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Pedalpalooza 2005 Bike Parade

Pedalpalooza kicked off it's 2005 bicycle celebration with a bike parade. At its max, the parade had 160 cyclists participating. Most people were costumed and had their bike decked out in fabulous decor provided by the nice people putting on the event.
The bike parade today left NW 10th and Johnson after gathering folks together and having them pimp their rides with everything from tinsel to flags. The parade route was planned by the organizers and apparently permitted as well. I wasn't aware that it was permitted until near the end of the parade. I did notice the cops were not only NOT running into bike and then ticketing them with 'blocking an emergency vehicle' but they HELPED out by blocking traffic. Cyclists were allowed to ride through all traffic lights and even over all eastbound lanes on the Burnside Bridge. We ended the parade at the park on SE 20th and Belmont where we were treated to the performance of a drum corp band.

From a naked bike ride to teach-ins, there will be events going on to celebrate Pedalpalooza 2005 all month long. For a complete list of what's happening visit Shift to Bikes' calendar at  http://shift2bikes.org/pedalpalooza/index.shtml.

homepage: homepage: http://shift2bikes.org/pedalpalooza/index.shtml

It's nice to know there were good cops somewhere 09.Jun.2005 22:25


I'm glad to hear that one bicycle event went well, as far as cops were concerned.

As for my own part, I had cops that were more than happy to tell me that I wasn't allowed to be in traffic. Apparently, my bike and I are likely to start some terrorist activities on the incoming ships. No bikes or pedestrians allowed on the Steele Bridge, cars and vans are just fine.

I guess it makes sense when you read about all the bike bombs that go off in Iraq.

While I'm bitching and moaning about the status of bikes in this town, am I the only one that remembers the signs on the Hawthorne Bridge that advised pedestrians to keep to the right so bikes could pass?

I guess the average Portland pedestrian is considered illiterate, for it is the bikes that are advised to yield to the peds. The peds are just too dumb to keep to the side.

anyone heve good photos of the parade? 10.Jun.2005 10:40

Dingo the clown fastclown@veryfast.biz

I saw some good ones on the zoo bomb list

Pedalpalooza video blog 11.Jun.2005 20:38

Ed S. oed@yahoo.com

Here's a link to a little video I made of the Pedalpalooza Kickoff parade...

check out the flickr slide show 14.Jun.2005 07:52

Jonathan Maus

I've started a blog for Pedalpalooza and there's a Kick Off Parade slide show here -  http://flickr.com/photos/bikeportland/tags/kickoffparade/show/

And the Pedalpalooza blog -  http://pedalpalooza.blogspot.com

More Pedalpalooza video - DIY Fix and Wash from June 15 21.Jun.2005 09:46

Ed S.

My second Pedalpalooza vlog entry, this time from last week's Bike Wash and Ride in Southeast...