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Southeast residents gather to mark the passing of beloved neighborhood dog

Early on Wednesday, June 2, a dog known as "Mr. Bear" died in Southeast Portland. Mr. Bear was a much-loved resident of the neighborhood, where he was seen on a daily basis with his devoted companion, a human named "Bill". Many were the times when customers of local businesses such as People's Food Co-op or the Red & Black Cafe would have to step around Mr. Bear, as he sat in the doorway, awaiting Bill, who was inside. Mr. Bear was arguably the canine mascot of the neighborhood and news of his death -- at 13 years, from a blood clot -- stirred sadness in many residents. Tonight, the Red & Black Cafe was packed to standing room only for a wake for Mr. Bear, and his life and passing were marked with music, photography, video, testimony, and sacred drumming.
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