into the government by destroying families. The federal gov't will only pay
if the child is taken out of home. There is no motivation for keeping families together.
Research the 1978 CAPTA act by Walter Mondale. If you don't act, fight this, do something
we will pay more millions and millions and millions to have our families destroyed so
agency workers can get paychecks at the expense of our children. Get active. Dont' let
them destroy our children.

To Jane the Social Worker 29.Jun.2005 23:01


Dear Jane:

Thanks for your response. However you must answer just one question. I have seen case files on children that showed DHS has placed a 10 year old, 14 times.
Are these people (caseworkers) dumb or just don't give a damn. If you placed your kid in 14 different placemnets in 10 years your kid would also be totally screwed-up! What kind of "social work" are these people doing?


mother who needs help,please, 06.Aug.2005 12:44

Michaela Wilson jsid@centurytel.com

I live in Clstsop County Oregon. My Two youngest children were taken away in April of 2004. One of the managers of the office is tho one and only Pat Boggess of the Wenachtee Witch Hunt. Now that every thing is coming to a close and they want to give my boys to their father and I am not giving into that. Now they have mysteriously come up with a dirty U.A. on me. I never used the drug!!! It's no secret they are evil people. I am a very good mother. I have another child in the home, a 14 year old. They tried like hell to remove her from my home. They had no reason to do so. Since 5 p.m. as of last night now they do. I did a alcohol and drug evaluation and it came out with no treatment recommended. I Would also like to mention the fact that they in april of this year they made accusations of heroin use. They never asked for a u.a. from me, so I did one on my own. It was negative. I am desperate. Is there anyone out there who has the ability to help me? All the lawyers here are not willing to make a stand. They all just say " let the dad have them at least you will see them". "NOT AN OPTION I SAY". I am at a loss for more to say, except I know someone can help me. If you are that someone, please, help me save my family.


mother who needs help,please, 06.Aug.2005 13:22

Michaela Wilson jsid@centurytel.com

I can't even belive this is happening to me! But why not? Im just a single mother of three who lives in Clatsop County Oregon where the one and only Pat Boggess of the Wenatchee Witch Hunt now thrives on her victims. What a scary thought that is. My children were taken away from me 16 months ago. Just the two youngest ones, the older waws living with her father at the time. Now she resides with me. The agency has offered her father money to come and take her from, he declined there offer(bribe). They have also made accusations of hereoin use. The accusations came one year after the abduction of my two youngest. I did the required evaluation and it came out with no recommended treatment. I never did what they have made claim too! Aside the fact that the two youngest were not tken for abuse, neglect, drugs nor alcohol and had an evaluation with no treatment required I have been put on a random drug screenig program. I have competed two random U.A.'s. The first one was negative, I was informed last night that the second came back with meth in it. I never used the drug! Now why and the hell after over a year of this living hell am I put on a random u.a. program. Why not from the get go? I can tell you why, in two words PAT BOGGESS. This is their sick and twisted attempt to try and cover a feeble attempt to cover their butt's. I'm not giving up. What I am doing here is asking if there is anyone who can help me?


to the mother who sued the cops and won 06.Aug.2005 20:50

Michaela Wilson jsid@centurytel.com

I love what you wrote. But there was a key issue missing in your letter. How to do it. For a person who has very little resources how does one go about not letting them destroy your family when they have practically already destroyed you. Do you have any tips on how to go about this? I am game for just about anything!!! Looking forward to hearing from you.


Why were they taken in the first place? 24.Aug.2005 13:35


I am here in clatsop county. I may help you if you are honest. Why were your children taken in the first place. No long story. I know Boggess. I know local the agency, the players, the lawyers.

Briefly, why were they taken?

Why was Pat Boggess hired in Clatsop County? 14.Sep.2005 21:34


I am a resident of Astoria Oregon. I do not have a case currently nor in the past with CPS.
But as a resident of this community I feel an obligation to share the story of where a certain "Child Protective Service" employee came from. Pat Boggess now a local CPS case worker was previously employed at the Wenatchee Washington CPS agency. While there she caused the State of Washington and the county/local wenatchee a whole lot of money in lawsuits. Wenatchee Witch Hunt is what she was head of...for the real story copy and paste this link below or search "Pat Boggess" on Google and spread the word because our community deserve to know!!


If anyone out there can clue me in as to how and why this power monger is still in social work and why she was hired in Astoria, it would be greatly appreciated!

