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25th Annual National Earth First! Rendezvous - July 4-11th Pre-Rendezvous Events in PDX!

It's less than three weeks till the beginning of the Earth First! National Rendezvous just outside Portland on Mt. Hood National Forest. This being the 25th anniversary of the Rendezvous, local Earth First!ers are feeling a little reflective, and will be organizing two great events in Portland examining Earth First! history, and getting everyone ready for the Rendezvous.

If you're not familiar with Earth First! or are but have never felt a part of the movement, we'd like to extend an extra special invitation to these events and of course the Rendezvous itself! If you already consider yourself an Earth First!er, we'd love it if you could help out with Rendezvous preparations! Look for our contact information below.

The first event, taking place on Monday June 27th, will examine the past 20 years of EcoDefense history in Portland. The second, on Friday July 1st, will look at the life and organizing work of Judi Bari, a member of both the Industrial Workers of the World and Earth First!, who endeavored to bridge the gaps between environmentalists and timber workers. Bari survived an assassination attempt and severe FBI COINTELPRO repression for her efforts.

20 Years of Radical EcoDefense in Portland: a historical tour!
Monday, June 27th in Portland, OR
7pm at the Redwing Cafe, 1700 SE 6th Ave.

In preparation for the 25th Anniversary of the Earth First! National Rendezvous, several of Cascadia's most devoted ecodefenders will be presenting their stories of the forest defense movement in and around Portland, Oregon over the course of the past 2 decades. Join us for tales of stretching back from the early days of Earth First! to the Cascadia Forest Alliance's historic campaign at Eagle Creek.

The presentation will also feature images and video from the struggles to protect Cascadia. Presenting will be longtime forest defenders Karen Coulter, Jim Flynn, Ivan Maluski, and Brenna Bell.

$0-15 sliding scale. $10 recommended donation, all proceeds to benefit regional ecodefense efforts. Sponsored by Cascadia RiSING! EcoDefense. Contact info@cascadiarising.org | 503-493-7495 for more information.

Judi Bari, Earth First! and Radical Labor: Movement Building and Remembrance.
Friday, July 1st in Portland, OR
7pm at the Redwing Cafe, 1700 SE 6th Ave

Join labor organizers from the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and environmentalists from the Earth First! movement for a night honoring the life and work of famed redwoods activist Judi Bari. Bari, a member of both the IWW and EF!, was a leader in the struggle to save the redwoods in the 1990's until her death from breast cancer in 1997.

Amongst the greatest of Bari's accomplishments was her campaign to unite timber workers and environmental activists against the massive timber corporations. These efforts led to an assassination attempt in 1990 when Bari's car was bombed. Within three hours of the bombing, Bari was accused of transporting the explosives that had nearly killed her. Still in the hospital, she was arrested, and labeled a terrorist in the national media.

Bari sued the FBI for the frame up. In 2002 a federal jury ruled favor of Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney in their landmark civil rights lawsuit against four FBI agents and three Oakland Police officers, awarding the plaintiffs $4.4 million. The jury found that six of the seven FBI and OPD defendants framed Judi and Darryl in an effort to crush Earth First! and chill participation in the "Redwood Summer" campaign.

A panel of activists, including several who worked with Judi, will examine the past, present, and future of cross-movement alliance building as well Bari's life. A brand new documentary on Judi Bari and the lawsuit against the FBI, "The Forest For the Trees", will be shown after the talk.

$0-15 sliding scale. $10 recommended donation, all proceeds to benefit regional ecodefense efforts. Sponsored by Cascadia RiSING! EcoDefense. Contact info@cascadiarising.org | 503-493-7495 for more information.

And of course: July 4-11th the Rendezvous itself!

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ya'll rock 15.Jun.2005 18:38

rock and roll

hey!!! have fun!

Posters Posters Posters 16.Jun.2005 10:37

Cascadia Rising EcoDefense

We have some really awesome posters for this event -- anyone want to help hang some up? If you hang 15 up you can keep one for yourself.

check out this PDF of it

contact us for more info 503-493-7495 / info--at--cascadiarising.org

Appropriate Site? 20.Jun.2005 16:04

I support Earth First, but that area is sensitive

Is the location really appropriate? Cache Meadows is a sensitive area, with no real improvements to speak of. Wouldn't a developed area or campground be a better location? The meadow areas will still be quite wet at that time, and the estimated 300-1000 people over a period of even a day or two will have a significant negative impact on the area. In all seriousness, there has to be a better location for this event. The forest is best enjoyed in small groups, or solo, and no matter how hard a large group tries, there will be harm to that area do to poor site selection, a poor time of year (soft soils), and simply large amounts of traffic, no matter how well intended the people doing the walking. Unless everyone attending has the ability to levitate, and to evacuate bladders and bowels somewhere other than the ground, Earth First has made a poor choice of sites and a terrible choice given where we are in the season. Will portable toilets be made available? I hope so!

I didn't read all of the information available about the gathering, but I hope a sincere and real effort will be made to minimize the impact to the area for those of us who are regularly up there, and who spend a very significant amount of time keeping the walking trails open.

Being nice to the earth. 22.Jun.2005 03:10


As someone involved in organizing the Rondy I would like to say that the people who selected the site kept this concern in mind and are taking every step to keep this area pristine.
This is an amazing area and we will do our very best to keep it that way, this has been carefully thought through.

meadow 23.Jun.2005 16:51

I support Earth First, but that area is sensitive

So what about the port a potties? And will the meadow and riparian areas be roped off? How will people access the water without having hordes of people trampling the riparian zone of cripple creek and the other water bodies up there? Couldn't water be trucked in to avoid that? Have you applied for and received the necessary permits? What arrangements are being made for vehicle parking? Will campfires be specifically prohibited? I see very little about caring for the area mentioned in the materials I have read about this get together. I see a paragraph written about "oppressive behavior" amongst participants, but nothing about avoiding irreparable damage to the area. That seems hypocritical, at best.

Rest assured, we will be looking the area over very carefully afterwards to see what damage has been done. I am not throwing bombs here, but I really think this is a bad idea. Portland might be a "blight" but perhaps a get together of this size is best held elsewhere, with carpools, buses or hikes into the more sensitive areas. Why must everyone camp there?

Why not McIver Park, or some campground or USFS land around Ripplebrook or the old Oak Grove Ranger Station?

Even an old helipad or log landing would work. And though unsightly, there would be far less damage to the environment Earth First is dedicated to protecting. Again, it wouldn't harm the participants (who probably spend more time on their duffs at the Red and Black than in the woods) to hike a few miles to see the country instead of camping on it.

A little bad PR resulting from this event will do a lot of harm to Earth First. I hope it does not happen, and I hope the event goes off well, with everyone safe, learning a lot, and exer4cising every care possible to avoid harm to the area.