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Report-back from Naked Bike Ride

I just got back from the Naked Bike Ride part of the Pedalpalooza festivities. It was so cold but sooo much fun! There was about 200 people of many ages from babies to middle aged riding tonight! It all started at FreeGeek with a dance party(which I missed). Then we all took off for downtown. We took the bridge and then we rode on 2nd and 3rd between Main & a little past Burnside. There were lots of people everywhere as you could imagine on a saturday night. Some laughing, some cheering, some taking pictures, some offended, some honking, some giving high fives, and some even saluting. It was really funny seeing all the different responses. The Kell's crowd seemed particularly happy to see us, as the sparce cheering turned into the roar of a crowd as we passed by there.

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