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genetic engineering

NW RAGE is being followed! Have you seen this woman?

At a recent protest, NW RAGE found out that we had a corporate spy there to keep us company!
Do you recognize this woman?
Do you recognize this woman?
She's looking a little nervous. Wonder who she's talking to?
She's looking a little nervous. Wonder who she's talking to?
She was not into having her picture taken.
She was not into having her picture taken.
Too bad, it's a public place and she's a spy!
Too bad, it's a public place and she's a spy!
On May 21, Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering held a demonstration outside of Smith & Hawken, an upscale gardening store in NW Portland, to protest Monsanto and the Scotts Company's Genetically Engineered Creeping Bentgrass. (Smith & Hawken was recently acquired by Scotts.) When we arrived, we saw a familiar face of a woman who had also been in Corvallis on May 18 for a similar protest of ours at a USDA public forum. At first we thought we had a new supporter, but upon questioning her about why she was there, she admitted that she was, indeed, there to spy on us! We don't really know anything about her, other than her name is Jessica and she does not like to have her picture taken. She was also there with another woman who we didn't get a picture of.

We were pretty surprised by how quickly she admitted to us why she was there. But she did refuse to tell us who paid her to be there. "Monsanto? Scotts?" we asked, but she wouldn't let us in on it.

Although it's kind of a scary thought to know that your group is being followed, it's also a good sign that you are doing something right. Our protest that day was a lot smaller compared to others we've had around town and others we've participated in, but apparently we are pushing the right buttons. Monsanto and Scotts know that this GE Bentgrass is a ridiculous idea and no doubt they are thinking of new ways to spin it to the public. Obviously, it helps for them to know what their opposition is doing, but they've got to work a little harder than that to stop us. The anti-GE movement is growing every day, and it's only a matter of time before we take back our food from the likes of Monsanto and start growing all our food sustainably.

There is also another interesting twist to this story that we'll be revealing when the time is right, but for now, keep an eye out for our corporate spy on the streets of Portland!

homepage: homepage: http://www.nwrage.org
phone: phone: 503-239-6841

being followed 06.Jun.2005 10:06

an admirer

I am sure all the activities of NWRAGE activists have been investigated and catagloged for a long time now. That is why I admire you guys so much, because you fear not the reprecussion of disclosing the truth! To NWRAGE, your balls are big, hairy, and solid brass.

I too salute the Balls of Rage 06.Jun.2005 13:39

snot nose punk

Thank you for pointing out yet another STASI. Keep your eyes open & your identity clandestine. They are watching and reading. Where they lack personel they have technology.

heck! 06.Jun.2005 16:31

this woman

is a cop!

If they're following you, may they read this. 06.Jun.2005 19:46


I don't know who this woman is, but may she know you are not alone. There are many, many people out here who support NWRAGE and the mission to keep corporate biotech poison out of our food supply. They may not see us all at the demos, but we're out here nonetheless. We've got your back.

As for whether she is a cop or not, I doubt it. If she was in Corvallis and here, then she's either a corporate spy or a fed. Because cops have jurisdictions that follow city/county lines.

And as for having "balls," whatever. "I salute your ovaries."

Stay clam folks 06.Jun.2005 22:19

alex ansary

as a fellow protester and host of outside the box, a local cable access question...
I pose the question, could she posibly have played on our collective paranoia and just messed with us? And laugh as we discredit ourselves.. Just a thought, dont go nutz on me, things like that go on all the time. People look at me funny all the time, due to my very clean cut appearance and believe me, it really hurts.

... and by the by 07.Jun.2005 00:38

maybe we should know who is posting

before we assume we understand who a spy is or isnt based on our supiore white male privlage. or at least let your target audience know

Props to Matilda 07.Jun.2005 00:51


For real, what's up with the "balls" comment? No good.

Crazy shit goin down though. I remember when Paul Hawken made a big deal about Green Capitalism, and though he sounded aware I didn't believe him then and I certainly don't now.

Balls? Ovaries? Who cares?! 07.Jun.2005 02:40


What ever you have, I salute your courage. Stop being so hyper-sensitive people!

hypersensitivity sux 07.Jun.2005 07:09


yeah, lets respect each other but get better things to do than get into the whole balls/ovaries sidetrack debate - concentrate on what's meaningful! Getting into arguments about who can be less opressive is superlame.

