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Fannie Mae Study for Renters: "Evictions: The Hidden Housing Problem"

Fannie Mae Study for Renters: "Evictions: The Hidden Housing Problem"
Evictions - The Hidden Housing Problem

"Evictions: The Hidden Housing Problem" by the Fannie Mae Corporation...

required reading for every tenant who faces eviction, has been evicted, or simply wants to keep living in their rented homes without suffering landlord harassment, threats, or illegal legal actions. Fannie Mae is a corporation chartered by congress to facilitate home ownership. My girfriend and I personally suffered through two grossly unjust eviction processes; I know many other people who dared challenge their tin-pot overlords have too.

"Evictions: The Hidden Housing Problem"

local excerpt in HTML format:

Seeing the nationwide problem finally recognized by an "authoritative source" was heartening, because it is a another step towards a fix. But Fannie Mae's suggested antidote for the poison of evictions - more centralized control, another database to be hacked, and more lawyers to oppose the other corrupt lawyers and judges - doesn't appear a reasoned solution to me.

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Our personal story and evidence if anybody's interested; along with the local TV news story of a local man still in the hospital after being shot by his landlord:

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