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No On LNG Petition

This petition is asking you to support the Oregon Coast, Clatsop County in its stand against the careless siting of LNG in our community.
Maybe you don't quite know the details on LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) but, maybe if it were being forced upon you against your will and approval you might be a bit apprehensive about believeing all the hype the industry is trying to throw at you.

Well, on the Lower Columbia River we are under attack by no less than four LNG Speculator/Developers and are getting no help whatsoever from anybody in attempting to control this onslaught.

Somewhere in this little piece is the site address for our petition.

Read it and if you agree with it, sign it.

homepage: homepage: http://www.petitiononline.com/nolng/petition.html

Who do you consider "anybody"? 16.Jun.2005 23:16


"...on the Lower Columbia River we are under attack .... and are getting no help whatsoever from anybody in attempting to control this onslaught."

<chuckle> Aside from the histrionics of our puerile house designer, we do have many people and groups helping oppose the LNG companies that are trying to move in on the Columbia River. What we do not yet have, and what we need, is government bodies to sit up and take notice of our concerns. We need their constituents, you all, to sign the petition so that they will sit up and take notice that their jobs are on the line if they don't help out in opposing these companies moving into our area and onto our river. So, please join the following people, and all of the rest of us:

Mike Buettner, Founder, LNGWatch, Eureka, California  http://www.wildcalifornia.org

Julian Darley, author, High Noon for Natural Gas, Founder, Post-Carbon Institute, Vancouver, British Columbia

Peter Huhtala, Senior Analyst, Pacific Marine Conservation Council, Astoria, Oregon

Paul Koberstein, Editor, Cascadia Times, Portland, Oregon

Dan Serres, Friends of Living Oregon Waters, Grant's Pass, Oregon

Tammy Maygra of Save our Columbia River

Carol Carver, Puget Island

DiAnne Knudsen, Cathlamet, Wa

Fred Kirby of Jordan Cove,  http://www.jordancoveretort.com/

Dr. Terry Kreisel, Wahkiakum Friends of the River  http://nolng.wahkiakum.info/

Congressman Edward Markey

Tim Riley, JD

Just a few people and groups opposing LNG companies on the Columbia River. While cetainly more people are needed, there are quite a few good people lending their support and help. Their efforts have not been ignored or slighted and neither will yours.

Bingo!!!!...Oregon Government Needs To Pay Attention 17.Jun.2005 08:10

Patrick McGee pmcgee@pacifier.com

I agree with your point exactly.

The help we need will need to come from our own State Government unless every citizen of Clatsop County and Columbia County also stands up and says enough is enough.

Port Westward CEO, Vasilopoulus, Harrasses Spouse Of LNG Activist! 18.Jun.2005 07:04

Columbia River Vision

Port Westward CEO, Vasilopoulus, Harrasses Spouse Of LNG Activist!

From Columbia River Vision

LNG activists' spouse harassed by Port Westward LLC CEO

Spiro Vasilopoulus, an owner of Port Westward LNG LLC has began to feel the pressure by the spokesperson of Save Our Columbia River (SOCR) Tammy Maygra, a critic of the proposed Port Westward LNG facility. Spiro found that Tammys' husband is a business agent of one of the union's that is hoping to build the LNG facility.

Spiro contacted the head of the NW building trades, Bob Shiprack who Spiro had been in contact with regarding union labor if the project is built. After talking with Shiprack a call was put in to the union, and Tammy's husband was immediately questioned about his wife's participation in anti-LNG activities.

While Mr. Maygra was being called on the carpet, Spiro was in a meeting with Tammy and a Columbia County Commissioner, at the Commissioners' request. During the meeting Spiro received a call from Bob Shiprack. Both the commissioner and Tammy heard Bob Shiprack identify himself to Spiro, who then left the room to take the call.

When Mr. Maygra came home from work and asked his wife what was going on, the days events unfolded. Spiro's attempt to drive a wedge between the Maygra's, by putting pressure through her husbands job didn't work.

After Mr. Maygra contacted the County Commissioner about Spiro's actions, the commissioner took the Port Westward CEO to task and reprimanded him for his crude, unprofessional actions telling him that Columbia County does not do business that way. If that is the way Port Westward LNG LLC conducts business they are in the wrong county. Afterwards Spiro wrote an apology to the county commissioner, admitting his inappropriate behavior. Port Westward LNG LLC has not made an apology to the Maygra family.

