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Biscuit Camp Update

To all of y'all who are avidly keeping track of the tremendous Biscuit campaign:
Our most recent outreach and direct action camp was successful in its goal of orientating new folks into the campaign, and has now closed in order to put that new energy into direct action and the creation of an outreach camp centered on art as a creative means of activism. This new hub is scheduled to open in the next couple days. Stay posted for the pertinent info, or if you would like to get plugged in ASAP call us at Wild Siskiyou Action. (541) 659-2682

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are aware that many folks have very close and important canine friends. However, the number of dogs at our camps is becoming a difficult drain on our community, so please seriously consider leaving your dog friend at home. Thank you!

phone: phone: (541) 659-2682

Dogs at camp... 18.Jun.2005 23:35


no dog, no me. simple, huh?

More than a little tired of dogs at action camps 19.Jun.2005 13:13

Like dogs but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

When there is lots of dogs there is invaribly dog fights happening every 5 minutes. If every dog owner kept their animal on a short leash it would be one thing, but that is never the case. A few dogs are good for security but too many in one place gets to be too much. If the organizers of the camp request there be no dogs present that should be honored, there is likely a good reason for that request.

plenty of opportunity 19.Jun.2005 13:21


seems odd that you would bother posting?! so if you can not handle going w/o your dog, don't. <i>wild siskiyou action<i/> made a simple request, why stick it to 'em? there is plenty of opportunity to help protect the biscuit outside of the camp.

Dogs in camp? 19.Jun.2005 15:16

Cascadian Clump

I'm curious how many dogs have been in previous Biscuit camps? Half a dozen or a dozen or what? What specific problems have they been causing? I personally would leave my dog at home, I move more quietly through the woods without the dog crashing through the brush and some people just don't wish to have dogs jumping on them constantly at basecamps.

My Dog is Tired of Camping 23.Jun.2005 21:17

Pastor Dave

Great idea. I can really appreciate what you are asking for here. My dog takes days to calm down after all the "socializing" he gets in the camps. We looked for some of the biscuits I heard about inside the timber area for him to eat but couldn't find any. He lives alone with me and does not get around other dogs very much. But next week he will get to go to church I preach at and talk to all the people there. I have trouble following things sometimes and need help to get around to all these events. Many thanks to Barbara for taking me and bringing me home again.