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Reportback from Naked Bike Ride

I just got back from the Naked Bike Ride part of the Pedalpalooza festivities. It was so cold but sooo much fun! There was about 200 people of many ages from babies to middle aged riding tonight!
I just got back from the Naked Bike Ride part of the Pedalpalooza festivities. It was so cold but sooo much fun! There was about 200 people of many ages from babies to middle aged riding tonight!
It all started at FreeGeek with a dance party(which I missed). Then we all took off for downtown. We took the bridge and then we rode on 2nd and 3rd between Main & a little past Burnside. There were lots of people everywhere as you could imagine on a saturday night. Some laughing, some cheering, some taking pictures, some offended, some honking, some giving high fives, and some even saluting. It was really funny seeing all the different responses. The Kell's crowd seemed particularly happy to see us, as the sparce cheering turned into the roar of a crowd as we passed by there.
Then it was back to the bridge and back to FreeGeek for, I think, a safe return for all and more dance party. With all the people taking pictures hopefully some will get posted here soon! Thanks to the folks who organized this! That was a great ride!
Portland World's largest Naked bike ride 12.Jun.2005 02:30


So very inspiring and courageous.
Reported at the after party and we were the LARGEST parade. Yehaw Portland!!!! Thanks Corey and freeGeek!

did we want documentation? 12.Jun.2005 06:02


I thought people weren't supposed to document the ride. A couple people got beat up for videotaping. Thanks Correy!

Fuck that, grow up! 12.Jun.2005 13:54


If you are so immature that you are uncomfortable with your body and that you would get upset that somebody would document 200 naked people on bikes making a large spectacle of themselves then you should not have participated. I find it EXTREMELY stupid that people actually beat people up for videotaping! Whoever did that deserves to get their own ass kicked. Especially since there was no such announcement made, not even on any of the fliers. So grow up!
I participated, I love my body, and I wanna see pictures!

Keep it squally!!! 12.Jun.2005 14:43


What a squally ride!!!!!
Saturday night downtown bar yuppies hootin and hollerin!!
I agree with Mossy; lets see some pics. Just want to echo the love for FreeGreek and everyone else
who participated in any way. P-TOWN!!! Keep it squally.

fun 13.Jun.2005 10:49

Kaj-Anne Kajgoldenstar@yahoo.com

The Naked Bike Ride was my 4th day in PDX. It dispelled my fears of not finding people with a spark under their asses like me. It was cold, it was fabulous and I want to see pictures!

Amazing 14.Jun.2005 14:43

Kid Akai travelsbybrian@hotmail.com

That sounds amazing, when can we expect some new naked bike rides? I'd like to go.
Was it completely naked, what if my nether parts get caught up in the bicycle chain? :D :D
I am suprized no one got arrested.



When is the next one? 14.Jun.2005 16:50


The weather is only getting better!

bless the day when bike seats and dingleberries UNITE!!!!! 15.Jun.2005 16:48


Riding a bike naked? that's pretty cool, but wouldn't it hurt if you hit a big bump?

i agree with mossy 16.Jun.2005 12:31

6s wes6s@webcomet.com

yeah some girl got really aggro with me because i was trying to get some footage of the event. it really pissed me off because i was getting naked for this thing,and i personally could care less if someone gets pics of me naked. hell, there were like 225+ people that rode in it. it was the coolest thing i've ever done (naked that is). if you can't be comfortable enough with yourself to not get bothered by that,then you should not be participating in a highly publicized "Naked Bike Ride". The add said "this is exactly what it sound like...". nonetheless i did manage to get some good stuff. it overall is not very long, and is kinda bumpy. it is quite hard to ride w/out hands while videotaping, and trying to navigate through all the people and traffic, and some how manage to get good footage. i think that another one should be planned. we need a lot more people to do it though. that was the best part about the whole ride. it stopped everything in its wake. the people on the street overall seemed to love it. the cops did nothing as well. they were waving and saying hello. it was great. i'll definitely ride next year.

Naked Bike Ride.. 10.Sep.2005 19:47

when next year in 2006?? kimobrien21@hotmail.com

Just cruzn the net and came across your website !
If you dont mind -I wont advertise- would you share the next
bike ride event. Thanks.
brave... very brave !! gotta luv it though !!


hi mossy 03.Jun.2006 11:58


i will stick with mossy i did it 20 times

Amazing 12.Jun.2006 12:40


I am so impressed with the people that participated in this event. I took TONS (60+) of pictures and never once received anything but kindness and encouragement. People getting beat up? Not anything close to what I saw... What a great group of people, I can't wait to participate next year. Even the police were cool, helping direct traffic and keeping every body safe.

Thank you Portlanders.

One Love.