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Noisy activists disrupt our peaceful neighborhood again!

The animal rights activists are not giving up. A couple nights ago, my neighbor Eliot Spindel (OHSU Animal Researcher) was re-visited by a group of people with a bullhorn.
One activist rang Eliot's door bell and I overheard him say, "Hi Eliot, we're here to protest and we're asking that you quit your job." Then the chanting started, which went something like this:

Eliot Spindel
Don't play God
Animal research is a fraud!

Then one of the activists started talking about how Eliot injects pregnant monkeys with nicotine to study the effects. Now, that may seem pointless since we already know that smoking is bad given that people die as a result of it - but like Elliot alway says, wouldn't it be great if we could find a way for pregnant women to continue smoking without harming the baby too much?? Elliot is my neighbor and I have to stand up for him no matter how ridiculous his life's work is.

Anyway, I sent my young son, Neal, out with our camera to take pictures of the activists. They didn't seem too bothered by this which was disappointing. Next, my neighbors and I had a plan in place to deal with these activists. My neighbor down the street pulled both cars out of the garage and proceeded to block the activists in on both sides so they couldn't leave. Then we were going to call the police and have them all arrested!! Well, they got away and our plan didn't work. But in the end, I'm glad because after doing some research on peaceful protests, I learned that what they did is completely legal and we couldn't have had them arrested anyway. And blocking them in so they can't leave is actually considered kidnapping. Yikes, better come up with a new plan...

Later that night, Elliot informed me that news had gone out over the "animal researcher wire" that a couple of his colleagues had been visited by the activists as well - Ashlee Moses and Jeffrey Jensen. Boy, these activists stay busy!
Eliot is my friend 16.Jun.2005 16:36

Neal Hansen

My name is Neal Hansen. I live at 5916 Sunbrook Drive in Lake Oswego Oregon.My mom and dad are Jim and Kathy Hansen. Eliot Spindel is my neighbor and my friend.Iknow Eliot does not do all those mean things you say he does to monkeyies.He even told me he was going to find a cure for Cancer. so maybe a couple animals have got to get hurt and die to save us human beings.Eliot is a good friend and roll model to me. I want to grow up to be just like him and i want to find a cure for Cancer if Eliot doesn't do it first. Me and my dad and all the other nieghbors don't want people like you coming in to our neighborhood and yelling stuff. My dad and Eliot say you should all get a job and leave us decent people alone. My dad said all us neighboors have to stick together and protect each other, That is why i chased you and got down your licence numbers and why I took your pictures because you don't belong here.My dad was real proud of what I did and Eliot was glad I stuck up for him. My dad says I am his good little soldier.Those other neighbors who followed you got your licence numbers to so I hope you get in a lot of trouble.I think you are the bad people not Eliot.

Are you annoying me now? 16.Jun.2005 17:15

Monkey Business

And your point is ?????
that you almost got kidnapping charges against you ????

Water Cooler News 16.Jun.2005 19:01

An Observer

Talk around the water cooler is that some OHSU researchers are so ashamed of their profession and what they do behind closed doors that they will lie to the protesters who come to their doors. Ashlee Moses for example, though she admitted to who she was, claimed not to be involved in the torture and killing of monkeys. A close friend and perhaps even a coworker of Judy Cameron, said Judy didn't live there but that she did have a sister who had a remarkable resemblance to her. Then there are those who hide behind locked doors and in darkened corners pretending not to be home. This does not appear to be typical behavior of those who make grandiose claims of saving mankind from such ailments as cancer,AIDS,stress,heart disease,addictions,eating disorders,MS,premature births,Parkinson,etc. It would seem that if one were truly proud of their research and achivements that they would not feel the need to hide behind lies,unless of course,the entire animal research industry is based upon lies.

KIDKNAPPING 17.Jun.2005 08:53


Its funny that the actions of the protested is actaully very illegal and what the protesters are doing is not at all......Who do you think the cops will fuck with?

The substantial interference with another person's liberty without consent or legally authority. (This is not an FBI UCR category.)

This is the crime that results from restraining someone and robbing them of their freedom, either by keeping them from going or moving to a place of their choice, or by taking them to someplace against their wishes.

(law) the unlawful act of capturing and carrying away a person against their will and holding them in false imprisonment

In criminal law, kidnapping is the taking away of a person against the person's will, usually to hold the person in false imprisonment (confinement without legal authority) for ransom or in furtherance of another crime. In the terminology of the common law in many jurisdictions (according to Black's Law Dictionary), the crime of kidnapping is labelled abduction when the victim is a woman. In modern usage, kidnapping or abduction of a child is often called child stealing (the word "kidnapping"

To Neal 17.Jun.2005 10:23


I know you mean well. Take the time to educate yourself about the facts.

Eliot is not trying to cure cancer but to see if Vitamin C benefits the fetus o women who smoke.

It's not a couple of animals; it's hundreds of thousands, probably millions throughout history. And they don't suffer a little; they suffer all their lives.

Is it right for us to create more pain and suffering in the world? Humans can't live forever, and our numbers and powers are killing everything else on the planet. Our selfish attitude will eventually kill us all as well. It's time to start loving others now.

Instead of creating suffering, we can work to aleviate the pain of those who are unfortunately ill. There are alternatives, including working with those who are already sick and who otherwise would get no care--handling all people and animals as you would handle your own children.

We're not bad people; we're just not going to let you forget that while you are in your comfortable homes, animals are living in pain and misery--and Eliot has the power to stop it. MLK said that injustice anywhere is everyone's business. We owe it to the animals to not let people forget them.

Making daddy proud 17.Jun.2005 13:33


I guess what bothers me most about this is what type of father would send his own son,or allow him,to go up against a group of animal right demonstrators.Even though I know for a fact that animal activists are not violent this father does not.Our own government considers them to be the number one domestic terrorist group.Seems to me that Mr. Hansen has put his kid in a somewhat precarious situation.And what is this about neighbors setting up their own mini road blocks and following the cars of the activists?Sounds like a bunch of red neck vigilantes.What a wonderful environment for young Neal to grow up in.Daddy you must be proud of your boy.