On the topic of the real point of these postings, the corpations have been infiltrating for some time now. I was in quebec in 2001 for the ftaa protests and there was one guy on the bus who was videoing and interviewing us all - really nice guy who seemed very sympathetic but also never actually voiced his opinion. One of my friends got into a lengthy conversation with him as we were heading home when he revealed that he was being paid to create a film for a "security company" unnamed on protestors and strategies.

Bell phone company was also there set up in a van behind the barricades with a satdish hookup, actively monitoring phone transmissions as well (we assume - although you know what that makes us and since this is a "news" site i suppose a whole lotta trolls will now be jumping at me asking me for what proof i have for making such a bold assumption...) f*$%%& u in advance.

anyways, private security forces companies might be even more of a danger to us than the actual police as they are even less accountable than the untouchable police in our midst.

I don't know if the fact that people are being monitored and jailed more is an indication of success or an indication of the increasing paranoia, desire for control that the worldwide league of facists shows and an increasing willingness of the public to jail people who dare to dissent.
these are scary times but that only means we need to stay the course even more so...

I care. 07.Jun.2005 11:06


"Stop being so hyper-sensitive people!"

"Getting into arguments about who can be less opressive is superlame."

Yeh, c'mon, "people." Who cares about language?

Well, I do. Not that I intended to get into a debate about this. Rather, I only made a brief side-comment above on this subject, but as two people have seen fit to discount the importance of the power of language, I want to address it. It was not I who centered this discussion around the use of the word "balls" to connote courage and character. (Instead, my comments above center on the need to support NW Rage, and I stand by that.) But when two people jump in to discount any concern with the use of the word "balls" in this manner as "hypersensitive," I say fuck that.

It's you who is "hypersensitive" if you take issue at my use of the word "ovaries." Either way, it's kind of a dumb way to express courage. But if I must choose one over the other, why not ovaries?

The point is, the words you choose have power over others. You can weild that power wisely and carefully, or you can remain ignorant and oppressive. Chris's use of the word "superlame," for example, to express a negative sentimient, ignores the unconscious associations that word has toward people who can't walk. You think that's unimportant? Maybe, if you can walk. But maybe you would see it differently if you could not.

As a woman, I am consciously aware of how the language of our culture shapes a seamless set of underlying assumptions about who women are in our society. I am aware of it because I choose to be. It's so pervasive, though, many people are no more aware of it than they are of the air around them. So maybe you have not seen it before, but when you use the word "balls" to stand for courage, you are saying in your subtext that courage=masculine. I respectfully call bullshit on that.

My calling attention to this does not make me "hypersensitive," it makes me wise enough to reclaim the power you might otherwise weild over me with thoughtless words.

insensitivity sux 07.Jun.2005 11:13


come on people... hyper sensistivity? fuck that. the person posted something that was obviously exluding at least 50% of the population. it perpetuates the myth that "hardcore activism" and being followed by pigs is a man's work. it's not hypersensitive to point that out. it is good organizing strategy. unless you want a revolution to appeal only to those who would benefit by preservin existing inequalities.

Then white guys scream when someone points out that Indymedia (or left wing society) isn't a very welcoming place for the ladies....

Emma Goldman's had no balls--big, hairy, brass, or otherwise and she could probably kick the ass of all the weak-ass guys whining about hypersensitivity. It's really about respect and creating the type of revolution we want to have. If you want to create a revolution for the big-hairy-brass-balled types, go for it. Some of us who don't want that kind of society are armed, too.

If one must refer to sex organs and want to be inclusive about it, remember men and women have "nads."

Thanks s.b. 07.Jun.2005 11:31


Well done s.b. I am really sick of seeing these kinda comments and they have distanced me from revolutionary work because I can't be around white guys talking about their big balls infact it makes me want to throw up and at times I have kicked these smucks in their overly talked about balls and the response i get from folks is like "hey...stop the violence" but i am all like "nawwww"...i don't wanna hear about balls ...i feel like pulling a valerie solanas on these smucks or a bobbit...so stop talking about your balls all the time and yes it makes folks mad and yes it is a big deal.

Not a Hairy Brain 07.Jun.2005 16:09


For some the centers of courage and wisdom are the lower chakras.

