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Political Priosoner Rob 'los ricos' Thaxton-6 years in jail June 18,2005

June 18, 2005 marks the sixth year that political prisoner Robert Thaxton is in prison. Rob was arrested at the June 18, 1999 Reclaim the Streets party in Eugene, Oregon for throwing a rock at a cop charging him in riot gear. He recieved an, at the time, unprecedented 7 year sentence for this [5 years for assault, 2 years for riot].
rob los ricos
rob los ricos
craig 'critter' marshall and rob los ricos
craig 'critter' marshall and rob los ricos
rob los ricos
rob los ricos
he self described 'one hit wonder anarchist rock star' Rob 'Los Ricos' Thaxton wasn't always a rebellious 'rock star', or an anarcho-activist, or a "punk" political prisoner. There was a time, not that long ago, when he was just another chavo chicano growing up in some forgotten field town called Pampa, Texas, Watching rebels, reformists, rioters, racketeers, and real rock stars tap dance across his tv screen. But while changing channels, culture, capitalism, corporatization, and the clarion call of chaos came crashing down in the form of the radicalizing revelations of the terroristic Tet Offensive; the political proclamation 'No Vietnamese ever called me nigger' of black (power) boxing champ Muhammad Ali; and finally, the seditious inspiration of the women fighters of the radical Weather underground who seized his catholic grade school for two years when he was a child. By the righteous (r)age of twelve, Rob began to work with various revolutionary organizations, and eventually left Pampa for the streets of Dallas, Texas, where he joined CISPES (the Committee in solidarity with the People of El Salvador), worked with ACT UP, and KNON-FM, a peoples (Pirate) radio station, where he served as program director.

In the early 90s, as Rob Thaxton began to fade into a memory, and Rob Los Ricos entered the forefront of a radicalized reality, he began to delve deeper into the history of the international anarchist movement, and once again relocated, this time to Austin, Texas, to engage in anarcho-specific activity. He began to focus his political energy into (dis)organizing with the small anarchist movement that existed in Austin, and also worked with The Palestine Solidarity Committee, Earth First!, The Black Banner Brigade, and organized street protests against the gulf war and direct actions against globalization.

But the mute mainstream media silence over any opposition to the war, and the perceived ineffectiveness of the protest that he had been organizing and attending, led Rob to believe that 'protest-as-usual' was a waste of time. He then made it his mission to develop anarchist networks throughout Texas, and traveled within the entrails of the monster organizing and revolutionizing. Through the 90s he lived in Portland, Oregon where he worked with the Anarchist Info Shop, and spent time in Columbia, Missouri, where he helped to publish Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed, and Alternative Press Review, as well as working on book projects of the Columbia Alternative Library Press.

By the late 90s, Rob began to reexamine his anarchist ideas in order to redirect his efforts to create a life in line with his desire for a liberated existence. He also became a father (to his daughter Raven) and abandoned urban existence to 'rediscover a simpler way of life' that included low impact gardening techniques, eco-friendly architecture, and low-tech living in the woods of southern Oregon

On June 16, 1999, Rob Los Ricos traveled to Eugene, Oregon to attend an anarchist conference and a Reclaim the Streets festival. Arrested by police during the June 18 Reclaim the Streets demonstration-turned-police riot, Rob was accused of throwing a rock at a cop, and was subsequently beaten by police. He was ultimately charged with rioting, first degree assault, and second degree assault. Used as a Latino, out of towner, anarchist scapegoat example of what can happen to those who dare to rebel, Rob was given a nearly 8 year prison sentence.

Determined to continue la lucha even while in the belly of the beast, Rob and his supporters in Portland, Oregon formed the Anarchist Prisoners¹ Legal Aid Network, a resource-sharing and communication network for incarcerated anarchists, and Rob continues to struggle and to dream and to write.

Rob can be reached at:
Rob Thaxton
4005 Aumsville Hwy.
Salem, OR 97301

All mail sent to Rob must have a return address.
Donations to Rob should be sent to :
Rob los Ricos
PO Box 50634
Eugene OR 97405

Email to rob can be sent to :roblosricos (at) defenestrator.org . Personal emails will be periodically printed and forwarded to Rob.
Solidarity for Rob Los Ricos and Brian McCarvill [April 2005]

Rob and Brian are two of my very good friends. Rob was the first person to reach out to me when I arrived at OSP. I had just received a 22 year sentence. I'd only been in prison for a little more than a month and I'd already lost my visits for alleged ELF activity and had the shit kicked out of me.

When I got to OSP I was fresh out of the hole. My canteen had been destroyed and I couldn't go to store for 2 weeks. Rob gave me canteen. He helped get me out of the cell I was assigned to with a sexual predator. Rob showed me more than solidarity he showed me friendship.

During my time down Brian has been an invaluable friend and ally. He has helped me on legal issues. He has also helped me to grow by challenging me to improve myself. He has helped me hone my arguments and improve my solutions.

I've watched these two men continue to contribute to a movement and struggle that has largely abandon them. Because of my lengthy sentence I have been a high profile case. People call me a martyr or a hero. A title I do not claim, yet as the months pass I watch my support grow and for this I am eternally grateful. However, other prisoners are not so fortunate. As the months pass they may be forgotten. This is especially hard for people who have dedicated their life to this struggle.

Rob has given his life to this struggle for 33 years. Even after 5 years of prison enduring racial discrimination and harassment by the cops he has continued to agitate for a better world.

Brian is a man of honor. He is not selfish. His actions are not inherently politically motivated. He believes in freedom and when he sees something wrong he does his best to fix it. He lives by a code many of us profess to fight for and from prison he has struggled along side anarchists and suffered because of it.

These men deserve your support. Write them, work with them, honor their sacrifices as you have honored mine.

Jeffrey Free Luers

homepage: homepage: http://www.roblosricos.net

unfortunate sentencing 19.Jun.2005 17:00

common sence

An example of proportion in reason is as follow.

A mormon guy explodes in rage and cuts up his murdered wifes body. He get caught just after disposal of the body, confesses all and gets 5 years in prison. Just released in CA SF area.

This dude gets 8 years for throwing a rock at an armoured individual representing an intitution.

Intitutions rule. People are shit. Intituions are people. Intitutions rule.

Look at the disparity of sentencing here.. 20.Jun.2005 16:44


Thomas Calkins was sentenced to 7 1/2 years for arson for burning down the Burlingame Grocery for insurance money.

Timothy Goff was sentenced to 12 years for two counts of attempted murder for planting tennis ball bombs in the Laurelhurst neighborhood.

Tell me, is Jeff Luers' sentence justified?

Not one police officer involved in the A22 police terrorism, the Iraq War protest police terrorism, the A21, 2003 police terrorism, or any other attacks on protesters, has even been disciplined, let alone prosecuted, for their unprovoked assaults on peaceful protesters. (Civil suits have been filed, and settled for six-figure sums, though.)

Tell me, is Rob Thaxton's sentence justified?