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AUDIO FILE: Dennis Kucinich-A Calling For Peace and Unity

Representative Dennis Kucinich was in Portland today, June 5, 2005, as Keynote speaker for a gathering at the First Unitarian Church entitled, A Calling For Peace And Unity.
The Program, featuring presentations from Oregon Civic, Government and Spiritual Community and Peace Activists, as well as Rep. Kucinich, was moderated by Peter Bergel, Executive Director of Oregon Peace Works
Dennis began by thanking those who made it possible for him "to reach across this state in the last few years. And it's been a great relationship, a chance to, not only learn about Oregonians, but also to learn about about the kind of sentiments that animate you as a community of people who are in quest of social and economic justice. It's those kinds of sentiments that have helped to power my own commitment, not only here but around the country. So I'm very deeply grateful for your presence here this afternoon......"
Following this, Kucinich observed, "we can see that in the last year events in our nation and the world have gone in a direction which underscores the urgency of our work. Our country continues to have an official policy which separates us from the world community. Just last week, at the United Nations, the Administration concluded one month of activity that was totally dedicated to wrecking the Non Proliferation Treaty. The unwillingness to participate in the entire architecture of international agreements continues to demonstrate an unwillingness to see the connections between the United States and the nations of the world. Now at this moment where we see an official policy of disconnection, it's so important for our work to be one of connection....not only with other nations as citizen diplomats, but also to make the connections in our own community."
Dennis believes that we should be working to forge a community that is consciously dedicated to Peace, a world where war is not only not inevitable, but would be unthinkable. "We cannot any longer accept the approach that says that well, a certain type of armed conflict has to be acceptable. We've been drawn into this kind of acceptance of war as being inevitable without questioning whether or not it degrades our Humanity."
Here he introduces the main theme of his presentation. "The idea of a Department of Peace means that we are starting a new discussion across this country. This discussion is taking place in all fifty states...........What we are really talking about here is a shift in consciousness. It is our awareness of the necessity of building peaceful families, of building peaceful communities, of building a peaceful nation in a peaceful world which brings us here today. It is our awareness of our individual role in making that happen which gives us the power to be co-creators of this condition that we seek to obtain."
Throughout the remainder of his presentation, Kucinich speaks with much knowledge, heart and soul concerning the subject of a Department of Peace. This House Resolution, HR1673, was introduced on April 8, 2003, and at the end of the 2003/2004 Congressional session had 54 co-sponsors. The bill will be reintroduced in September of 2005.
After about a 12 minute presentation, Dennis begins taking questions from the audience, for a total audio file length of just over 1/2 hour.
For information on this campaign The Peace Alliance
Also, Northwest Progressive Community
One of the presenters, Dan Meek, spoke about a new Citizens Initiative which has just began gathering signatures for Campaign Finance Reform. For those interested in ending Mad Cash Disease In Oregon, Fair Elections Oregon or call 503-435-718 or 1-800-939-8011.
Dennis Kucinich, REAL PLAYER

Dennis Kucinich, MP3

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he is a hypocrite 06.Jun.2005 09:36


Hey Dennis, why don't you betray all you [supposedly] stood for and go back the war machine...errr...I mean Kerry....

thanks for the memories 06.Jun.2005 20:30

analysis by the dude

First off I would like to thank the UU's of Poortland and Dennis for trying to do well. I think dennis personnaly would do well to stay in ohio instead of being a parasite on the poor oregonians that don't undrstand what the definition of war. Let me be clear. War is a state that exist between nation states. No nations no war.

So what is dennis's department planning to do? Or fail to do?

Things speak for themselves. Sentence dennis to teach his ohioians to vote.

who's a hypocrite? 06.Jun.2005 20:47


Just what are you all afraid of? Oh, that's right, working toward peace, envisioning peace, actually doing something to promote peace might mean that you have to act instead of react. And, should peace be realized, you wouldn't have anything to be pissed off about.

And just how is Kucinich responsible for the voting debacle in Ohio?

We need more Dennises. 07.Jun.2005 16:03

Pope Colby

Did anyone at all see the Apologies Accepted and Sorry Everybody websites?

That was citizen diplomacy in action.
Don't think it had an effect? Wrong.

We can keep posting here about how everything is ruined,
Or we can try something different.

If you want peace you'll have to extend it to those you are fighting with too. Excluding people only creates bad feelings and potential for new fighting later.

Chew on that one for a while!

meaningless 13.Jun.2005 12:15


a department of peace? HA HA

we already have a department of 'defense', I thought that sounded non-threatening enough; I doubt our current president would have any problem invading a foriegn country under our 'department of peace'- as a matter of fact, I think Bush has called it more or less just that.

I hate hearing these liberal pipe-dreams. You can't be a part of the most corrupt and corporate-controlled government in history and go around making speeches about departments of peace. why not? because the idea is nonsense
when taken in the current context. Simply impossible. Maybe if he was talking about changing the causes of the worlds crisis, capitalism, he might be making some sense. Under capitalism, ideas such as 'departments of peace', environmentalism, 'liberty', and equal-rights, will just be buzz words that our 'representatives' use to appease us during times of crisis, while in fact, their actions continue as before.

Photograph of Dennis 13.Jun.2005 15:20


Grabbed a frame of Dennis from from the video.

When Coming to Phoenix? 13.Jun.2005 16:01

Arizona IMC

So when is Kucinich coming back to Phoenix? It's been a while.
Kucinich in Phoenix
Kucinich in Phoenix
Kucinich at ASU in Tempe,AZ
Kucinich at ASU in Tempe,AZ

... 13.Jun.2005 20:53


George Orwell would love the Department of Peace.

I believe the prison system is administered by the "Department of Justice," after all.

just give me some peace 14.Jun.2005 11:37


for get a department. Just get the peace out.

Heh 14.Jun.2005 14:51

Kid Akai

Brilliant Rosa, simply brilliant.

We need to evaluate various evaluations and analyze our pre-conceptions of the evaluative analysts.


no thanx 15.Jun.2005 12:02


Um okay, I believe in working together for peace & unity, blah blah blah & I don't need Dennis K. to do it. I'm pretty sure that he himself said that he's working to "bring back people to the democratic party" (this is not verbatim, or is it?). So he's basically doing this: Bringing SHEEP back into the fold. Ya dig?

Ha ha? 27.Jul.2005 07:29


I am currently working on the Department of Peace Campaign, and I can assure you that if you actually read the bill, you will come to understand that the dop is very different from the dept of defense, and the state department, and so on. It has to do with bettering the lives of people, not advancing U.S. interests. With Foreign Policy, it would aid in keeping watch over our human rights' policies globally, which is something that I think we can all agree needs some work. Domestically, the dop would stop gun violence, put nonviolence education in school, aid in stopping gangs, violence against women, child abuse...,etc. It would cost a small, small fraction of what we spend on the military, and really help for a better tomorrow. To Republicans I have to say that this bill SAVES YOU MONEY! isn't that exciting? It would ultimately slow down the prison proliferation, and the crime rate over a generation or two would deescelate tremendously. To me, that sounds like a damn good investment.


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