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AUDIO FILE: Dennis Kucinich-A Calling For Peace and Unity

Representative Dennis Kucinich was in Portland June 5, 2005, as Keynote speaker for a gathering at the First Unitarian Church entitled, A Calling For Peace And Unity.

The Program, featuring presentations from Oregon Civic, Government and Spiritual Community and Peace Activists, as well as Rep. Kucinich, was moderated by Peter Bergel, Executive Director of Oregon Peace Works

Kucinich observed, "we can see that in the last year events in our nation and the world have gone in a direction which underscores the urgency of our work. Our country continues to have an official policy which separates us from the world community. Just last week, at the United Nations, the Administration concluded one month of activity that was totally dedicated to wrecking the Non Proliferation Treaty. The unwillingness to participate in the entire architecture of international agreements continues to demonstrate an unwillingness to see the connections between the United States and the nations of the world. Now at this moment where we see an official policy of disconnection, it's so important for our work to be one of connection....not only with other nations as citizen diplomats, but also to make the connections in our own community." Dennis believes that we should be working to forge a community that is consciously dedicated to Peace, a world where war is not only not inevitable, but would be unthinkable.

Kucinich in Phoenix
Kucinich in Phoenix
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