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Volunteers needed to get money out of Oregon politics

Two petitions being circulated.
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Date: Sat, 04 Jun 2005 04:51:00 -0700
Subject: Fair Elections Action Alert #2message-ID:

The problem of power is how to achieve its responsible use rather than
its irresponsible and indulgent use -- of how to get men of power to live
for the public rather than off of it. - Robert F. Kennedy

In 2003, big pharmaceutical companies spent $750,000 campaigning for, and
lobbying, Oregon legislators who watered down or blacked bills designed to save
consumers money.

During a $500 million fiscal crisis that shortened school weeks, caused jail
closures, and saw the Oregon Health Plan gutted, 10 major corporations who had
spent $2.5 million campaigning for, and lobbying Oregon legislators received
$87.6 million in tax cuts.

If you want to make a real difference in politics this summer, and to help
seize the reins of power from the corporations and the privileged few, now is
your chance.

Fair Elections Oregon is seeking a few thousand good citizens to distribute
petitions and to help us table at public events including the Rose Festival
this week. If you'd like to help out, please contact Liz at (800) 939-8011

For more information about Fair Elections Reforms please visit the campaign web
site at

-  http://www.fairelections.net

If you would like copies of our petition to distribute or if you have petitions
to turn in, please contact our staff in your nearest community:

Ashland Ben Carrier (541) 482-4380  ben@demaction.com
Eugene Brooke Robersham (541) 684-4408  brooke@demaction.com
Portland Liz Trojan (503) 246-2906  liz@fairelections.net
Salem Salvador Peralta (503) 435-7118  salvador@demaction.com
Everywhere Else: (800) 939-8011  liz@fairelections.net

The clock is ticking. We have until July 7, 2006 to gather 100,000 valid
signatures on #8 and 85,000 valid signatures on #37 for the November 2006

Campaign Finance Reform NEWS

Chip Shields and Peter Buckley make the case for Fair Elections in Oregon:



June 4 . Eugene -- Look for our booth at Saturday Market. Call Brooke at
541-684-4408 for details.

June 4 . Portland . We will have a booth at the Fun Center on Saturday and
several times throughout the week. Volunteer signature gatherers can
participate in the Starlight Parade.

June 5 . Portland . Salvador Peralta will recruit volunteers from the End
Corporate Personhood group at the First Unitarian Church in Portland. 7pm 1011
SW 12th Ave. Portland.

June 8 . Portland . Liz Trojan will lead a workshop to introduce people to
campaign finance reform, and to give prospective volunteers some instruction on
best practices on gathering signatures. 7 pm at the Southeast Uplift Center;
3534 SE Main, Portland, OR 97214


* If you don't see events listed for your community, please give us a call.

June 4th . Portland . PGE/SOLV Starlight Parade. 8:30pm downtown Portland.
Contact Liz or Salvador Peralta -  salvador@demaction.com (503)435-7118 if you
are interested in attending.

July 4th . 11th . Portland . Rose Festival Fun Center. We will be tabling at
the Fun Center for most of the week. Contact Salvador (503)435-7118 if you are
interested in attending.

homepage: homepage: http://www.fairelections.net