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Reformist organizer attempts to co-opt Dyke March with separate event

It looks like the organizer of the SATURDAY Dyke March is a board member of Pride Northwest, the organization that brings us the HUGE Pride Parade (sponsored by hewlett packard, budweiser, and lots of other fun people!) Here she (Stef-Anie, otherwise known as "The New Lesbian Avengers") is quoted on the Just Out website and makes some errors (ie. the Sunday Dyke March is not organized by Queer Revolution, it is organized by former Lesbian Avengers)... also she refers to organizers as "anti-gay pride" (BAH! unless gay pride = mega corporate $$$ event!) and as creating "infighting" (I guess that queers who don't like rampant consumerism should just shut up and stay home. We're just as bad as the right-wing? give us a break!)

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