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Saturday Dyke March - Sponsored by... Pride Northwest???

It looks like the organizer of the SATURDAY Dyke March is a board member of Pride Northwest, the organization that brings us the HUGE Pride Parade (sponsored by hewlett packard, budweiser, and lots of other fun people!) Here she (Stef-Anie, otherwise known as "The New Lesbian Avengers") is quoted on the Just Out website and makes some errors (ie. the Sunday Dyke March is not organized by Queer Revolution, it is organized by former Lesbian Avengers)... also she refers to organizers as "anti-gay pride" (BAH! unless gay pride = mega corporate $$$ event!) and as creating "infighting" (I guess that queers who don't like rampant consumerism should just shut up and stay home. We're just as bad as the right-wing? give us a break!) Well, enjoy reading this! And come to the SUNDAY Dyke March. And by the way, Stef-Anie, the dyke march never had a corporate sponsor for a reason. It wasn't just some coincidence.
From Just Out website:

Portland, Oregon, June 15, 2005-Two Dyke Marches This Year!

This year it seems that two are better than one when it comes to the planning of the yearly celebration of dyke visibility.

The Saturday Dyke March, organized by Pride Northwest board member Stef-Anie Wells, will take place at the traditional place and time: 6:00 p.m., Saturday, June 18. Step-off will occur at 7:00 and follow the Pride parade route. Wells has a permit for her parade, and has insurance so there will be vehicles in the parade for disability access.

Wells says that although she agrees with some of the sentiments of the anti-gay pride organizers, she views the Dyke March as never having been focused on combating the mainstream Gay Pride celebrations, particularly with an anti-consumerist message.

"It's about dyke visibility period." she said. "Queer Revolution is going about things the wrong way. I don't agree with their methods. Gay Pride is not a time for infighting. We don't need the right wing to bring us down if we already have ourselves bringing us down."

For more information about this march, write to  lesbianavengersportland@yahoo.com or call Stef-Anie Wells at 503-969-1598.

If the regular Pride parade smacks a bit too heavily of Bud Light and other marketing schemes for your tastes, you might want to meet Sunday, June 19 at 11:00 a.m. The Sunday Dyke March has theme: "The Second Coming."

Those interested in this parade should meet at O'Bryant Square, 800 S.W. Park, in downtown Portland. The route is to be determined since the group has no parade permit, and will move towards the already-scheduled Pride Northwest March.

In a statement, the organizers of the Sunday Dyke March report that their parade will commemorate the legacy of the Stonewall riots over 35 years ago with a march with a radical message:

"We honor the role of all queers, especially working-class queers and trans people who have made major contributions to queer rights but who have to fight twice as hard for visibility and voice in the GLBTQ community.

"We will set the terms for our own visibility. We do not need a city permit for this. We will not pay an insurance company $300 to insure our march (as most marches in Portland that go awry are due to police brutality/intimidation in the first place). We will not use a corporate sponsor to pay for our visibility."

This March is open to all genders and sexualities and will be joined by the group Queer Revolution, whose parade will be congruent. For more information , please contact  dykemarchpdx@yahoo.com or 503-460-FIRE.

There will be limited accessibility assistance provided.