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Aryanfest in Portland

FYI these idiots are gathering in Portland


Eugene, Portland, want to meet these idiots in person? 05.Jun.2005 23:39

find out who 'Volksfront' really is

Would anyone like to find out who is actually behind 'Volksfront' which calls Oregon its headquarters, Portland in specific.

Aparently they recieve their mail @

P.O. Box 66731
Portland, Oregon 97290


P.O. Box 370
Eugene, Oregon 97440

camping & concert venues? 05.Jun.2005 23:46

anti-pseudoworkingclass racist

Do folks know of camping concert venues in and around portland?

the webpage suggests it will be concert and camping

maybe Cheney came to set it up 05.Jun.2005 23:51

we really have to do something

Maybe Cheney came here to prep the Aryan bone-heads.

more on these idiots 06.Jun.2005 00:26


Lots of campgrounds 06.Jun.2005 08:18


in and around pdx that could provide camping and concerts. Oxbow has a concert venue, Hillboro Fair grounds has camping, rv hookups, and a room for concerts. The website says that location is TBA, so we might just have to keep returning to that rancid website for updates. I checked Tualatin Valley boot boys' web, but no info. there. Maybe they aren't invited to this one.

Monsters or Boy-scouts? 06.Jun.2005 08:28


Look at the long list of legal disclaimers on their web sites and laugh. Organisation decline all liability, nothing illegal, no weapons etc. I can just envisage them as a bunch of well behaving boy-scouts.

IrishFest in Portland every year (St Pat's Day) celibrates white people 06.Jun.2005 09:08


why is it that no one cares about another big white people fest in Portland every year (st Patty's day) but everyone gets bent out of shape over other "white" events.

St Paddy's Day? 06.Jun.2005 09:45


Give me a fucking break. Calling St Paddy's Day a 'White Pride' event is laughable. The Irish weren't even white until the turn of the last century (see Noel Ignatiev). To equate Irish Pride with White Power makes you sound like an idiot - which you no doubt are. Fuck off!

re: Some Girls 06.Jun.2005 10:29


I do not know about the St. Patrick's day festivities in Portland specifically, but anywhere else it is not only open to all races, but everyone is positively encouraged to participate in sharing a good time. I am not sure, what has made them mixed up in your head with the storm troopers' march .

great idea! 06.Jun.2005 10:38


ever seen an Aryanfest? A bunch of drunken skinheads pogoing to really shitty pseudo-punk bands. There's usually more of them on stage than in the audience. Of course they're 99% males. Kenneth Anger would have dug the homoerotic imagery of all that leather shaking, arms held stiff in Hitler salutes. Hitler! He could only get off if Eva peed on him. Plus he was surrounded by S&M homos like Goehring and Himmler. Yes, it's a fitting tribute to the White Power legacy. Lots of cheap kegs to guzzle. A cross to burn and hold hands around. It all sounds so Bohemian Grove, but it's more like wanna-be bikers at a wanna-be rock fest. These affairs are so pathetic they shouldn't raise so much concern. Let's face it, minorities pose no real threat to Cauucasian hegenomy in Cascadia. And dumb racists have a right to party too. Actually, I can't think of a better punishment than being forced to attend one of these Vulcan soirees. When the hangover wears off, they're all just another bunch of wasted concert suckers, wallets empty, heads ringing with out of tune sirens. Throw in a bad Meth comedown and you have the perfect Aryan experience. I'm whiter than white, but these guys are a major embarassment.

Arian Dead-End 06.Jun.2005 11:10


re: mouse Thanks to describe the event. With luck, the majority of the younger participants will grow out of this stage of immaturity. Yeah, they are not monsters, (with the exception of their hardcore minority), I regret my previous statement to describe them that way.
Of course none of them realise, that they can not improve their lot, without making coalition and peace with other races of the lower classes. This racial exlusivity, doesn't seem to be a successful strategy, but a rather ugly dead-end. None of them looks like a model of success and happiness to me.

White Powder 06.Jun.2005 14:23

Green Dragon

Neo-nazi's have two primary recruiting tuels that are also the primary source of funding - record sales and concerts. Concerts lead to record sales.

Nazi's kill. We should take this threat seriously.

so what 06.Jun.2005 20:09

american, really

and the point of all of your bithcing is that they are not american enough to meet as a group or what? isn't that same right one that you would want defended in the very near police state take over? geezushfuckingchrist! you guys are as bad, if not worse, than that bushasswipe. if we don't defend the constitution for everyone then no one will defend it for us when the time comes.