Boggess & hubby Reiman (Cannon Beach chamber prez still?) BOTH Wenatchee Alum, 15.Sep.2005 19:47

Sydney Carton

Before arriving in Wenatchee, Washington, where did the Boggess & Reiman family demolition team come from?

For information as to why she was hired, and why for a while her husband was hired as well (Dean Reiman, who has actually been named in the lawsuits being pressed in Washington as recent as 2004, was also a senior caseworker in the Wenatchee Sex Ring scandals) please email or call the state DHS offices:

For Clatsop County, you have to call Lee Coleman in St. Helens, because she is head of Tillamook, Clatsop and Columbia Counties. Which might explain a lot. We don't even have anyone hiring locally, so why do they care if they saddle us with someone who will cost our county millions of dollars? Which is something we should be asking our DA as well as our county commissioners and our city councilors. If they all protest the presence of this woman in our local DHS child welfare office, because of her track record and the FACT that her cases have cost the state of Washington and Chelan Co MILLIONS of dollars, DHS will HAVE to take notice.

Lee Coleman can be reached at (503) 397-3292 x305 her assistant in Astoria is Dee Bristol at (503) 325-9179 x318. Their emails are  Lee.Coleman@state.or.us and  Dee.Bristol@state.or.us
A list of all of the managers for all of the counties can be found at  http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/localoffices/sdamanagers.shtml

The head of DHS-CHild Welfare? Hidden now, deep within the bowels of DHS, every since the debacle of the Oregon City Girls Miranda Gaddis and Ashley Pond case, there is no notice on their website as to who the head is. In 2003 it was Ramona Foley, her email is  Ramona.L.Foley@state.or.us.

The Juvenile Rights Project forced Ms Foley and then director of DHS, Jean Thorne, to sign a settlement agreement between them, promising a minimum amount of care to foster children, to be fully implemented no later than 1999. When it became apparent that Oregon would not be compliant with the settlement the settlement was re-iterated. The most current one was signed in 2003. It has NOT been enforced and more than 50% of the counties, including Clatsop, are not in compliance with it. If you want to go to the Juvenile Rights Project and read about the agreement it can be found at  http://www.jrplaw.org/SystemofCare.htm . They also provide attorneys for kids stuck in the foster care system w/o representation.

The state foster care system and child welfare program are a complete bust. As one who has a zero tolerance for drugs, substance abuse or domestic violence it absolutely galls me to even form the thought that these children would be better off left in their homes, but I am slowly coming to that conclusion and it angers me to no end. Perhaps we should turn this over to private interprises. Surely, each county could chose a private business to a much better job then the dismal people we have there already, whose main job seems to be making sure they have a job tomorrow.

A local forum you may want to go to (and discuss this with an Astoria Councilor ward 2 candidate) is  http://www.voy.com/197835/ He will listen to you as one of his primary concerns are children and youth.

Get rid of Boggess 17.Sep.2005 04:07


Contact the Clatsop County Commissioners and tell them about your anger regarding Pat Boggess being hired given her track record in Wenatchee and Chelan County and costing those tax payers, along with all of the tax payers in Washington State, millions upon millions of dollars. Look up your city councilors and mayor and tell them who someone in St Helens has hired and put into the Astoria branch office to disrupt the lives of Clatsop County constuents. Call/email your state reps and senators as well.

For the Commissioners contact info:
Please phone: (503) 325-1000
Write to: 800 Exchange St., Suite 310, Astoria, OR 97103
E-mail:  commissioners@co.clatsop.or.us

Senator list

Betsy Johnson (senator for Clatsop County)



