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Where are you Portland!?

By now youve got the news. Dirty Dick Cheney is staying the night at the benson hotel.
Of course he slithered into town like a snake, or maybe more like a quart of dirty oil on a rainy street.

even the cops had very little notice- it was pretty obvious.

But we only had three or four of us to give the republicans being spirited in and out a bad time. Is everybody just burned out or what?

Channel 2 and channel came out but got bored and went home.

I left at about 9:30pm. But I'm going to wake up at 0 dark thirty and be back down there at five.

We need a couple hundred people at least. It looks like they are going to stuff him in a limo in a tent on the north side of the hotel and whisk him up Oak street (I think it's oak)

I cant belive we dont have a few more dedicated folks to make some noise on the street this evening.

we are going to lose our bad reputation here folks!
Portland is disorganized 05.Jun.2005 22:57


the problem isn't that people are lazy, it's that we're disorganized. We live in a high-speed, hyper-active, ultra-mediated world, which promotes the expectation and idea that things naturally come together quickly. If they don't, something is wrong or it's boring or at the very least too time consuming to be valuable.

I've been involved in a lot of the more successful actions and protests in this town in the past few years. Almost as a rule they have been successful to the degree they we're planned out in advance, disappointing to the degree things we're left to chance, done carelessly, or rushed. Spontaneity is great, but there's always room for it, no matter how well organized something is, at least as long as you're working in a non-authoritarian group. Tactical organization on the other hand takes planning, and without it you efforts will be severely constrained.

Until more of us start thinking about things more than 1 day in advance, and stop thinking a post on indymedia can organize a protest, don't expect results. Building a portland area movement that is prepared to respond to events like this quickly and effectively would require months of networking, establishment of rapid responce plans, etc.

Don't whine, Organize! And stop blaming your fellow radicals and progressives, some of us are busy at home preparing for the next opportunity!

Scene 05.Jun.2005 22:57

Den Mark, Vancouver

I was there this eve at about 6:30, & there were maybe eight of us. Actually, the scene, with police & weapons & fencing & rooftop spies & all, with almost nobody else there, looked kind of spooky & very very telling, of a fascist dictatorship which cannot face the people who loathe it.

I wonder who gets the contract to fumigate the hotel's rooms.

we'll pull it together; relax, have fun, and take some action 05.Jun.2005 23:13


I agree with "me" that the more organizing the better the turnout tends to be, which is why the administration has chosen to cowardly sneak into portland if they come here at all. But, actions have been pulled together on a short notice before and I don't think this will be an exception. I like the idea that some have of staying there all night, and perhaps I'll head back downtown later. But right now I'm calling everyone I can to get them to turn out tomorrow morning. It's a testament to portland that the aristocrats are too frightened to face the people of this city but we're going to make them face us everytime they dare to show up here.

No need for blame, a lot of people were down there but I think a lot of them had trouble finding each other and people were coming and leaving at all different times.

So get on the phones, because too few people will be on the internet between now and when Cheney leaves. Wake people up, tell them the redcoats are here.

Maybe it's just as well 05.Jun.2005 23:15


If you ignore the little sod he'll go away.

correction 05.Jun.2005 23:37

red suspenders

It seems like Dick will stay for breakfast So I'll be down there more like 6:30 than 5... Please do call everyone you know.

And I'm not trying to blame anyone for not being down there. Maybe we need to get a phone tree together.

let's get organized 06.Jun.2005 00:04


I drove down Broadway about an hour ago. I saw no protesters. Just a fence around the hotel and a cop near the door.

I agree that we should be better organized to respond to those sneak attacks within a few hours. Hopefully we can pull something together by tomorrow morning. But in any case, we should take this as a wake-up call for the future. Having our own "spy" network and some kind of rapid response team, phone trees etc. to pull together a sizeable group of people would be great.

As it is now, I think, individual people read it here. Then they go there and see maybe a handfull of people around the general area without knowing if they are like-minded or just passers-by. And then they go home again thinking that it probably wasn't importnat anyway because otherwise there would have been more people. Everyone is expecting everyone else to be there first. It doesn't work that way.

Organization is need it is true 06.Jun.2005 00:21


The problem is the so called Democrats(progressives/kerry/whatever/all the same crap) are afraid to march in the freaking street or even do anything to push back. Fuck organized marches or permits, direct democracy. The progressives just want to reform this bullshit system thinking the democrats are going to, which is never going to happen.

