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Sunday Dyke March - Info & Rumor Control

*** Vital Info***

Day, Date, Time: Sunday, June 19, 11:00am
Place: O'Bryant square, Dowtown Portland, 800 SW Park
Route: TBA at O'Bryant Square
Contact:  dykemarchpdx@yahoo.com or 503-460-FIRE
Other Details: 1) We have no permit, 2) call or email to volunteer, 3) One convertible provided for an accessibility vehicle 4) Bring signs & be loud
I just wanted to answer some questions, clarify a few things, and do some rumor control before I re-post this Sunday Dyke March announcement.

The two main organizers of the Sunday Dyke March have been organizing the (Saturday) Dyke March for 9 years and 4 years respectively. We did that within the organized group The Lesbian Avengers, which teetered off into (virtual) non-existence (as in the only direct action we did in the last three years or so was/is the dyke march). So when we decided to make the Dyke March happen on Sunday, we decided to drop the name Lesbian Avengers (it seemed a little in vain to use that name when the LA history is so radical yet the Portland chapter was effectively dead) ... and we also had no idea that anyone would get a permit for a Saturday March. But apparently they did! And it seems from the website and postings on craigslist, they do indeed have a permit, but i haven't seen anything reliable in willamette Week or the mercury or any flyers...- perhaps there will be more info in just out?

An important clarification: Queer Revolution is helping us with some security, and they are having their own parade alongside ours, but in fact QR is not "planning the sunday march" - two former avengers are! QR and and the Sunday Dyke March organizers have been networking a lot, and please look out for info about QR's alternative to pride (free dancing, free food, free games, etc.) at the Sunday March. A great way to celebrate queerness without paying/begging for it. Should be a blast.

To two Dyke Marches, I personally say FUCK YEAH! If the Saturday DM organizers are starting up a new chapter of the Lesbian Avengers, I also say FUCK YEAH! To everyone who wants to be in / support both marches, an extra big FUCK YEAH!

- SB from the Sunday DM "committee"

*** Statement***

The Portland Dyke March this year will happen WITHOUT A PERMIT. We will be marching from O'Bryant Square in downtown Portland via a TBA route towards the big Pride march.

The organizers of the Dyke March wish to commemorate the legacy of the Stonewall riots over 35 years ago with a march with a radical message:
∑ We honor the role of all queers, especially working-class queers and trans people who have made major contributions to queer rights but who have to fight twice as hard for visibility and voice in the GLBTQ community.
∑ We will set the terms for our own visibility. We do not need a city permit for this. We will not pay an insurance company $300 to insure our march (as most marches in Portland that go awry are due to police brutality/intimidation in the first place). We will not use a corporate sponsor to pay for our visibility.

The Dyke March, as always, is open to all genders and sexualities in the huge spectrum of queerness.
The Dyke March will be joined by the group Queer Revolution, whose parade will be marching alongside us. We are very happy to be working with them!
phone: 503-460-FIRE

phone: phone: 503- 460- FIRE

And Fuck Yes to Sunday! 16.Jun.2005 15:06


Thank you, SB and comrades, for taking a risk and putting some guts and politics back in the dyke march. I'm so glad to not be asking permission from the state to exercise my freedom of assembly, and to not be paying $ to the city or to Pride, Inc. for my queer 'privilege'. Love, DBG

Info on Saturday's March 17.Jun.2005 10:25

Friend of Lesbians

Lots to do this weekend. If you plan to march in the Saturday Dyke March in addition to or instead of the Sunday march, here is the info (snipped from  http://www.dykemarchportland.com):
Saturday, June 18th, 2005
Dyke March 2005!
Gather at 6 - Stepoff at 7
Portland OR
There are more than enough Lesbians to go around for all, don't you think!

The New Age of LESBIAN AVENGERS presents


SATURDAY, JUNE 18th, North park blocks (9th and NW Davis)

@6:00 Step off around 7pm!

If you would like to volunteer as a marshal, volunteer you truck for accessibility or would like to donate money please email  lesbianavengersportland@yahoo.com
And join the group at on yahoo groups!