I can't tell you how pleased I am to see all these new comments on this website. I happen to have a few answers or better put, insights. The agency that we are all in a uproar over, Clatsop County Children Services.
I have done some investigations of my own. As far as I have been I have been told the state of Oregon is very well aware of Pat Boggess and Dean Reiman's assosciations with the Wenatchee Witch Hunt of the mid 1990's to date. Mary O'Connor, the manager of the Clatsop County D.H.S. office where Pat works has no interest in the prior history of Pat Boggess and her associations. How sad is that? Did you know that Pat Boggess use to be the manager of this office? Yes sir, until to many case workers were being held in contempt of court for non-compliance with Judge Nelson and Judge Paula Brownhill's court orders, irregaurdless of what the court orders were, the case workers did as they plesed knowing that the clients(parents)are alredy ripped apart and not able to make a stand for themselves for fear of losing their children forever. Long story short, Pat Boggess was asked to step down as manager,(she should have been fired)and Mary O'Connor tookj over reign of terror. Miss O'Connor also took to having a young case worker as a well how should I put it, as a companion. Can you belive it? Interoffice sex with such a sensitive serioius issue at hand, eough to make a person sick isn't it? Yes it's true she's a horny older lady!! Her companion, Patrick Smith(that is his real name) use to be a case worker. Now he is just a lowly transport driver and supervisor of visits. Not to undermine the importence of these positioins but a blow that must of been to ol' Patrick's ego! One day your banging the boss and the next, a paycut! Hey Patrick, just because real men eat quiche doesn't mean that they have to grow their hair to look like CHER!! I mean really Pat, it's not all that attractive!
Lee Coleman goes, don't waste your time, she doesn't give a rip either, nor does she give a return phone call. I now this from experience, first hand. And that agency you can find on the internet that will say they are here to oversee that these people to their jobs accurately, well it's turned out to not hold any truth to it either. They are just another agency that gets over paid to cover up these terrorist mistakes and to tell you that they followed procedure and that there is nothing that they can do about it, very sorry you are having a time of it but you must have done something terrible to have your children taken away, if our case workers say it, it must be true!
They will goe as far as to break federal law by disclosing information that are to be kept confidential ,BY LAW!!! They don't care, anything to cover their backsides and to make them look better,because they can do NO WRONG! Come on Judges of Clatsop County, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee!

HONEST TO A FAULT 28.Sep.2005 02:55


dear wondering,
you have got me wondering, who are you! can you help or are you one of them fishing for information and such. if you are who you say you are, yes i am in need of help and i am interested in meeting with you. there are many others like myself, this is an outrage and a trvisty! can you just imagine when we all band together, they are all going to come tumbling down. get-r-done.

wanting to talk to wondering 01.Oct.2005 13:17

honest parent

Dear Wondering, Please leave a message so we can get togetrher, you said that you can help. My time is running out and nobody seems to care about the best interest of the children. Honest Parent

Best advice to "Honest Parent" 14.Oct.2005 08:37

Concerned Citizen

Don't be taking advice from "Wondering"

who investigates fraud statements from a caseworker 16.Oct.2005 16:38

valerie barbeau vbarbeau@winterskye.com

I have found no one who investigates caseworkers who make up lies and false statements about people in a family who wants to take the kids that DHS took into custody. DHS systematicly distroy's every relative who steps forward. DHS nit picks family members apart and every little issue in someones life becomes a federal crime. In Portland, Oregon there is a Board of Social Workers but they only investagate Clinical Social workers. I wonder if the social workers at the DHS office are licensed? Does any one know who investigates caseworker social workers?

Ombudsman? 18.Oct.2005 05:45

Madam Hatter

That office on the internet that supposedly investigates DHS - do you mean the Governor's Ombudsmen? If so, I warn you NOT to contact them. I did, and not only did they disclose the info I gave them, they generated a "warning" notice from Salem re: totally irrelevant info that I inadvertantly disclosed in the course of our discussion. (This is related to TANF, not child welfare, but they're no different - they both try to destroy families).

corruption in the childwelfare dept. 27.Oct.2005 02:16

been there

I can't tel you who investigates the lies that the social workers say. I can tell you that there is an office that claims to over see these places. Though and they claim that they are to make these social workers responsible for thier own actions but all they do is cover each others rear ends. Type in oregon state offices to children and families and it will go directly to the state bullshit and I mean bullshit because it will give you every office imaginable and tell what the duties of each and every office is suppose to do. Now when you contact them it is a different story they will tell you that there is nothing that they can do to help. There is a department that is to oversee the S.O.S.C.F but they are not willing to help, because I have tried everything that is possible. Bottom line is that a Judge is goingg to belive the word of case worker over that of yours every day of the week. The governors office, HA! The agency is going to put so much crap in your file and you are going to buried alive and they aren't going to give you a second glance. As far as nit picking your family apart, you bet ya. Unless your relatives are the descendants of that of Ward and June Cleaver. They put my ex's family up on a pedestal.If the state has your kids your screwed. I am trying to get use to it and it's something that I never will be able to handle, If I could I probably would be sleeping at two in the morning instead of typing. Somedays, most days I feel like dieing. I can't think of a pain words than this, the kids, well they are gone.

