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Noisy activists disrupt our peaceful neighborhood again!

The animal rights activists are not giving up. A couple nights ago, my neighbor Eliot Spindel (OHSU Animal Researcher) was re-visited by a group of people with a bullhorn. One activist rang Eliot's door bell and I overheard him say, "Hi Eliot, we're here to protest and we're asking that you quit your job." Then the chanting started, which went something like this:

Eliot Spindel
Don't play God
Animal research is a fraud! Then one of the activists started talking about how Eliot injects pregnant monkeys with nicotine to study the effects. Now, that may seem pointless since we already know that smoking is bad given that people die as a result of it - but like Elliot alway says, wouldn't it be great if we could find a way for pregnant women to continue smoking without harming the baby too much?? Elliot is my neighbor and I have to stand up for him no matter how ridiculous his life's work is.

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