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Justice for Janitors March and Rally

High energy shown for jobs with decent pay and benefits at Portland's annual Global Justice Day.

About 400 people participated in a high energy rally at Terry Shrunk Plaza for Justice for Janitors. The one hour event featured numerous speakers and signs, after which we went on a snappy 15-minute march. We poured out into the street led by police escort, then the SEIU purple banner, followed by the thunderous No War Drum Corps. There were EIGHT drummers which was more than usual and it really added to the sound.

The Global Justice Day was taking place in other cities, Houston, Seattle, Boston and New York. It is a stand against poverty wages and for community values like living wages and access to health care. From a flyer, a worker in downtown Portland said the company he works for, Servicemaster Swan Island, pays him less than $30 a day with no health benefits. Call his boss, Barbara Neyland at Servicemaster: 503-285-5221 and demand decency. This person has a family on these wages!
janitors speak out!
janitors speak out!
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