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Forest Service Seals Deal to Log Along Wild & Scenic Illinois River

Medford, OR - The Rogue River/Siskiyou National Forest sold a logging sale today that would cut forests in the Wild & Scenic Illinois River canyon as part of the massive Biscuit logging project.

Located entirely in an Old-Growth Reserve that was supposed to be shielded from cutting as a safety net for sensitive species, the McGuire logging project would also slice into the 3,529 acre Six Mile Creek roadless area - an uninventoried roadless forest near the giant Kalmiopsis wildlands.

Though controversial Biscuit logging has been ongoing since March 7th of this year, the McGuire logging sale would be the first to log directly along the Wild & Scenic Illinois River, and may engender even greater public outrage.

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Beautiful, threatened, Six Mile Creek
Beautiful, threatened, Six Mile Creek