Nazis in Power 06.Jun.2005 22:18


And when the Nazis take over I'll blow you a kiss while we wait in line for the crematorium. No free speech for Nazis ass wipe. They want to kill us all - get it?

- 07.Jun.2005 00:48


whtie cops kill more people then skin heads, in portland, and corporet media kill way more than that... when you think about it on a bigger level.

the problem 07.Jun.2005 12:10


is that these poor little "white fright" shitheads have NOTHING. Generally no father, no money, no education, no hope, no shit. They are what Reba would call poor white trash. They desperately want something, anything that validates their worth as an individual. So some childfucker with John Birch hard-on comes and whispers them indelicacies all about their "beautiful white skin" and "beautiful white bodies." This pedophile has his fun, the kid finally feels like he has some value, and the movement grows.

Moral: This shit totally feeds off the oppression of the poor. Capitalism, baby.

Like it or not... 07.Jun.2005 23:17


Everyone has their right to free speech, no matter how many (or few) agree with you and no matter how absurd or offensive your ideas are. In usurping the power to select who may or may not exercise their right to free speech we are doing the very same thing that we condemn bitterly when it's done by the Bush regime or their allies against us.

Furthermore, these guys are feeding off of the hysteria that we are creating here. And by trying to take away their free speech rights, we are actually giving them a legitimate reason to fight for.

I forgot whose quote this was, but it's something everyone should adhere to:
"I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to my death your right to say it!"

Violence is the issue not free speech 08.Jun.2005 14:04

another anti-racist

I've seen this debate a million times. My sense is that while free speech is a principle worth defending it shouldn't be used in the abstract. Neo-nazis are violent, despite their claims of nonviolence. I've seen it up close and they need to be dealt with accordingly. Some of the people organizing this are supporters of the idiots that killed the Ethiopian man many years ago in Portland. You can't give them an inch because they will get violent.

Aryan business fest happening on North Mississippi ? 01.Jul.2005 12:10

wanna fight racism

So you wanna fight racism.look a little closer to home.Have you been up to North Mississippi lately and taken part in the financing of pdc's process of economic and cultural racism that is being applied to the Boise community that historically has felt the rath of community ethnic cleansing,being forced to relocate from one neighborhood to the next by white fear,white business and a white Portland city council.So where's the community outrage,where's the protests,where's the marches ? Maybe you are planning the marches and protests while sipping your latte at freshpot while writing your manifesto on your laptop, or looking for working close commadre while sipping a cheap corporate beer at the crow bar. See it for what it is RACISM and we can & will stop it...

Quote" The upper West Side,as the neighborhood was called, was supposed to be a "liberal" stronghold.I have never really understood exactly what a "liberal" is, though since I have heard "liberals" express every conceivable opinion on every conceivable subject. As far as I can tell, you have the extreme right, who are fascist, racist capitalist dogs like Ronald Reagan, who come right out and let you know where they're coming from. And on the opposite end, you have the left, who are supposed to be committed to justice, equality, and human right. And then somewhere between those two points is the liberal. as far as I'm concerned, "liberal" is the most meaningless word in the dictionary. History has shown me that as long as some white middle-class people live hight on the hog, take vacations to Europe, send their children to private schools, and reap the benefits of their white skin privileges, then they are "liberals". But when times get hard and money gets tight, they pull off that liberal mask and you think you're talking to Adolf Hitler. They feel sorry for the so-called underprivileged just as long as they can maintain their own privileges....Assata Shakur

fascism has many faces 31.Jul.2005 18:30

open minded activist

evil begets evil, when we use evil to counter these misguided types, they begin to gain legitimacy for their "oppressed, displaced" theory which drives them.

...defeat fascism with fascism, seems absurd to me. How much media attention do want to give these guys by major counter-demos? How much credibility do they gain when the media show us evil leftists threatening and abusing other peoples' civil rights, it then makes it hard for us to complain when the police and corporate pigs abuse our demos. A bunch of hicks and ignorant kids slam dancing to bad music bothers you, with all we have going on in the world, seems simply insane to me. The racists that scare me are the ones in city hall and the federal building, not uneducated have nots in the middle of the woods or some smoke filled VFW hall, lol.

Aryanfest is here 17.Aug.2005 23:35


40 mile east of portland in Cascade locks Locals including myself found out in the last 24 hours. It is on Saturday Aug.20th from 2pm -10pm. Trying to get the word out.