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Walmart coming to Sellwood/Ardenwald?

Walmart and developer Howard Dietrich have signed a long term lease on his property at 99E and SE Tacoma in Portland.
Walmart has signed a secret deal with developer Howard Dietrich to build a 150,000 sq ft supercenter, along with 600 enclosed parking spots, at SE Tacoma street and 99E. The lease can only be broken if a city agency decides to buy the property.

Is this an attempt to increase his property value and blackmail the city for somewhere in the neighborhood of 17 million dollars? Or does he really intend to build a Walmart on a site that cannot handle the proposed traffic load? What of the businesses in Milwaukie that will be affected by the opening of a big box right in their neigborhood? What about the neighbors who already suffer through frequent traffic on SE Tacoma street? How will this giant store affect emergency services? None of these questions have been addressed, as the plan was hatched in secret and only leaked out this week.

Well, it's a secret no more. Several hundred people showed up at a Sellwood-Moreland (SMILE) neighborhood meeting last night, and opposition to this development was unanimous. Also attending were members of the Portland City Council. You can read Sam Adams open letter to walmart <a href=" link to www.readthebee.com.

Note that the developer has already threatened Measure 37 lawsuits if his plan is not approved. Dietrich plans to submit applications to the city by mid-July, giving only 3 weeks for the city and neighborhoods to plan a response. Dietrich insists he will listen to the neighborhoods, but secret deals and accelerated timelines speak volumes toward his intent.

Please help us fight another flawed corporate development in our city. We cannot let our neighborhoods be destroyed by careless development. Please contact your city council memebers in Portland and Milwaukie and voice your opposition to the plan. Make your voice heard, NOW!

Stay tuned for further news...

One more thing to fight 17.Jun.2005 09:39


Well, it looks like measure 37 is rearing it's ugly head in this one. Is there any measure or petition going to overturn or change this measure? I live in Sellwood and just e-mailed all my representatives.

We've started a website at www.NoSellWoodWalmart.com 17.Jun.2005 14:40


Please check it out, I'll be adding tons of more detailed information, as well as a link to our email list and petition forms, throughout the weekend.

The SMILE and Ardenwald neighborhood groups have begun to put together an opposition campaign, and councilman Sam Adams has already expressed his opposition to the plan.

Please help us fight big box stores in small neighborhoods, and the spread of urban and corporate sprawl in our community.

Please add link 17.Jun.2005 16:25


Please add a link to the feature with my original post about Wal-Mart from the 9th - thanks.


Bad Business 18.Jun.2005 23:48

Ben Waiting

Did you see this from Sam Adams -the commissioner- its from his web blog on "Mall Wart"


Time to start the initiative process? 19.Jun.2005 00:29


It seems like many communities are fighting big box retailers, and losing just because the laws seem to be in favor of the single corporation, and the single land owner that wants to sell/lease to them. Why can't there be a law that gives the community the opportunity to veto any giant construction project. I know Walmart wants to put in a giant store near my friends house, and there is no way the two lane roads feeding that area of town could handle a store that big. There would be a burdon on the tax base to pay for miles of new road construction just to handle it. Most likely that money would come from the businesses that walmart would punch out of business the moment they move in. We need to bring back land use planning, and as soon as I hear about any such pettition I am going to go out of my way to sign it.

NO to Walmart and No to Mr Dietrich 27.Jun.2005 12:17

maybe in your neighborhood

I happen to know what side of the river Mr Dietrich lives on and which neighborhood and I highly doubt he would allow a Walmart into his neighborhood to increase traffic and lower property values. Just say NO!

Only you can prevent Wal-Mart sprawl 18.Jul.2005 13:49


City of Milwaukie is mad. Southeast Portland is mad. The local government isn't too thrilled about the Wal-Mart either. Milwaukie mayor Jim Bernard has expressed opposition because it may threaten the downtown businesses after the renovation project is completed. He's right. Wal-Mart is a threat to the community, or is it the consumers who choose to shop at Wal-Mart?

Here's the deal: If Wal-Mart should build their store in the Sellwood area, just pretend it doesn't exist. Let your friends and neighbors pretend that it "doesn't exist." Just carry on to your local shops and businesses. If you shop at Wal-Mart instead of the local businesses, then you are only contributing more to the problem than resolving the problem.

Ultimately, the government on any level doesn't have any right to say which business should succeed or fail. You, the consumer, do make that determination.