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It's gotta start sometime, it's gotta start somewhere... Portland works for me how bout you. I'm looking for whomever is in charge of the Left here. I'd like to help. Here's what I'm doing this week. Last week I did  http://www.blastedreality.net/wtf/rise.swf.
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I can no longer accept "Life" on "Their" terms.
posted by Reverend X on June 17, 2005
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OK, that's enough! I have studied the facts. I have looked at what we are doing. I have looked into the reasons why. I have read an unbelievable amount of the self-serving sanctimonious spew that calls itself Journalism. Blowikijourn? Wikijournablow? To Hell it with, I'll call it Crap! Please note, this page is My Crap and I have a lot of Crap to put type tonight so please bear with me oif I typo, cuz this is gonna be a free flow no edit post. Like all of mine are, but this one is different. I have something to say this time. So, if you would kindly take your sides everyone...

People on the Right- It is not possible for any sentient being with 3 out of 5 senses still functioning to profess confidence in dubya's honesty, integrity, or ability to run a country. If you say it, you are a liar. You know, deep down, that he is not speaking the truth. The O'rielly untruth, half truth, obscurity Factor is an invalid defence. Truth is an absolute concept. On one side there is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Any failure to adhere to those rules is a lie, irregardless of situation or circumstance.And ignorance is not an excuse, just means the subject is stupid as well. And... And... And we all know the actual definitions of the words we are using. Obfuscating is lieing, too. There is no grey area inside of the dictionary. If I have to carry a dictionary with me everywhere I go, fine! Not a problem! Don't get me wrong, I am guilty of doing it too. We all are. Inflection, subtext, context... we've all bent the nuances to the point of breakage. That stops now. Why now? Here's why... Someone, in charge of causulty recording, decided to cook the books about the War in Iraq. That person, came up with an idea to spin the official US dead in iraq reports by discounting approximately 5,300 soldiers, who although they gave their lives in Iraq, did not technically die until their bodies had crossed the border. Our brothers, sisters, sons and daughters gave their fucking lives for this administration and it did not even have the decency to recognize where they fell. That's it! If you can spin that, do it, spin it loud you spineless drones. Show the world your " Patriotic, Unquestioning devotion these people I'm sure they'll honor your memory as they've honored the rest of their prey.

That's it people on the right. If you're still there, you are free to leave.

OK continuing...

People on the Left- Let me paraphrase that... People who are against the present policies, actions and ideology of the United States Government. You are first and foremost Americans. You are the Majority. You are the Sleeping Giant spoken of in legends and the Obseqious Victims of your own Visions. Diversity in Culture, Philosophy, History, Experience, and Genetics all strengthen a Society and Enrich OUR World, but it's killing our efforts to better OUR World. GBLT's, Minorities, Environmentalists, Independents, and the rest... these are our secondary descriptors. They define the kind of American's we are. We have to priorities our causes. Set achievable goals. Come together and work as a team. If we don't set aside our differences and agree to act as one, we will never get the chance to accomplish any of our personal goals. We must present a unified front and become more than the shivering masses. We must become the Opposition!

So, to start over..

People of the Opposition- It's time to channell all our energy into a plan. We need to find leaders. In case no one has noticed, we don't have any right now. Anyone who wants the job, is not worthy of it so we are going to have to quit playing the game by the other sides rules. In every community there are Men and Women who have quietly proven their character by their actions. Those who have made the right decisions for the right reasons, not because their PR people told them it would be good for their reputations. Nominate those people. Lift them up. The fact that they don't know how to play the game is exactly why they are the our best hope for the future.

It's not going to be easy. It's not going to be pretty. We all have to put down our personal projects and pet causes. We all have to quit worrying about hurting eachothers feelings or offending anyone. Oh yeah, if you are easily offended, I have good news for you. By the time this is over, you won't be so easy to hurt. Remember, Sticks, stones, bullets, bombs, these are the things that hurt us, not names or insults. Suck it up, you are needed out here.

A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

1) End this War, Now. No more rhetoric, no more what if's. Remember our last " Exit Strategy" ? I am looking at it right now, a helicopter hovering over a throng of people all reaching up for it. All trying to get onboard the last Huey leaving Siagon. That is the inevitable outcome of waiting for our leaders to bring our loved ones home. We've done what we said we would do in Iraq. We took Sadddam out, held Democratic Elections, made sure their were no WMD's, and given the Iraqi people a unifying cause to rally around. Too bad it's hatred of us, but at least they all agree. That's all Accomplished. No sense in overstaying our welcome. Will our departure cause A Civil War over there? Maybe, but I am far more worried about this War causing one here. American Marines can't stop the Iraqi's from becoming whomever they wish to become, but I can think of a one Nation that would be Damn happy to see them coming up it's beaches and landing on it's runways.

It is time. Every minute we bicker and argue about the morality of this or the effect of that, a scared young kid draws his last few breaths, broken and bleeding, thousands of miles away from his family. It doesn't matter why he's there. It doesn't matter who was right or who was wrong or whether or not the world is a safer palce right now. All that matters is that that blood flowing into that sand is gone forever. Wasted. And that another young man or woman who put their faith in us, who trusted us, is dying alone and betrayed. That is Reality. That is what is happening. Go look that soldier in the eyes and try to explain to him why we didn't stop this in time. I don't think I could do that. So I'm going to try to stop this, today. If I haven't succeeded. I will keep trying. Hopefully some of you will rise up to help me. Maybe we'll get it tomorrow. Maybe more will come to help. I don't know how long it will take, but I can't stop until I've seen this thing thru. I can't sleep while someone else dies.

2)Once we end this War, there is going to have to be an accounting. Crimes have been committed, Justice must be done. But not the scapegoating of the soldiers forced to follow orders. No, those that gave the orders must answer for their actions, but that can wait. We have work to do!

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shoot 18.Jun.2005 23:10


you should cut back on the nose-candy, rev, and look around you

thanx 20.Jun.2005 20:06


yeah, did not see the obvious tweaker reference I put at the end. Liberal propaganda is a new style for me. Still working the bugs out. What else is wrong with it?
Seriously asking,
Reverend X

and 20.Jun.2005 20:09


oh yeah ther link is  http://blastedreality.net/wtf/risedsl.swf sorry