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Pictures of Downtown Portland Cheney Visit

Hey FBI and PPB, check'em out!
cops closing street around dick
cops closing street around dick
Pictures from today 6/5/05
Just got back 05.Jun.2005 20:25

why weren't you there???

So the second in command of the US government is in town and 6 or 7 people showed up to say leave are city??? WTF??? Where are people? He is staying here all night long, so I would recommend that folks go down there and make his night sleep a shitty one. So show up make noise and have hope, more of us are coming. I hope that we don't let war criminal just waltz through our town, give hell...it's the least he deserves.

Damn 05.Jun.2005 20:30


Damn, I'm home & he's there. And I saw a helicopter today, too, and wondered why it was overhead. I was at a peace town hall mtg. in which Rep. Dennis Kucinich was the main speaker. It was outstanding! To have Cheney in town stinks. All the progressives were and are still at the peace meeting.

I wish... 05.Jun.2005 21:13


I wish i could go down there but i have no transportation. Tommorow morning or durring the day when he leaves would be a great time to do something...say...stop his motorcade? Let me and everyone else know when hes leaving if anyone can find out!

devil 05.Jun.2005 21:18


what's the devil cookin' up for PDX?

Come on guys, 05.Jun.2005 21:21


Come on guys, get down there, bring a few signs or something.

This is the murderous bastard who WASN'T EVEN IN THE VOTERS pamphlet here...

I heard from my brother down there, he says they're outnumbered by republicans!


on my way... 05.Jun.2005 21:44


i am on my way.

secret service guys and police are everywhere.

it's a police state.

get down there now! stop bitching about this country and let your voice be heard.


he's leaving tomorrow morning 05.Jun.2005 22:00


He'll be leaving tomorrow morning, so it would be nice to have a steady flow of people protesting between now and then.

I posted this in the other thread about the same thing...
( http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/06/318800.shtml)

There are flight restrictions over downtown in effect from today 4:10pm until tomorrow 10:00am
and over the airport tomorrow from 9:40am until 10:30am.
That should mean that he'll be leaving the hotel between around 9:40 to 10:00 in the morning and he'll be taking off at PDX no later than 10:30.

here's what to do for 05.Jun.2005 22:07

Dick Cheney

give him a good old Portland Mass-Mooning...everyone drop their trousers or lift
their skirts, and turn their butt's to give him a "message" and a butt salute!
If enough of us do it, we'll make tomorrow's NBC Evening News, be on CNN all day!
Let's do it!

I think 05.Jun.2005 22:09


CHeney is here to declare war on Cascadia, removal of American Military only was done before hand as an overt act to isolate and prepare

makes no difference how many show up 05.Jun.2005 22:22

buy local

Remember when thousands showed up each time one of the Administration higher-ups came to town? How much did it affect their policy? I would say not at all, but it sure did get a lot of cops paid overtime which every local resident has to pay for.

If you REALLY want to make a difference, take your money out of your corporate bank and put it in a credit union, buy your groceries from a local farmer or local co-op, make your own clothes or buy from someone you know who makes clothes, etc. Stop giving the corporations your money, and convince others to do the same. The War Economy will shrivel and die.

Dick Cheney's got the right idea I think 05.Jun.2005 22:26

Portland Mooner

let's get out there and give him a good Mooning...Moon Cheney!

Come out and keep the bastard awake 05.Jun.2005 22:31


Just came back. There were about three of us keeping them awake,keeping the SS busy.

Come on down- BRING THE DRUMS. Don't let him sleep. Make Little Beirut proud.

mooning 05.Jun.2005 23:41


Yea, I like the mooning idea too.
Tomorrow morning when he leaves, that's what we should do.

looks AND sounds pathetic 06.Jun.2005 03:11


has there been any serious discussion about new methods of activism that actually work? i think people are finally realizing that protesting in the street does a whole lot of nothing. what is next? do we just give up? or are we just not pissed enough yet?

Cookin' 06.Jun.2005 05:14


>>what's the devil cookin' up for PDX?

Maybe a new Pearl Harbor? It'll be time any minute now.

Not a good sign when he's coming in under cover and with no fanfare. Glad I'm not living in your state.

always remember this... 06.Jun.2005 06:04

George W. Bush

a half-assed moon is better than no moon at all!

Zorba... 06.Jun.2005 19:04


Yer question, "has there been any serious discussion about new methods of activism that actually work?", really deserves an answer. The answer is YES! Not on this website though, to be sure. You'll have to find yerself in much closer circles before that's the case, where yer talking with others about such things for real.

I especially dig it where you wrote... "i think people are finally realizing that protesting in the street does a whole lot of nothing. what is next?" - Wanna find out?

You also wrote... "do we just give up?" - No, WE won't give up.

And... "are we just not pissed enough yet?" - Pissed enough? Well, let's for now just leave that part to the coming police state, martial law type stuff; there's enough werk to do already in terms of just making the case for revolution rather than reformism. The folks'll be freakin' by then, don'tcha worry none about ppl not bein' pissed off right now. It won't be long, ya know.

Hell, the corporate media's been working hard for years to silence the alarm of approaching goose-steps, but as soon as the shit's right up in ppl's faces, it'll be on. When the high-tech cops and goons are deployed onto our streets at the storefronts and intersections, we'll already be secure enough by then to repel it at every turn. You'll see, brazen gets the goods.

To everyone else... Protests are for protesters, Direct Action is for direct action, choose well.

just think what would happen... 07.Jun.2005 20:29

buy local

... if we were all spending as much time educating TV-watching friends and relatives about the issues, and getting them to stop giving their money to the corporate sponsors (much of which finds its way to war toys) as we were debating stuff like this on indymedia.

What have you done today to become independent of The System, or to persuade others to do the same? Started a Gift Economy community? Made clothes with local fabric? Educated your religious fundie relatives about the REAL reasons for the Administration's policies?

shit 08.Jun.2005 11:35


All that for one person.