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Solidaridad con Bolivia; boicot Calpine/Pacific NG consortium

The natural gas in Bolivia is sought after by US corporations like Calpine and Pacific Natural Gas Consortium. Both these corporations are extensions of the petrochemical energy giants British Petroleum and Enron..
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luna moth

One possible way people in Norte America can show solidarity with the indigenous people of Bolivia by boicotting, protesting and investigating the intrusions of San Jose based LNG giant Calpine and international natural gas exporter Pacific Natural Gas consortium (BP). These are the corporations who remove natural gas from places like Bolivia and transport in a supercooled liquified state to ports in California (Long Beach, LA, etc.) Recently Calpine attempted to open a new LNG terminal in Eureka (Humboldt Nation) and further norte in Oregon/Cascadia, but backed out when faced with strong community opposition to the explosive nature of supercooled LNG..

People also need to be vocal in opposition to California's dependency on natural gas as simply an extension of the petrochemical treadmill that leads into peak oil crisis due to lack of true clean energy..

Natural gas isn't much cleaner than regular fossil fuels, this is the same substance burned off as gas flaring in places like the Niger delta by corporations like Shell and Chevron/Texaco. Here natural gas airborne pollution caused sickness and disease in the once productive Niger delta ecosystem, and led to protests by the Ogoni people..

Natural gas deposits come in different forms, the reserves under Bolivia are different than the natural gas that was mixed in with petroleum deposits, both hydrocarbons of varied weight..

The natural gas deposits in Bolivia are an increased value to US energy corporations like Calpine/Enron/PNG consortium (BP)/etc. since the remaining known extractable petroleum reserves are under US military watch in Saudi Arabia/Iraq. The growing instability of the Arabian plate reserves are followed by Venezuala (2002 Bush led coup against Chavez), and random deposits in Russia, Alaska etc. that are more expensive to extract than net worth gain from sales. So Bolivia finds herself under the gun of a US backed dictatorship because of natural gas that can be introduced into America as "green energy" by psuedo alternative energy corporations like Calpine..

Calpine's intrusion of LNG tankers further norte;




"Myth: LNG is a "bridge fuel" to renewable energy.

Reality: Importing LNG into California will be a huge setback to our renewable energy initiatives. The fossil fuels industry is spending billions to extract natural gas from far corners of the globe, and will spend billions more to build the necessary infrastructure for LNG. No financial institution would invest billions in something that's only a temporary fix.

There simply isn't the demand for both LNG and the renewable energy that Governor Schwarzenegger and other state leaders have promised. If LNG is allowed to flood into our energy grid, it will undercut the renewable industry. This is because LNG would be subsidized by ratepayers and favored by the big utilities, so it will get preferential treatment. While renewable energy technology is ready to go, and we are slowly increasing our renewable capacity, it isn't getting the support or the subsidies provided to fossil fuels like LNG."

Above from Myths and truths about LNG;


"Is It an Enron Twin, or Just a Look-Alike?"

"Calpine differs from Enron in vital ways, but there are enough similarities between the two to have given investors something of a scare. On Monday, the day after Enron filed for Chapter 11 reorganization, Calpine's shares fell 14 percent, to $18.50, well below a March 30 peak of $58.04. Not surprisingly, Calpine executives have been working hard -- in a conference call with analysts and investors on Nov. 29, for example -- to convince Wall Street of two things: that Calpine is no Enron, and that Enron's failure will have no financial impact on it."

Enron became a very big customer of Calpine this year. For the first three quarters, Enron accounted for $1.33 billion, or 23 percent, of Calpine's revenue. As a percentage of Calpine's commodity trading revenue, deals with Enron accounted for approximately 2.3 percent of sales in the first nine months of 2000 and 37.2 percent in the period this year.

"Enron happened to be the largest market maker in the business," Mr. Posoli said. "We did a lot of business with them." And yet, Calpine says Enron's failure will not have an impact on the company's financial performance. "We did not rely on Enron for our gross margin or operating income. We happened to use them."


"Neither Mr. Posoli nor Calpine's controller, Chuck Clark, could say how profitable the company's dealings with Enron were. But filings with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission provide a clue.

In the third quarter of 2001, $768 million, or 26 percent, of Calpine's revenue came from Enron. Also in the quarter, Enron bought 6.5 million megawatt hours of electricity from Calpine. Dividing the revenue generated by Enron by the megawatt hours it bought from Calpine produces an average cost per megawatt hour of $119.13 to Enron."

above info and continuation of article on Calpine/Enron connex from EPIC;


"Pacific LNG, the consortium behind the project, is composed of the British multinationals BG Group and Pan-American Energy itself composed of BP and Bridas and the Spanish giant Repsol-YPF. The $5 billion gas export plan consists of a 700km pipeline from Bolivia to a port in Chile from where gas would be shipped to Mexico. There the shipment would be converted from its liquefied form back into a gas by the American company Sempra Energy Corp. and imported in California via a pipeline running from Baja California."

above quote from;

Corpwatch: Pacific Natural Gas Consortium y Bolivia;


more petrochemical corporations deceit exposed at;


Calpine's addresses;


In Portland,
805 SW Broadway, Suite 1850
Portland, OR 97205
Phone: (503) 223-2300.

In San Jose,
50 West San Fernando Street San Jose, CA 95113
Phone: (409) 995-5115
Fax: (408) 995-0505.