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A brief report on some of the counter recruitment and anti-war activities at Rose Fest on Saturday

We got down to the Rose Festival yesterday at 1pm. There were lots of people around, since the weather was still ok. Right next to the Salmon Street Fountain, the Marines had booth set up with a big inflatable Marine (I'm not kidding--see the photos). They were cheering on kids as they competed in their pull-up competition. I asked one of the Marine recruiters how it was going, if they were signing lots of people up. He said "No, not really. The weather's keeping people away." I told him that I was glad, and that I hoped he didn't sign anyone up. Then he said "If that's how you feel, then we're signing lots of people up." Recruiters lying? I was shocked.

There were two groups of Veterans for Peace with big banners hanging out by the Marines, so we decided to see who else was recruiting, and if they needed company. The next booth we ran into was the National Guard, with their big climbing wall, but someone was already there, getting folks to sign postcards to the Governor to bring the Guard home. We moved on.
One of the Flyers Handed Out
One of the Flyers Handed Out
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