dont give up 10.Nov.2005 09:55

things take time maxa_lover@yahoo.com

im a mother in oklahoma with four kids in dhs's care. my kids have been in there care for 2 and a 1/2 years and there about to come home. it takes a lot to got get them out of your life. beleive me. Im kids where abused in there care. even now put we cant do anything until they are home. you just have to suck it up until then. those some mean but to is the trueth. i'v see my sister get kids taken she give in to there plans. now her kids will never come home and see there mother(my baby sister). this is why I fight for my kids.I dont want them to end up like my sister kids abused.If you have any ? please call or write me or e-mail me

505 traub pl. midwest city ok,73110

My own rant on Oregon CPS/DHS... 30.Nov.2005 11:04

Fed up and pissed off!

Just a few thoughts and observations of my own. Not that anyone really gives a rat's ass, but it makes me feel a little better to get it out.

To "Mother who sued CPS and won." I am also very curious how you did it. It is very hard to get attorney's interested in suing any government agency. There is almost always some kind of civil and/or constitutional rights violation involved in any CPS/DHS case.

Who is "Wondering" and why should they not be trusted? Do you know the identity of this person? Care to share it with us?

Regarding Pat Boggess: Do I believe it? Hell, yes! The Oregon social services and justice departments are filled with psychopaths and sociopaths. It's the old story of the "lunatics running the asylum." You have to understand that these people are protected by many laws. Their personnel files are confidential and one agency or state will not give a negative reference on a former employee for fear of being sued. The majority of them are also protected by very powerful unions.

I know first hand. I've worked for numerous government agencies in the course of my lifetime and the one thing you can count on is job security and great benefits. I've worked for the "State of Oregon" in many capacities. The pay scale sucks but it is easy to work your way up into a job you are not qualified for, such as CPS case worker, welfare case manager, support enforcement case manager. Many of these people started out as lowly office support staff and moved their way into these positions. It's a bunch of people interpreting and practicing law without a license, which in any other circumstance would be illegal. Do you know a CPS worker is immune from perjury. They can say anything @#$% thing they want in a court of law or a legal document and are allowed to lie with impunity.

Do some research on the Wenatchee debacle. You think Oregon is bad. You won't believe what CPS almost got away with in Washington State. Some attorney's were so appalled at what was going on that they formed a group to represent the families involved pro bono. As far as I know not ONE person was fired from CPS/DHS, even though it was proved they were negligent, dishonest and malicious in their actions.
They just sent them all down to Oregon to work...ha! ha!

Ramona Foley is another idiot. You will probably not get anywhere with her. Believe me I've tried and could not get past her assistant (guard dog). She's a very mysterious person that Ramona Foley. I don't know what she actually does. It's obvious she is not doing her job. Personally, I think she is just good at kissing the right ass and that is why she has lasted as long as she has.

You are right about the governor's ombudsman. For the most part they are useless. Sometimes you can get them to intervene, but they are really just a front to make it look like the governor actually cares about his constituents/citizens. If they do anything at all it is usually giving a heads up to an agency or person that someone is onto them and complaining about a violation. Giving them the time and opportunity to cover their tracks and hide anything that needs to be hidden.

The only real advice I can give anyone is to document, document, document! Keep copies of everything. Send all correspondence by certified mail. Tape all phone conversations and meetings. In Oregon you can tape phone conversations without letting the other party know. In person you need to tape them openly or let them know there is the possibility they are being taped. You can get people to spew a lot of crap on the phone if you don't tell them you are taping. I've been amazed at what people will say. Tell them you are taping or bring out a tape recorder in a meeting and see how fast their behavior changes though.

Yes, it's all just a big numbers game. Having worked for one of these agencies I've seen it personally. The state is not going to get those matching funds from the feds if they don't have the cases to justify it. It's sad, but true. Not all public employees are bad. There are some who actually have ethics and will do the right thing. They are few and far between, but they are out there. Complain to everyone you can think of. Sometimes, you will find that one person who will take an interest and give you some help.

Unfortunately, it is very hard to get anywhere on your own. There are some very aggressive attorney's out there but they don't come cheap. The public defenders and court appointed ones are a joke. They are not paid enough to get that involved. You notice that the well to do are not often a target of CPS. They have a certain perceived credibility due to their status. We all know that the poor and working class are more prone to abusing their children. It's a given. CPS is not going to pick on someone who has the money to fight them and/or the connections to get their ass chewed.