I think I'll just stay home and hope all the people with Kerry stickers do something besides VOTE, please riot. Cause we all know how much voting helps, with 2 stolen elections. So instead of wasting my time, I'll just stay home and read like the majority for once.

Be sure to post when the Democrats have surrounded the hotel, the Oregon Bus Project has the burnside bridge blocked, and little old ladies are burning effigies of Cheney. Until I got reading to do.

all power to the people going down there!!!!!!!!

surreal 06.Jun.2005 01:55

we stood alone

I was there around 7ish. It was surreal in the fact that it was so dead. Bored cops waiting for coffee. Just a few of us stood across the street with two people yelling and one holding a sign. I am reminded of Athens under the full brunt of the Roman Empire. As if the Caesar had came to see where there once was an experiment in free thinking. Have we lost our spite? Where was the anti-authoritarian spirit that once embraced Emma Goldman or Joe Hill a century ago. We stood alone mostly silently. Looking up to see if the vic-emperor would leer out the window and snarl at us as a suyvenior. I thought of the days when Augustus Bush would come to town met by protestors who had chosen three volunteers to swallow separately red, white and blue food coloring so as to vomit at the appropriate time when the emperor passed by and of course it ended up as red, greenish-yellow and blue. I thought of the time before when Emperor Reagan had his first real heckle at the University of Portland that hit national news by surprise and then that action followed him to Seattle. And I remembered how the fascist nick-named Portland "little Beirut" for our courage and pride in the face of such authority. I feel all that has passed like memories of the rains of spring during a summer drought. Will our sister city of Seattle fair more in the face of tyranny. I fear Seattle will remain silent too. Is it that we are all so lost in the daily struggle of day to day survival? Are we burned out from one battle to the other? Has the corporate media won its goal of creating so much apathy that no one will even bother to lift a middle finger to protest? Has our toys, our porn, our chemical stimulants, our fears, our alienation and our shortened attention stoled our souls? I stood there watching the building and the cops who also did not wish to be there and thought is this what it was like months after the German tanks rolled through Denmark. Will we just hand over our homosexuals and decades later say we fought to hide our Jews and liberals? Or maybe we are like Holland our battles were protests of the past and now we have been subdued to have the "enemies of the state" deported? I miss Portland and deeply wish I was in Portland, but I do not know what this place that occupies her territory is? Maybe its Submission-land? It is now a desert of dread. Go to any cafe, store or ride a bus and tell me if you hear the proud speeches of dissent. And if you do then tell them to shut up for they are in the wrong Portland! For the Portland of dissent died in this hellish parody of the parallel universe. At this point it is not even a funny parody of the old universe.

Don't care 06.Jun.2005 02:11

gas company lawyer

No future for the planet... No real prospects for the human race... Fuckit, I'm with the GOP from now on. If I'm sailing on the Titanic, I may as well go first class. Sorry for destroying every square inch of the planet I can get my hands on.

an aspect of that surrealness 06.Jun.2005 03:16

we stood alone

Just an added note. The emptiness of the streets and the seemingly sparseness ofthe police made it feel as if there was only a plain of glass between the Dictator and us. I know there were sharp shooters hidden behind every wall on a roof, but there was this weird sense that if some great power said to the police "leave" they would. As if Cheney really could be abandoned by his paid people. Now maybe that is just me, but the whole thing felt surreal. The cops doing just their duties to get overtime pay to support their children in a time when the cost of living is out growing the salary of most. Obviously most cops are fully aware that their overtime pay to protect this man who lied to send their loved ones to die in a futile war steals from the money of their childrens' education. Infact it would not surprise me someday if the police do not get mad that there are not protestors. After all regardless of what they think of us while on duty they have to know that the man they guard is killing their childrens' future and has robbed their fellow comrades in the military of supplies, support and even life and limb so as to give Hallinburton a profit. They must know that Cheney looks down on them as they escort this man from hotel to car and from car to plane, right? That he only looks at them as fools willing to sell out their children for a buck, right? They have to know that this two bit dictator would sell each and everyone of them out for a profit, right? Or maybe Cheney is right they are all fools to look down on. If an officer reads this who was near Cheney answer me this "does he really see you as an equal or just an object for his use? DO you feel like this is a man that represents the common person or the wealthy elite? Would your family really want you to put your life on line for this greedy loathsome individual?" Personally if I was a cop and assigned to watch over this man I would resign. Some would say they would do other things, but I do not think Cheney deserves even the energy of being told off.