Tammy requested a copy of the letter written to the County Commissioner but was refused the document. Spiro's actions only intensified her determination to speak out against all LNG facilities.

Bob Shiprack and Oregon Office of Energy Siting council 29.Oct.2005 11:04

Tammy Maygra

Right now I am in the process of trying to get Bob Shiprack removed from the Office of Energy Siting Council, his participation in favortism by doing special requests for Port Westward LNG LLC representitives Sprio V., I believe compromises his supposedly netural position. Although the letter that Shiprack sent in his own defense to the siting Council , is nothing more than a smoke screen, or coverup. I strongly believe that it is obivious by his own accord and evidence that I submitted to the council, that Shiprack should be removed from his position on the siting council.

A New Wrinkle 06.Nov.2005 15:58

Patrick MCGee pmcgee@pacifier.com

Calpine/Skipanon Natural Gas LLC's Compere Spouting A Cooperative Program Between Calpine And Clatsop Community College That Does Not Exist.

Mr John Compere, local spokesperson for Calpine, stated on KAST radio and

later that evening at the Warrenton Planning commission, that Calpine and

Clatsop Community College is working on developing a training program for

potential local LNG employees who may work at the proposed Skipinon facility.

Seems to be just more of the same "Truths" we have come to expect

from this corporation.

Common sense whispered to me that this statement needed some follow up.

Here is what I have discovered to date:

I talked to Reed Daugherity, Assistant Dean, "Workforce Program

Development". Mr. Daugherity is "THE" final word on approval of any programs

at Clatsop Community College that would entail this kind of cooperative program between Business and CCC.

His statement and I'm paraphrasing...."There is no program of this sort and

I would know as I would be the one to develop, coordinate and administer


I called John Compere, at Mr. Daugherity's suggestion, to ask him who it was with CCC who told him that a program was being developed in cooperation with Calpine/SNGLLC and "The College" and he told me that he had, had lunch with

a fellow that had recently started work with CCC and had some experience with LNG.

Mr Compere could not cite any specifics about this so-called

program at the college. In fact, he could not recall the person's name he spoke to regarding this program.

He had to find it and call me back with the name, Loren Stock who works in CCC's "Computer Services".

Mr. Daugherity said he would follow-up on the details between Mr. Compere

and Mr. Stock on Monday, October 24, 2005.

So, for the moment and contrary to the continued misinformation imparted by

Calpine PR Liason Compere recently on KAST-AM Radio, There is no training

program between Clatsop Community College and Skipanon Natural Gas


There apparently isn't even any formal discussion about such a

program ! However a Calpine rep & Mr Compere continue to put this so-called

program out there by announcing this at the Warrenton Commision meeting.

So typical of big corporations to beleive that if you keep stating the same lie over and over, eventually it will become the truth.

The saddest part of
this latest tactic is that Calpine is using one of our locals to promote their propaganda.

There will be more on this as it develops.

Oregon Office of Energy 02.Apr.2006 21:34

Tammy Maygra megs@opusnet.com

After submitting several letters to the Oregon Office of Energy, requesting the removal of Bob Shiprack, siting council member. The council has decided that Bob Shiprack may remain on the siting council. His collective actions along with Sprio V. of Port Westward LNG, conspired attempt to put pressure on my husband's job over my anti- LNG activities seems to be acceptable with Oregon's Office of Energy's policies.

I am disheartened with the Councils decision, Shipracks somewhat feeble and purposely-generated false hoods, which he used for his defense, Seemed to carry tremendous weight with the Siting Council. The pathetic way that Shiprack tried to blame me for his actions and the actions of Sprio V., vehemently accusing me of representing myself as a spokesperson of a local union. Insinuating that I had portrayed myself as a representative of a local union but I had did so with out realizing what I had said. I guess I am pretty dumb, according to Bob Shiprack.

In my opinion, Mr. Shiprack you have no integrity if you cannot admit to your unprofessional actions. All I can say is shame on you and shame on the Office of Energy for not having the slightest amount of professionalism to remove you from the siting council.
Tammy Maygra (Save Our Columbia River)