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Walk for Truth Takes a 'Leap of Faith' Before Final Rally on Friday

On their last night before arriving in Portland, the Walkers for Truth, Justice, and Community spent the evening at the Episcopal Church in Oregon City, experiencing a Leap of Faith. Leap of Faith is an interactive play created by Act for Change as a way for people to explore the issues embedded into the battle for 'gay marriage'.

Based on the drama school known as Theater of the Oppressed, Leap of Faith tells a simple story of the damage to close personal relationships that occurs when a lesbian couple decide to get a Multnomah County marriage license, after a close encounter with a medical emergency . They are motivated by their love, and also by lack of health coverage for both partners and the simple ability to be there for each other in a medical situation. The play begins with the couple receiving support from a church friend at the hospital. It ends with this relationship rupturing over religious dogma around marriage.

Rally and March for Justice - Friday, 4pm, (March is at 5pm)
Jobs with Justice is supporting the Rural Organizing Project's 7 day, statewide, Walk for Truth Justice and Community. The Walk will highlight workers rights, economic justice, civil liberties, and immigrant rights. The walk will end in Portland where we will join with rural and immigrant communities at Senator Smith's office to call on him to support Oregon's needs, not the War.