I fear I am starting to repeat myself. Someone elses turn. I'm very interested in this subject. It's hard not too but don't give up. That's exactly what they want and eventually expect you to do. Their job is to wear you down and wear you out. Drive you crazy, destroy any credibility you might have, bankrupt you finacially and emotionally, ruin your entire life if that is what it takes to get the job done. I don't live in Oregon anymore and will never move back, even though I was born and raised there and have a very large family there.

Good luck!

corruption in the childwelfare dept. 02.Dec.2005 19:46


remember when a business could be proud of having so many customers that it would be advertised right up front? those glory days are over. i would bet these guys don't advertise. how embarressing that would be to publicly let everyone know that damn near every single person that doesn't make six digits a year is a mark. of course we, they, you, and everyone else is a low life scumbag druggie that doesn't deserve to raise your own children, did i forget to mention that you have mental problems as well!! well if you don't we can hook you right up, what's that you say? you don't have the time for that! of course you do! you just don't know it yet but your life as you know it is over, i repeat,"over". just take a seat and relax while we here at social services destroy you bit by bit. put in your two weeks notice, because, well face the facts we own you and everything that you hold near and dear to your heart and belive us, we won't be treating those precious things very well at all, no sir! and as for you, chopped liver!! we will treat you like you are complete shit, dangle your children in front of you for a tease, or however long it takes to ruin you, your reputaion, your relationships, your business, and as we like to put it " everything that you hold near and dear". don't thank us, no need for that, it's all in a days work. after all we have to have jobs as well. and yes we are sorry to hear about you losing yours because we will bleed you dry financially, emotionaly, physicaly, mentally, spiritually. don't forget our incentive bonus for those of you that due currently, or in the past have been known to partake in the bar scene, or better yet straight up addicts!!! if you are in sobriety, well forget cuz we here at childwelfare have degrees and we know how push a person so far, oh the stories i could tell, lol,lol, anyway back to the bonus, i garuntee that we here at childwelfare will do every thing in our power to get you to using drugs and alcohol. that's right!! go ahead and self medicate, do it right to cuz we don't give a rip about you or your kids. show me the money!!!! lol lol lol!! i crack myself up. one more thing, don't worry about registration, wev'e taken care of all that as well. o.k., got to go for now, another staffing in just a few minutes, hug those little ones tight it might be the last time. yours truly, mammon, son of satan seriously, well that was. to a point, let me appologize to you caseworkers that are good peopl, im sorry, it had to be written. i am very sorry that you few are in such a corrupt business and can't do anything or you become a statistic in the state office as well. the employment office. or can you do something. if you can relate to this, i beg you to make a stand and stand tall. you may lose your job, you may save a family, on a hope and a prayer. take care to all you parents that are out there hurting tonight and god has a plan, if you belive. sometimes, i do. goodnight,

romona foley needs to be fired 24.Dec.2005 13:24

jones of portland

Why is it that Romona Foley has not been fired? If she had any other job, she would have been fired by now. School superintendents have to be accountable. Isn't it funny that Oregon has one of the worst track records in foster care and children's services in the nation, and this woman still has her job. There has been so much corruption and incompetence, but she has retained that job for years. There needs to be a change. Citzens need to call for a change. Enough already.

Don“t You mean Ramona Phoney 28.Dec.2005 23:25

Had Enough

Yes she should be fired along with the rest of the phoney state employees who say they only care about the best interest of the children. I call bullshit on each and everyone of them. I hear Clatsop County is about the worst of the worst in operation these days. Why donĀ“t our elected officals take notice when so many have spoken out concerning the incompetence of these lieing, cheating, down and dirty scumbags that rip everyones life apart that they touch. I know of several people tht need to have the children in their home removed, but they seem to go unnoticed even after reports are made and the children are continualy neglected and abused. What and the hell is wrong with these people, I donĀ“t get it.

DHS always a no show 19.Jan.2006 09:18

Sara Rose Angel sara1ra@yahoo.com

I would like to say that i agree that DHS is bullshit. I was fleeing a domestic violence sitaution and had nowhere to go. And because i had nowhere to go they took my two Children. NOw they have already cancelled visits and they have now split my one and two year old up. They my two year old is acting out because of lack of structure, but he never acted out while at home. I just want my kids back and it doesn't seem like they want to help me get them back.

