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photos from yesterdays rally
I enjoyed seeing Senator Smith's aid accept signed postcards and petitions signed by Oregonians from all part of the state.
those who have died 18.Jun.2005 10:25

bushit cabal


takes a while to load....there's lots of murdered for the big lie

High Energy March 18.Jun.2005 10:40


I arrived at the Trade Center by 3:30 pm to greet the walkers who made a week-long trek for the causes. What an accomplishment! By 4:15 about 150 people had gathered, and speeches were started. Shortly, the marchers came in with all the splendor and energy imaginable. By 4:45 some PPRC people left to join our weekly meet at Pioneer Square. The No War Drum Corps was waiting, and we then departed to drum beats to join the about 300 people coming down the street for the march over the bridge, and on to N.E. Portland. The air was still dry downtown, but the rains came down heavy shortly thereafter. As I didn't march the section beyond, I hope people were safe, and not too cold from the rain. I worry they got drenched as many were clad only in t-shirts. Please let us know how you survived. Appreciations to all! Peace.