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Funeral for Queer Activism

Sunday June 19th is pride day here in Portland. Pride is marketed as a celebration of the queer identity and the spirit and fortitude of the queer person. However those ideals have been co-opted, set aside and forgotten about in the midst of capitalism. The pride festival as it is now is a buy-me, look-like-this, drink-yourself-complacent fest. Pride has buried the radical identity of the queer. And it is for this that we mourn.
funeral announcement
funeral announcement
Queer Revolution will be holding our second Alterna-pride this year with a funeral procession. We mourn for the loss of queer activism, the loss of queer war resisters, the absence of AIDS activism and the loss of the the sex liberation movement.

We will be gathering at the corner of Broadway and Burnside at 11 am for our wake in fabulous goth gear because we're in mourning but we're still queer, damnit. If marching alongside Bud Light and another hetero candidate gives you the heebie-geebies, join us. After the march, we're having a gathering with a free sale including free food, drinks, games and music.

We will also be meeting up with Dyke March along the way which starts off at O'Bryant Square at 11 am.
I love queer revolution 18.Jun.2005 19:12

Qr lova

You guys rock. Keep up the good work.