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Urine luck with bio-diesel

One of the main concerns with bio-diesel is the excessive Nitrogen Oxides (NOx, not laughing gas which is N2O) that are emitted after combustion of bio-diesel.

There is a real possible cure and that is - sheep urine.
A British periodical called the Guardian has an interesting story

( http://www.guardian.co.uk/life/science/story/0,12996,1503517,00.html)

about current activities using refined urine as an injected additive to the exhaust before exit into the atmosphere where it become nitrogen gas and water.

The most intriging aspect of this story is that Cummins (a diesel engine manufacturer) is the developer of the injection system.

Maybe some quarters have found it important to give a shit, literally.
Just Herd 20.Jun.2005 20:59


We got lots of "sheep" in this country thats for sure