1957 W. Burnside #144


VALERIE BARBEAU vbarbeau@winterskye.com

I have been trying to find out who to make a complaint to regarding the State of Oregon Department of Human Services to Children and Families. For several years now I have tried to make the complaint of Public Corruption because it is illegal for a state caseworker to make up lies against a person in order to take their children from their custody. I had contacted the Risk Managment for DHS and they did an investigation about my threat of a Tort Claim. They have now contacted the Governor Ted Kulongoski and other government officals who have written me letters telling me they can no longer talk to me because of my Risk Management Claim. This is BS. I met with DHS Director 7 months ago and he asured me that he would look into this situation. The case worker is Mandy Davis the foster mother is Fran Clare they made up an allegation against my disabled grandson who has done nothing but want to be raised with his siblings. The case worker and foster mother told me by phone that they were going to do this in 2004. I will have them investigated, I am now talking to the FBI and They want my documents. I do have proof. I am going to get these criminals.

STILL seeking help 10 years later! 09.Oct.2006 02:28

Cryzeintherayne silentsongs@netzero.net

I too, have been DESPERATELY seeking a brave civil rights lawyer.

My daughter was "voluntarily" placed because of severe disibilities related to learning and cognition. She was 11 at the time, and we were promised after treatment that we would be working toward unification. Well, obviously that didn't happen. There was nothing on me as her mother, in fact was praised up and down for going beyond the call. All along, my daughter had been "trying" to tell me that she was being abused, wanted deperately to go home, to the point she'd have nervous breakdowns, and run away, but of course, always there were the therapist, counselor, we were never alone. (HMMM, kind weird don't you think, considering I'm such a stellar mom?) But, when she was abouit to turn 18, I said IF my daughter wanted to, I wanted her to live with me in Idaho, because I had to move there shortly before her 18th B-day to find work. (almost 8% unemployment in Portland at the time.) Well, when I had the face-to-face meeting with one Jan Hage (DHS) and Kim Goldman (Multnomah County Aging and Disibility Services) they both laughed in my face, treated me like crap, talked over my voice, and told me what a "bad" mother I was (for having to leave due to economic reasons) HuH??? Gee, went from stellar to worst mother ever in one jump! P.S. I had a WITNESS who watched the whole thing unfold, and he had to literally CARRY me out of that office because I was so devastated by thier cruelty. Long story short: They were going to KEEP her past the age 18 "age out" of the system, and keep her till she was 21! She had no rights, I had no rights. I have been fighting them ever since. Keeping a journal, kept all the corerespondence, even made a DVD movie with my daughter confessing (willingly, yes!) to all the horrible things DHS, Jan Hage, and Kim Goldman were trying to say to her; (psych, nutcase, crazy, etc.)aslo the abuse, and things that happened to her in the one foster home. Now, as she was when she turned 18, she is running the streets more often than not, spends maybe a day or two at the foster home (so she won't lose her "placement") has prostituted, bounces from one friends house to another, can't make proper judgement's on her own. The county and the state were investigated, and as would be expected, the Gov's office "found nothing wrong." Of COURSE they'd find nothing wrong! I was so outraged, I tried contacting the Oregonian reporter who does DHS stories. She would not return my repeated phone calls. And, as to the more "liberal" papers such as Willy Week, HAH! They run like chickens with the rest of the pack. I won't stop fighting. I kind oof think that we are all here, like the Jews in the concentration camp. We are hiding in plain site, and we are being destroyed, but know one wants to help you. Everyone turns away. When WILL our voices be heard? I beseetch ANYONE who knows of a legal entity out there that CAN help us, help me, PLEASSE!!! Help!


