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That's all folks-compassion is up in smoke!
This morning the United States Supreme Court, the same evil morons who installed W as President, made medical marijuana illegal for everyone everywhere in the USA. Forget state laws. Prosecutions are due to begin at any time. Even if you're puking all over your sheets from chemotherapy. Even Montel Williams is now a criminal! This is the 911 of the medical pot movement. How horribly creepy can these people get?

a lot more 06.Jun.2005 09:34


a lot more than this so get ready...

Link to Opinion 06.Jun.2005 09:35


Here is a link to the Opinion.

 link to a257.g.akamaitech.net

OR the page it was found on is: look for the Gonzales v. Raich link.


Marijuana ban 06.Jun.2005 09:39

not surprised

same as it ever was 06.Jun.2005 10:08

Barney Rubble

It's possible that this changes nothing. It's always been illegal in the eyes of the feds. State and local police still can't raid and prosecute. If it's legal in your state and county, nothing has changed.

One more reason 06.Jun.2005 10:33


One more reason to establish the United States of Canada and leave Jesusland, behind to their own device.

It's time to move to Europe. 06.Jun.2005 12:17

Bird Dog

At least there you don't have a bunch of Reich-wing, self-righteous ass holes running the government.

Truth Squad 06.Jun.2005 12:37

Truth Squad

Note that the three justices voting for medical marijuana were O'Connor, Rhenquist, and Thomas.

With the exception of O'Connor, all the "liberal" justices voted against medical marijuana.

Which is worse Alchohol or Marijuana 06.Jun.2005 12:49

Bill Hicks

Think about the last time you saw two guys fighting with each other. Chances are they were drunk and pushing at each other in an agresive manner. "Hey Man" says one pushing other guy with his outstretched hands, "hey man" dude says while pushing back one the first...fight escalates as two drunk dudes fight over anything (woman, who paid for beer, rides home, who's team won). Now think about what would happen if the same two guys were stoned....

"hey man" one guy looks happy and pushed the other guy who starts laughing. "hey man" says the other guy back to the first and they both start to grin and fall over laughing. No one gets hurt. No agression.

If pot were legal we'd have less violent ass holes in the world.

Thanks Mr. Hicks

no shock here 06.Jun.2005 14:05


im sure all the medical lobbies that pushed for this are happy...now they can sell these people toxic drugs at a 3000% mark up( and they still dont work as well as the weed)....way to go SC, another victory for the corporations

The "liberal"/"conservative" court 06.Jun.2005 15:48


I wouldn't call a single one of the justices "liberal." A few I might call conservative/centrist. But in any case, I'm assuming the three most
strident conservatives (and I'm being generous by calling them that, rather than Christian fascists, which is more accurate) were on the dissenting side of this opinion because it is potentially a huge evisceration of state's rights.

But in any case, when put together with Sensebrenner's insane marijuana bill now pending before the house (H.R. #1528), along with Patriot Act II, things are looking scary indeed. Amping up the marijuana war is a great way for the power structure to both feed the criminal ju$tice $y$tem and put lots of politically active people away.

Don't take the bait 06.Jun.2005 16:06


This ruling feels like another distraction, that this administration is infamous for when they are trying to turn attention from bigger fish. This is important but not as important as what "they" are probably trying to turn your attention from.

distress 06.Jun.2005 21:08


how could anyone even think to consider the Supreme Court, an appointed body...part of a regime who not only knew of, but thought out/planned, engineered, carried out, covered up and continues to cover up under blatantly Orwellian circumstances the events of 9/11 to somehow be compassionate enough to allow individual states to make their own choices regarding a plant and how it may (and has been proven to) increase the health of many ailing people?
Why people still make the same redundant complaints is beyond me. The the notion of having hour long discussions about the most trivial issues (by comparison) such as fucking social security is abyssmal. If someone confronted me with my views on the social security dilemma or the Mid-east conflict, my reply would be "David Ray Griffin" and not much else.

Hey Republicans.... 06.Jun.2005 21:26


For those of you who like to think of yourselves as being aligned with "the party of Lincoln," or even Eisenhower or Goldwater, doesn't this trumping of state's rights as outlined by the Constitution even begin to bother you? Hardly conservative or democratic, I must say...

There is no enlightenment where ignorance reigns supreme... 07.Jun.2005 19:44

Pravda or Consequences

Government officials have lost all their "happy cells".

The medically infirm must suffer because unless the FDA blesses it, it is not good. Never mind FDA disasters.

"You're either with us, or against us."