Keep the tradition alive.

It looks like this may re-energize the Avengers. I hope so. I won't be able to see either march, but I hope that they both go off without a hitch, and succeed with each respective mission.

Fuck the Assimilationist homos! 18.Jun.2005 10:08

Dyke March Organizer

I would have been just fine if the Dyke March organizer (otherwise known as a pride nw board member maquerading as a "lesbian avenger" - how fucking disgraceful!) had just gone about her business and planned the saturday dyke march. there are some queers in this city who may have legitimate reasons for wanting to march with a permit/on saturday: for instance, they are also marching in the pride parade with another group, they're in dykes on bikes, they are marching with kids and don't want to risk the taser-happy cops of portland.

But she has Stef-Anie Wells has some fucking nerve saying the dykes orgnaizing the Sunday DM are anti gay pride and are as bad as the rigth wing. Tell me this, Stef-Anie? If you and pride NW want us to shut up and not express dissent, aren't you acting just like our facist, right wing leaders?


damage control? 18.Jun.2005 19:08


hmmm. so a board member of pride northwest decides last minute to organize a saturday evening dyke march after a sunday dyke march is planned in criticism of pride northwest, among other things. this doesn't sound like a lesbian avengers revival to me. it sounds a lot more like an attempt to reduce attendance at sunday's march and prevent resistance to corporate pride. fuck that. i hope you all still make it out on sunday!

Goodbye PRIDE...Hello Anti-Pride!!! 18.Jun.2005 19:44


I will not be at pride. I can't fit in with the super-model/ queer as folk types. I don't have a need to worship them. I hate that budwiser, wellsfargo and the cops are all up in our parade junk. I really hate that our culture has been bought and sold. I hate that we all march pride into a beer garden and pay some straight company 5 bones for a beer. I really really hate the theme "Everyday people" vomit.
Most of all....I am a homo. I have fought many battles for my survival. I don't want to forget those fights to worship budwiser on the one day that my people come together. I am not young or pretty and I am not rich and I don't have a rainbow family or a dog to dress up and I don't even have $5 for a budwiser. I don't want to drink myself into forgeting that this fight is not over and that queer kids are killing themselves and that mathew was murdered not that long ago and that so many more have been taken and that AIDS is still alive and that we will never be the american dream or the "everyday people". Everyday people my ass.

You don't know me at all 01.Jul.2005 15:44

Stef-Anie Wells

Just so you know the truth of why I planned the Saturday Dyke March if you care for the truth. As someone who was a member of the Avenger in 1993 and helped plan the Dyke March back in the day this event means a great deal to me emotionally. It was my first experience in the dyke community and it was a life altering one. My decision to throw the Dyke march and reorganize the Avenger came out of that experience and the wants of hundreds of dykes in our community. It was not to cause anyone malice. As for the fact that I am a Pride NW board member, this is true I joined Pride NW this year to better understand the process of how Pride is put on and try to change the things that I don't particularly like about the event, it has been a very difficult and eye opening experience. Since I had been very ill the three weeks leading up to pride the board had no idea that I was even thinking of hosting the Dyke March, so this was not a big conspiracy to draw away from your event it was just my drive to keep alive an event that some of our community, especially me wanted to see happen. As for the article in Just Out, I guess you have never heard of bad journalism or of journalist twisting your words or editing your comments. I did tell Sara Duger that 'I felt like the Sunday Dyke March had more of an Anti Pride NW or Anti Corporate Pride message to it and all I was trying to do was organize a march with the core message being Dyke Visibility' My comment about the right wing came out of a conversation that I didn't feel that one queer group should come at the cost of other queer group, that if we fight with one another who needs the right wing to bring us down. We all have our differences with in the community but the thing we have that I feel is in our strength is just that community. Trust me I feel the gayplacency in our community and it not a good feeling and I have few ideas of actions for the near future. I don't want to battle with any other queer group, I'm an activist and the queer community, especially dyke community is my cause. Thank you for hearing me out. Stef-Anie