Taking money from the wrong parent 17.Jul.2007 16:57

Windy Petty windypetty@texashealth.org

My daughter has been in my custidy now for over 10 years. She did live with her Dad for two years and at that time I was ordered to pay support. I did fall behind. I did get my daughter back but never asked her Dad to pay me anything.
After staying home with my children for 13 years, I graduated from college and returned into the work force.I get a notice from my employer that there will be withholdings from my check for child support.I hired an atturney and the state of Oregon stopped the judgment after taking $2000.00 from me.
A month goes by and then I get another letter.The state of Oregon is going to take another $2000.00 from my check! When my daughter's step mom had beat on my daughter and my daughter was put in foster care. I had to take the state of Oregon to court to get my daughter out of foster care. I spent a total of $8500.00 in atturney fee's! The State was making me pay for her foster care. Her so called DAD lives there in Oregon and has been at the same job for over 20 years andthey come after me!
I called the case worker and she stated that It was my child and I should pay for it!Her name is Dina Koehler and she is the most cold hearted woman I have ever spoken to. Now I am a single mother and cannot pay for an atturney.
How can this happen? The child has been with me. I have been caring for her with no help from anyone and then I get treated like the criminal. Does anyone know who can help me? The state of Texas can't help me.

Windy Petty

1928 Yucca Trail Hurst, TX 76054

Foley and Betsy Johnson Best of Friends 22.Feb.2008 15:53


I have been working for almost 20 years behind the scenes, documenting and sending in reports on caseworkers and agents who abuse their authority and power in the system. What I have found out is enough to curl my hair. On the plus side is that the judges in Clatsop County do not like caseworkers who lie. If you can <b>prove</b> the caseworker is lying the judge will flip to your side.

The #1 thing to remember is documentation. Always have a paper trail.

Go to <a href="driedsalmon.proboards54.com"> Clatsop County Matters</a> for a list of things to do to get your children back. Don't give up. There are some things you are in control of.

With the new laws out regarding a child having a right to know their heritage if you aren't already involved with a heritage or ethnic association or club, GET INVOLVED. And then INSIST your children be allowed to be involved.

Keep a journal. This is a legal document. When you go to court the other side will have a right to view the WHOLE journal. This journal is for all interaction involving your children. Keep a calendar in the journal. Start your journal off with a <a href=" link to www.ojd.state.or.us Plan</a>. From there write down how Children Services became involved with your family. Write it down as dispassionately as possible. If you have regrets, write them down. If you have something you should own up to, write them down and what you have done to resolve the situation. Write down what you should have or could have done differently. Take parenting classes, especially beyond whatever the agency has assigned you. Free classes are offered through clubs, religious organizations, community colleges for minimal fees (and sometimes free on grants for low income). Write down in your journal what you learn from these classes. NEVER write down "didn't learn anything". You can ALWAYS learn something, if you want to. A desire to get your child back should be your impetus to learn something, anything.

Each week in your journal should list all the things you want to do with your child. Comb the paper, fliers at the supermarket, school websites, college newsletters, community events. List all of the things your children and you WOULD be doing together if you had them. Girl/Boy club events, sporting events, music, dance, scholastic, ethnic/heritage, events. Then, write a letter to the caseworker and ask permission to bring your child to these events, regardless as to whether or not you have only been granted a one hour supervised visitation every other week. You write a weekly letter to the caseworker requesting to bring your children to these events. If you don't do this your caseworker can (and often will) tell the judge you never indicated you wanted your children more often. Keep a copy of the letter in your journal. Keep a copy of the flier, clipping of the newsletter or article describing the event, in your journal. Even if you get a letter back (and especially if all you get is a phone call) telling you to quit asking for more time or else you will get less time, continue to ask for more. This will be the hardest, as they may even give you less time the first time they threaten you. In your next letter, write that you hope asking for more time with your child does not lead to the punishment of less time as it did the previous week. Cc the letter to your senators and state representative as well as a local news media reporter. DO NOT GIVE UP. Your caseworker should receive a MINIMUM of two letters a month from you. Professional letters, very little sentiment in them. Asking for permission to bring your children to specific events with you. Even if in the past you have written letters filled with anger or sadness, stop writing those letters NOW. Start over. Write clean crisp letters.

Documentation is your most important tool. Your caseworker can (and possibly will) tell the judge you have done nothing to show you want your child back. You have to counter that. Parenting classes, becoming involved in your church of choice (if you aren't already) or MORE involved, joining a culture club, not only helps show that you ARE doing things but it gives you the support network you NEED to get through this crisis, and this is a CRISIS. Your family is in CRISIS. Admit it, own it, and do your damnedest to get it OUT of crisis. Even if you didn't create the initial crisis, you are part of it now, so show you are the driving force to get it OUT of crisis.

You can be the victim here (which is what "they" want you to be and are set up to make you feel and programs are designed to keep you there) or you can change that and be the driving force that takes the initiative to change the course that Children's Services wants to take your case.