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Bizarre objects in the sky over Portland?

Oddly shaped objects in the sky over NE PDX around 8:45pm on 6/08
OK, this is pretty weird. My girlfriend and I were sitting outside in our backyard when I looked up to see this weirdly shaped object tumbling across the sky. It looked angular, reflective (it was reflecting the setting sun) and was moving north to south. We stared at it for a while and then a second object came by, moving faster. It was also reflective, but shaped (I swear I'm not making this up) like a donut. They moved like balloons, but certainly looked larger and more oddly shaped than any balloon I've ever seen. I ran to get my camera and took a few photos, but by that time they were further away and I couldn't make out any detail.

Did anyone else see these?
You're not crazy 08.Jun.2005 23:20


There really are strange things flying around up there and people see them all the time, but few talk about it because they are afraid of becoming objects of ridicule. In other parts of the world it is generally accepted that UFO exist.

I did not see what you mentioned, but have seen them in the past.

Actually... 09.Jun.2005 01:11


Actually... I've seen f*ck'd up &hit too w/ other sober people.. There is an air base few miles north of oregon city. People say there's wierd shit out there often. Whatever... ya know?

Not just Portland 09.Jun.2005 11:57

sky watcher

I've seen them, too -- in the midwest.

I used to see a lot of silent, low-flying jets. One night I looked up and saw a flat triangle-shaped craft emerge from the clouds. There was an inverted "Y"-shaped light pattern on it. And then -- before I could blink, it turned into a jet plane, as if it had just projected a hologram around itself.

Keep looking 09.Jun.2005 13:21


I was up on Council Crest soaking up sun last summer while a couple of straight laced SW Portland middle aged white men types sat on another bench. They were chatting and scanning the sky with binoculars. A woman approached them and said she was a bird watcher, too, and wondered what they were looking for. They laughed and said they were looking for UFOs and that they had seem some before and wanted to see more.

Once I was in the Rocky Mountains watching the very dark night sky and noticed a bunch of lights moving like frenzied fire flies. The lights appeared to be at least a mile high, or much more, and were no brighter than the stars. There was no way they were any kind of common aircraft.

Silent jets 09.Jun.2005 13:33

another one

About 10 years ago I was out late and just happened to look up to see a jet pass overhead in downtown. It was very fast, very low, and made zero sound. It looked like a jet flying without lights, but did not sound like one. Weird. From my office in downtown I also saw a thing bobbing up and down over the west hills by the Pittock mansion a few years ago. I first thought it was a blimp, but then it clearly went down to ground level between trees, then back up again. A blimp would not do that. It moved like a helicopter, but was rounded and no rotor on top. Another person I work with saw it, too, but was certain it was a helicopter even though she could not figure out how it was so odd looking. We watched it for about half an hour, even got bored with it, then it left and did not come back.

sunrise and sunset visual distortions 09.Jun.2005 16:56


i have also seen some things in the sky i have been unable to identify. something interesting though is that i notice most of such phenomena-- in my experience and in speaking with others and hearing stories like this one-- is that the sun's rising and setting can create some kinds of unusual reflective visuals that make the objects in question difficult to identify.

i am not dismissing the speculations, just noticing a common theme.

"keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the starz!"

you're not alone 09.Jun.2005 23:10


donut shaped? Sounds like you saw a cypher a type of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)check out this link
also of interest are the "mystery aircraft" and "non lethal weapons" to get an idea of what these things are.

Put 2 and 2 together portland . . . 10.Jun.2005 10:53

reader (CA)

Cheney visit with no fanfare.

Days later, a donut shaped UAV going around the skies.

Put them together.

if something should happen here in Portland 10.Jun.2005 11:02


in wake of Cheney's visit, this is why it's so important to know who he saw here, so we can--as citizen's of what's left of Portland--hold this person responsible
and force accountability...do it the way citizen's used to do such things...hmmmm!

to reader (CA) 10.Jun.2005 11:17


Put them together HOW? Like... ZOMG CHENEY'S AN ALIEN!!!1!1

Come on, now. Is it really so difficult to accept that there's a LOT of shit in this Universe we don't know and can't explain?

Cheney, an Alein? 10.Jun.2005 12:15


I don't think so. Only the Earth and Humanity could produce such an asshole.

Cheney is Sith Lord? 10.Jun.2005 13:22


Do you think the silver objects were drones like is Star Wars?

Personally I think they were lost balloons from the water front festival, but on the other hand hey if it helps to increase demonization the Demon of Greed then Hell they were attack drones spying on everyone of us!

What ? 10.Jun.2005 14:51


You guys are all crazy the hole lot of you. There is nothing in the sky nothing at all. SO never mind what you think you saw because you saw nothing at all..ok ..ok. So we got some new reality shows lined up boy can't wait for the new martha stewart show coming out , and gap is biger then ever-enjoy.

Watching you.

Not in my backyard. 10.Jun.2005 22:04


What goes up...

Cheney am human 14.Jun.2005 22:42

Native Dirtling like Cheney

Me am frum tis planet and so am Commandr Cheney. Rumors of alien Cheney am laffable farce. Much funny. Cheney am as human as u and i.

3 black arrowhead shapes in formation........ 30.Jul.2005 10:51


Here in mid MI about a week ago I glanced up at the sky and saw 3 black, silent aircraft flying in a "V" formation like conventional aircraft. They appeared almost like a broadhead arrowhead for hunting and were flying north to south. They were at mid to low altitude with no sound or contrail.