Maybe the message of Portland was today "he is not worth it anymore.. why even waste the spit towards this pathetic excuse of a man". I doubt it was an conscious statement of ignoring him. I am afraid we just have been burned out from it all.

Kazoos, speakers and boom boxes 06.Jun.2005 04:22

Toga party!

As Cheney exits PDX give his theme song the Darth Vader Theme


Got a load car stereo? then it is time for your services.

BAIT 06.Jun.2005 10:53


Cheney was bait. Cameras on roof. Mission: accumulate photos & info of PDX protesters. was it better not to show? Paranoia runs deep and that's the way they like it. Hard to blame people for staying away. DC's a scary motherfucker.

didnt know 06.Jun.2005 11:28

usually aware

didnt have any idea he was here till he was here...

Ringside 06.Jun.2005 15:20

Den Mark, Vancouver

There were few enuf of us this morn at the lovely Benson, that we all had ringside "seats". Cool. Being on the corner by the lovely tent they set up for the dick, to ingress & egress unseen by mere mortals, we were very near the lovely speed-away limos holding dick & jane & baby sally & the rest of the entourage. Since thick bullet-proof glass makes a poor medium for intellectual exchange, fingers had to suffice, to communicate visually. It is ridiculously easy to effect "Fuck you!" in that proto-digital manner, & we did so. The lovely elaine murphy from channel two was there, & will undoubtedly note in her lovely report to her many lovely fans that we had no respect for the alleged veep. /sigh/ What's a protester to do.

Go get 'em, Seattle!

After this action, i went to join the two protesters on a corner at the oregonian. They had a big banner & plenty of hand-outs. I spent time by the front door. My green flag says "Justice!" in white. A couple oregonian employees asked me what justice i was referring to today. I said, not just today! They said, well like what could the oregonian do to help. I said, well like maybe tell the truth, the entire truth, & to do so repeatedly, like with The Memo. One said, we work here & agree with you completely. As they walked away i heard one complain to the other about the star wars moovee making front page.

Sneak? 06.Jun.2005 16:25


How exactly does one "sneak" into Portland with a Boeing 757 and motorcade with flashing lights on top? If that is "sneaking" what do you guys consider announcing your arrival?

Couldn't have been elsewhere 06.Jun.2005 17:05


Well, this was my third Cheney-appearance protest in the last few years. The first was in the "No-free" Speech Zone set away from the airport hotel. Then I went to Oregon City, and this morning, to The Benson.

With so few people, I had a front-row hold across the street. Nearby, Bruce kept on blowing the shrill-sounding whistle. I told him it hurt my ears, but he said, what about the babies killed in Iraq. I joined several shouters. When the barricade was moved over into the street, I began to move up to it. The cop said I had to be on the sidewalk, so I went back, not wanting to test their tazers. By then Tom H. showed up on his bike and a passer-by engaged him in dialogue. Tom won!

I will never again go to a Bush-Cheney protest without a sign. Even tho my protest hat is full of buttons, those from a distance need to identify me as a protester.

It is reported Cheney was visiting a friend in Ptld. Taxpayers ought not foot the bill for all those police. Couldn't see into the limo. Just as well. I didn't want to get sick.

mum 06.Jun.2005 22:06


Dick was here to raise our "ruckus." He was here to get us all pist off, and reactionary, so he could point his blood stained finger at us and rally his base. So that he could cry "look at the brutes" "look how incapable they are of governing themselves" this follows from his facist ideology. Are we prepaired to deal with that? To face it on our own terms?

"What do we got going on here? Oh my GOD portland isn't reactionary enough!" Give me a break. If we know that dicks coming to town, and have the time to effectivly prepair for him the activists of this community could shut the entire city down, if they felt it justified or effective. A while back a friend said that we "couldn't take the streets again," I laughed. Shortly after a handfull of cascadian seperatists had half of downtowns cops running circles trying to keep a bunch of us from "spreading across the river." Can't, my ass.
Sure it's fair to say there needs to be more, and better trained, affinity groups.

What I'm concerned about is the idea that this pig, and his pack could sucessfully break whatever alliance of interests we have with our local representitives right now. I just didn't feel right about the situation. There's too much on the table. Right now our mayor, and local council is making a damn fine show of socking it to Cheny's mob in washington. I'm sorry if I don't want to step in the way of that. I didn't wan't to turn this into another case of us versus the police. If I thought for one instant that this would do a bit of good, right here and now, my hoody and I would have been there.