I love s.b. 07.Jun.2005 21:25


you whiney white boys have no idea how boring and stupid you sound when you won't let the rest of us take up any space. don't worry, yours is still the dominant voice on this site and in this town. not gonna change soon. salute your own balls. maybe we will take a couple of you out come the revolution just for fun. just one or two.

colorblind? 07.Jun.2005 21:54


i couldn't see anywhere in the comment where the person talking about balls was white. i believe that sexism has been a problem for every race on this planet. more divisions?

ccc.. white? 08.Jun.2005 04:05

scratches head at the immaturity on all sides

How did white come into this now? I think the reaction I am seeing in this thread is absolutely repulsive. Read your words of talking of violence to someone that says a body part of half the population on this planet. I have to say you need therapy. Then you assume skin tone and more added violence. I had hoped that everyone one concerned about genetically modified foods would at least leave their gender hatred and race hatred behind them over this important issue. Then you have the childish people in this thread who giggle at the word balls. This thread should be about the fact that we are all watched and that our food is our new means of torture and death.

New Season's employee ? 08.Jun.2005 10:18


I think Zee works for New Season's and maybe zee is being sent to your demo's to see if anyone notices that New Season's also carries a large amount of Genetically modified products,as well as chemical grown produce and major corporate brands.Maybe zee's trying to figure out why your demo's never target New Season's ?...

back to NW Rage 08.Jun.2005 11:26


I take full responsibility for bringing "white" into the discussion, since I have found straight white men to generally be the most resistant to using inclusive language (even though it would serve our own best interests). Perhaps that's because pretty much all the English language is designed to include us (white guys), so we don't have many ways in which to empathize about exclusive language with our comrades who aren't straight white men. It is certainly true that sexism/racism/homophobia/classism/ablism etc. cross all boundaries--I didn't want to imply otherwise. Whatever the race, the fact is it was men on this thread who were being hypersensitive, getting their knickers in a bunch about someone shouting-out the ovaries. (Scroll up if you don't believe me.)

Anyway I'd like to apologize for helping this thread get so off-topic, I agree that the primary discussion on this thread should be who the hell the woman in those photographs is, and who she works works for, who she works with, and what the fuck she is doing following NW RAGE around.

Please 09.Jun.2005 00:00

The citizen

"...Lawd they make you sleepy with the things they might say..." from "Pojama People" Frank Zappa

suckers 09.Jun.2005 08:59


one of the traditional techniques of COINTELPRO to counteract effective activism is to spread fingerpointing. this has often been done through namecalling and accounts of "sexism" and "not activist/hardcore/true enough". it's simple because all it usually takes is one person pointing the finger and then everyone else jumps in. it distracts activists into sidetracks of infighting and away from the real point, which IS THAT NWRAGE IS BEING FOLLOWED, SUCKERS, AND WHO IS THAT WOMAN ANYWAY!

Welcome wagon 09.Jun.2005 11:55


I think that if people continue to see her at protests they should wave at her, talk to her, say, "Hi, spy!" and use her name. All very cheerfully. No violence. Just let her know your attention is on her.

What did she claim that her name was? Jessica? Everyone should introduce themselves as Jessica if they talk to her. Again, not hostile, just cheerfully messing with her.

If she didn't realize before that everyone knew who she was, now she will. That won't make her a very effective spy.

follow the trail 09.Jun.2005 14:39


perhaps one or two people should spy on her. follow her to her next destination after a protest. see what car she is driving and run the plate #'2 through the dmv......

or better yet, share some delicious vegan gmo free cookies to her and switch her over from "the dark side"

i for one am going shopping at food front and people's new seasons lost me when they moved into 7 corners!

Well 10.Jun.2005 15:03


Well , she's kind of attractive , do you have here phone number?.

This is what I think 10.Jun.2005 15:30

damit ! ! !

The one piture were she is on the cell phone , It's probably her boy friend and waht she is saying on the phone is some thing like this. What you are breaking up with me just great now every body thinks I'm a spy and your dumping me , next thing I'll see my piture all over the internet..just lovely.

Yes, Blame The Daughters of Eve. 11.Jun.2005 08:54

alsis38.9 alsis35@yahoo.com

"one of the traditional techniques of COINTELPRO to counteract effective activism is to spread fingerpointing."

And one of the effective ways to dismiss legitimate concerns is to yell "COINTELPRO" at anyone who dares to try and get you offa' your cloud, Mick. Funny how your paranoia doesn't extend to the possibility that the "big balls" commentator might be "COINTELPRO." Nope. Just blame the women. It's always our fault. We ruin everything. Us and our nasty ol' ovaries.

I salute NWRAGE all right, and I also salute the women who don't stand for patronizing bullshit from their supposed "brothers in arms," no matter what political stripe they may be.

Who is zee? 12.Jun.2005 10:59

Who is zee?

Who is zee?