If an affinity group had somehow happened to get one over on him I think that would have done more good. Unfortunately this didn't happen. We wern't or arn't prepaired. The assumption that mass mobilization is the only effective representation of our power is well, sad. Same as it's rediculious to think that direct action, property distruction, or civil disobedience, or any other tactics are the only "legitimit" means of change. Throw "legitamit" out the fucking window. We need to do what's effective at any given moment. I personally am glad that this didn't turn into a mess. I think he would have liked that.

Don't fight for fightin sake. Fight to win!

EXACTLY 07.Jun.2005 11:32


Organization is need it is true 06.Jun.2005 00:21

yaya link

"The problem is the so called Democrats(progressives/kerry/whatever/all the same crap) are afraid to march in the freaking street or even do anything to push back. Fuck organized marches or permits, direct democracy. The progressives just want to reform this bullshit system thinking the democrats are going to, which is never going to happen.

I think I'll just stay home and hope all the people with Kerry stickers do something besides VOTE, please riot. Cause we all know how much voting helps, with 2 stolen elections. So instead of wasting my time, I'll just stay home and read like the majority for once.

Be sure to post when the Democrats have surrounded the hotel, the Oregon Bus Project has the burnside bridge blocked, and little old ladies are burning effigies of Cheney. Until I got reading to do.

all power to the people going down there!!!!!!!!"

Or, in a nutshell...pick up where we left off prior to 9/11/01.

counter-culture 07.Jun.2005 11:35


The "seperatist" movement that 'heckno' referred to could quite potentially be the "leaders" (in terms of fomentation) of the utterly necessary counter-culture that is desperately needed inside this country.

A little bit of hope, in this dark time. 07.Jun.2005 16:46


I find a little bit of hope in the knowledge that people across this country are increasingly begining to break free from thier ideological fiefdoms and embrace a diversity of tactics, and work across "issues" in common cause. I think that there is a place for peace, that there is a time for fighting back, and that the roots of our victory lie in seizing control of our local cultures and democracy. I am really wary of gatekeepers political, philisophical or otherwise. I vote with my work, and work twards goals years in the future. I think that art is the work or labor of community. That the art or culture we are surrounded by is in the hands of a facist minority that needs to be brought down by any means necissary. That ALL people have the right to live with, produce, and be surrounded by dignity. I believe that dignity can be embodied in everything we make. I do not believe that the politics of "idustrialism" can produce dignity. Any system based solely on making cogs of living people and creatures cannot produce freedom. We need to control our own alternitive to this system, and we need to figure out how to build this now.
I view indymedia as one piece in that picture of community controlled culture. The problem is that the form and function of other outlets of culture like our homes, tools, food, media, and government at large remain in the hands of people that do not represent the vast majority, but instead dominate it. To the extent that some groups are working on an individual outlet of culture, (affordable, green, union made, insert your feifdom: homes, or healthcare for example) many confine it to an "issue." I am encouraged though, by outpouring of support for the seperatist agenda after the last election. I am encouraged by the unity we found in calling for community control. It made all of our "issues" seem alot more conected, relevant and focused. It speaks to some larger dissatisfaction with the course of our culture. Just as the depth of resistance to the WTO inspired hope in my heart.
I am dissatisfied with liberalism. I am angered by the facism in and of america. I agree with people that are frustrated by compromise, tired of bieng spoken for, and about. I care about and owe allegiance to beliefs outside iside and outside "the left."
We need infrastructure to fight facism. It hurts my eyes to see the lack of resources we have in the struggle against imperialism.
We need production capacity, cultural capacity to be locally controlled, and representitive. In the here and now I will devote my time to gaining resources however I can, and funelling them into struggle. To the degree that I can be both ethical, and effective- but at the expense of neither. I respect that some people are not happy with this approch. That some people feel that our means of struggle need to be "pure." I think that's fine. I'm just weary of waiting as our comrads get killed in the streets.
If getting the struggle resources means starting a business, or getting a trade, making revoluitonary art, learning the skills I need to fight in the streets, or restraining myself from fighting, working for free, or working for money. I'm down. This "one way is the only way," is the message, is the sickness that is destroying everything we love. I hope I have the moral courage to accept help from, and to aid people commited to justice wiether they're rich or poor, pacifists or militants, across social devides. I don't feel alone. I don't feel like destroying myself. This is the light, this is the hope in my heart.

"The love you liberate in your work is the only love you keep."
Elbert Hubbard